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  1. No, don't think so, not in gold anyway. I doubt the next Great Engravers will be in 1 oz format, but if you could stretch to 2 oz gold proof, it could either be: W.wyon's... 1. Cartwheel penny 2. George and Dragon 3. Gothic crown The last two would have a stunning design, very sought after. The first coin, would be nice, but the most appropriate and interesting fact about it, is that the coin was made to put confidence back into money, as the face value was worth the same as the metal content. An interesting and very relevant aspect to the coin back then and
  2. I don't have a truck, but if it drops to £400 per oz, I'm backing up whatever truck I can find!! 🤣
  3. Thanks @CollectorNo1 😊 Fell in love with this and the Dragonn the most. Can't wait to send them off for grading.
  4. Happy to provide my thoughts. The Griffin is one of my favourites and the Greyhound isn't too far behind. "The protector of gold", I believe the RM said on their website when it was first released. It has great presence on the coin and it's one of the Queen's Beasts... there are / have been a lot of coins coming out and it can be very distracting, but I believe we're going to see these QB's in huge demand when bullish signals for gold keep increasing and more of the public start to wake up and smell the Griffin! 😅 This one is protecting my gold... 😆
  5. I've already bought one, but if I hadn't, then I'd look at buying / negotiating on the NGC graded proof 1 oz gold Griffin on Ebay. There is a PF69 and 4 x PF70's! Now, I believe someone had the idea of buying up multiple Griffin's, thinking they'd be able to sell them quickly, but maybe misread the market and priced a little high at this early stage in its numismatic journey. You could ask if the PF69 (at £2.5k) was conserved and if not, you could send this off for conservation / restoration and grading at either NGC or PCGS in the hope of achieving a 70. Or negotiate the p
  6. There is a good point that Mario makes, saying they could just print money to bail Africa out, so why give them gold.
  7. Apparently, it's really about bailing out the bullion banks again and it's happened before when the UK sold their gold in 1999 and there was a cover up at the time, but subsequently, years later it was due to bailing out the bullion banks. Bailing out Africa this time around points to a cover up again...
  8. GoldenGriffin

    Priced in gold

    Yes, my car passed its MOT thank you @AndrewSL76! 😊 It's always an anxious time 😅
  9. Looking at the chocolate bar, if that happened, that would definitely and metaphorically be a "credit crunch"! 😅
  10. "What a difference a grade (day) makes".... ...24 little hours (24 little carats)! 🤣 Apologies, I had to post that!
  11. This gold vending machine and the use of Gold Back notes in America is very bullish for gold. It's a wider advertisement to the public, of gold. Remember, it's not just the price of gold going up that is a bullish signal for the metal, there are other different signals that are very bullish for the metal and indicates a bullish uplift in price in the long term. Encouraging more people to the market is healthy for the market. If gold went to £10k per oz and no-one was interested in the market, it would be less of a liquid asset and the price would weaken. The interest needs
  12. I totally sympathise with you on this, I've had the same experiences. However, when your fiat is with the bank, this is effectively an unprotected loan to the bank and they need prior warning before a large withdrawal of cash, which can't be tracked as well as digital transactions. So this is like taking a loan from a bank and then the bank asking you to give some of the money back to them (you'd ask questions, right?). These terms are not easily and clearly available to people on purpose, otherwise if they were, most people would take their money out of the banks.
  13. And "Heraeus" sounds like a salad dressing! 🥗 😅 Ouch, my teeth! 🤣
  14. GoldenGriffin

    Priced in gold

    Totally agree with this. Houses attach to gold like an elastic band and gold tends to attach to silver with an elastic band, with each elastic band having different lengths and different elasticity. Up goes housing, pulling up gold, then pulling up silver. But like a timing belt in a car, each band needs replacing and adjusting at some point down the road to account for economic policy. The timing belt analogy springs to mind only because my car is currently having its MOT (I hate the waiting) 😅
  15. I think if something is going to start to happen with gold or silver, it'll be from January 2022 onwards, when parts of basel III are implemented and the paper market starts to taper, which I think the UK has more control over. End of June, nah! More likely to be 6/7 months later, which may kick off and continue with small increments, which aren't very noticeable, slightly higher highs and slightly higher lows from that point, but heading upwards overall, at a turtle's pace, not like a hare (Bitcoin).
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