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  1. Welcome to the forum! I'm a new member too, and have been learning a lot from other members here....
  2. Looks like something I'd expect on coin commemorating Blackbeard, the pirate .....
  3. I read the other thread, so does the Perth Mint still produce sovereigns with silver in them?
  4. The watchdog agreed that the thing was misleading, the guy did not get anything I believe and Brewdog started a new campaign called The Sequel: A Gold Plated Apology...... Though I'll add that the T and C of the original competition do seem to mention an alternative prize of 10000 pounds worth of shares and a VIP tour....
  5. I was reading an excellent article on Chard's website, where there was table showing the variation in the composition of Sovereigns over several years - starting from around 4% of silver and the rest copper in the initial coins, whereas gradually the composition has changed to 80ish parts out of 1000 consist of copper ( and the rest gold). I am also aware of the Swiss Mint releasing gold coins last year, with a 90 Au, 6 Ag ( and rest Cu) alloy ( Swiss mint products always seem to be sold out, would appreciate a link to a seller too). My question is - did the Royal Mint remove the silver content to improve the 'durability' of the coin as the coins would be in circulation, or is it merely a cost cutting measure ?
  6. As beautiful as this looks, where is the 1kg platinum completer :-)
  7. If you want a really nice loupe, look at something from Zeiss with a magnification of somewhere between 10 - 20X....
  8. Let's wait for more elements to be discovered and hope something even more expensive comes out of it.....
  9. Isn't the idea that platinum group metals will eventually lose value, as internal combustion vehicles make way for electric vehicles? I was under the impression that the main use of these metals was in catalytic converters? On the other hand, I think tantalum might gain more interest, at least in the watch market people have gone mad for tantalum....
  10. 2019 10 oz 999.9 Fine Silver Unicorn of Scotland (Queen's Beasts series) for sale Cost: £280 + Postage ( Royal Mail Special Delivery with full insurance). Will post as soon as possible after. Open to negotiation. Excellent condition, capsule has minor scratches, pouch included for storing coin. Payment via bank transfer only.
  11. As someone beginning to stack gold, is it worth spending more on Quintuple Sovereigns over 1oz Britannias?
  12. I'm aware of 0.1 oz Britannia coins ( which for some reason I can't find anywhere as they are sold out 😞 ) , but are there any other fractional platinum coins?
  13. Are there places which do sell VAT free silver in the UK ( pre owned)?
  14. Ah, the premiums are too high, I might stick with 10oz then ( I'm bored with 10oz though since most QB 10oz are out of stock in most places, and I don't want a 10oz Britannia) maybe 1kg is the way to go
  15. The reason why I'm asking for 500g is that 1kg coins seem to be always sold out for some reason 😄 I'll have a look at the Lunar 1 and 2 series as @KevinFlynn mentioned
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