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  1. Today, I received the 2017 Lion of England gold proof - I love the Queen's Beast series. 😍 Apologies for my rubbish photography skills!
  2. Didn't quite capture it all, but what they showed had a possible link towards climate change and a possible indicator, that pulling gold out of the ground had some baring on the earth's temperatures increasing. Made me think about the tragic vastly increased number of bush fires in Australia and whether they had increased mining production. This was the chart from the BBC - the yellow shading is what I overlaid and it covers 50 years from 1970 to 2020 - 1970 is when we significantly increased gold mining (with now only 20% left to mine). Now, you could say, the increased tempe
  3. Yes 😀 They showed a close up of the sun, showing a giant gold nugget moving around, saying it was the size of earth. Did you see what was published by the BBC after that re climate change?
  4. Did you catch 5 news about 12 months ago?
  5. Ultimately, where does gold come from? ... it's gold in colour 🧐
  6. Bitcoin, bitcon more like. Total distraction, all powerful entities involved are in it for tax relief. I mentioned this before a recent collapse when Elon made a 1.5 billion investment. I agree, if you don't hold it, you definitely don't own it!
  7. I don't think it's hard to understand, but I do believe there are injustices out there, in more places than you think.
  8. Thanks for your replies, it's really interesting to know your understanding, and understand if all questions asked you can't find an answer for 👍
  9. Agree, it's beautiful, doesn't corrode, definitely hard to mine and is useful in many fields, but actually, the amount used in technology is reducing significantly, but many times more efficient.
  10. Thanks for your thoughts - I find it really interesting... Can I stimulate any more thoughts out there, no matter how far stretched? 💡
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