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  1. Wish I had the goonies to run my own business. Very brave. Good luck with it all. Best wishes Golden G.
  2. Dare I say... absolutely nothing!! And I'm absolutely gutted to miss the platinum jubilee gold coin!! Bad timing I suppose. Hopefully by next year, I can say that I've got a s*xy new piece of fine looking, mesmerising, tantalising, curves in the right places, coin of some kind. Bring on the William Wyon George and the Dragon.... please RM!!! Let all the stars and planets align, so I can satisfy my desires!
  3. I think we've all fallen for Mr Chard, what a legend!
  4. Would be great to come along and put TSF names to faces but unfortunately can't make this one. Have a beer for me and a good old gander at what will be on display!! 😁
  5. Very sad 😔 Did you send it direct to NGC in America for grading or a third party, or did you buy it already in that condition?
  6. It all depends on what you want out of it and that can change over time. I love the finish on proof coins, and along with certain designs and the rarity of them, it makes them even more attractive. Proof all the way for me, that I want to keep and never let go! 😁
  7. I don't believe PCGS have UK agents. I send mine direct to PCGS. Not sent any for quite sometime though.
  8. This video is about gold, which I posted before, but it's funny to watch it again! 😁
  9. I personally send proof coins for grading. I have bullion grade coins, and wouldn't bother grading those, as they aren't unique enough and collectable etc. and I see those coins as real 'money' but out of the system / the bank and more of an investment which follows the gold spot price. Now there are matt finishes and brilliant uncirculated coins that would fall under the 'Mint State' grade. Would I grade those? If there is a relatively limited number of them in a particular finish, then possibly yes. If there is an unlimited number of them, then I wouldn't bother. EDIT: you're probably best to consider the age of the coins too when deciding to grade. All proof finishes for me are a yes to grade and then more consideration needed if it is anything else.
  10. Anyone can become rich. It depends on your definition and how you see it. And anyone can give to the poor and it doesn't have to be money, it can be time, or doing something thoughtful, which members of TSF are! ☺️ Now TSF members, please send me your excess gold and silver! Thank you all kindly in advance. 😁
  11. No, I doubt it. Only reacting in one place on the edge of the coin, plus there has been instances of hair cuttings of some nature and remnants of an egg sandwich apparently. Royal Mint or NGC / PCGS would definitely not let that happen - way too much risk to their reputation. Must be someone (3rd party) who likes egg sandwiches 🤷
  12. I graded my 3 graces with PCGS and was fine when I looked at it a few months ago. I'll have to have another look when all 4 of us meet again. Wouldn't expect any burn markings.
  13. Right, so a burn mark on a first releases 3 graces coin. Suggests that it was happening way back then! 😲
  14. Yeah good idea. You'd find it very difficult to find a buyer and sell on with burn 🔥 marks. Unless the market really turned around and was incredibly bullish on proof coins and then you'd have a chance.
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