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  1. Also, 1.25% national insurance hike to pay for social care (cough, cough, more like to pay for the pandemic and banking crisis - repo market), I think will drop gold lower - as low as it can go, but still covering debts it needs to cover.
  2. Detecting money laundering and tax evasion - this is probably the reason that's required to kick this project off and in my opinion, throw people off the scent in terms of what the real agenda is. This reads like gold etc. are afterthoughts "also considered" - are they really afterthoughts? Nah, and in my experience, the last keyword used in a statement like that is the most significant (gold).
  3. Property can be tracked pretty easily and so can crypto - possibly a bit trickier to track is works of art. The trickiest of all is tracking physical gold. Just because someone bought a significant amount of gold at a point in time, doesn't necessarily mean they have it now, or not all of it. I think starting to track gold now, in the lead-up to the reset (my prediction is 2033) is an indicator, as to what could happen further down the line and makes the process a little easier doing it now. How else is all that global debt going to be settled!!?
  4. I think this is more about gold, rather than crypto, works of art and property. Crypto, works of art and property has been added to the mix, so it's not obvious that it's really about gold. However, I think controls will probably be put in place for crypto etc. but not as much control as there would be for gold. If we have to sell our gold bullion to the government, they'll reset the price to make it easier for us to do it. Making gold bullion illegal will also encourage us to sell. I think history may very well repeat.
  5. No silver for sale relating to free UK delivery promo. Majority is cupro-nickel and 2 x BU gold sovereigns.
  6. Ha-ha-ha! 😅 Oh, I see - sorry, I like the slab holder too, mint green, celebrating PCGS's 35 year anniversary. I think the deadline for these may have passed now and think you have to submit a minimum of 4 coins to get one. Wonder if the slab holder would be worth more than the coins in years to come. 🤣
  7. Thanks @AndrewSL76 😊 And thanks for the offer. I love these coins too much to let them go. I imagine I'll send them back for restoration at some point, to try for 70's. Coloured versions sound interesting - you'll have to share some photos.
  8. Took quite a while to receive these back from grading, but really happy with the results! After reviewing the high resolution images, it does look like all 4 of The Tower of London coins could achieve a grade uplift, but happy with PR69's for now
  9. I'd love to have a go at metal detecting - I used to have a child's one (red and black) just for fun. I have a biscuit tin sized hole in my garden and I have always wondered if there was once buried treasure there. I'm reminded of it everytime I cut the lawn and step in the whole - I haven't filled it in yet, as I'm wondering whether it'll come in handy when the big gold reset and or the next black Swan event happens! 😀
  10. It maybe that gold will never be there to "back" anything, other than debt, which it currently does and I think it will cover a heck of a lot more debt within the next decade or so, when the majority of gold is mined and governments and financial institutions can feel confident that they have enough gold, and other countries also having their fair share (fair = driven by population? And could explain China's holdings on and off the record?) before a big reset. If it does link to something else, it'll only be to add credibility and confidence in whatever it's backing and even then, it may only be temporary until the thing it's backing has gained enough confidence to go alone. Unlike us, I don't think most people understand gold, so even if there is an idea to tempt a global audience to a concept, would gold be that carrot? 🤔
  11. And now a low of £1,268 today. We're going down.
  12. A low of £1,292 today. If it was to go to £1,200 or below (purely my prediction), it'll take a while... 6 - 12 months.
  13. What fantastic pictures 📷 of such beautiful coins. I'm so jealous. Congratulations! 😊
  14. I bought a lawn mower for £300 - 2 years later, the motor died. Saw a cheaper one for £90 - thought, hey, why not pay for a cheaper one and if it lasts 2 years, at least it's cheaper than paying £300 every 2 years. Today, I bought some water balloons - only last week, they were £7, but today, the exact same pack are now £9! £7 for 100 water balloons is quite expensive, but 30% increase, wow! Spoke to the guy behind the counter and he assumes the price had gone up because the 'stand' that the balloons are on has changed. After picking my jaw up from the floor, I found it really easy to pay with a contactless card - now if I had cash, I'd find that more difficult to hand it over. Now, who do I throw these water balloons at? 😅
  15. Sorry mate, I was being facetious. 😊 Yeah, I agree, very weird.
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