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  1. I'm not so keen on minimum wages either, because they make it hard for companies to hire low-skilled people - if you don't have the skills/health to do enough work to make yourself "worth" the minimum wage, nobody will hire you. And a rising minimum wage just makes it worse. Also, a minimum wage is a cost to companies, which will definitely push prices up! UBI could be better because it's given to everyone equally (so doesn't harm people earning above minimum wage already, as you describe) and it's paid from taxation rather than as a penalty to companies that need a lot of low-skilled lab
  2. Oooh, lots to unpack here. Yeah, I'm concerned about cash being discouraged. "Just use a card" is all well and good, but our kids don't have cards for pocket money to spend at the shop on the way home from school, and the card payments system restricts trade to people who are big enough businesses to be worth getting a card payment thing, or transactions big enough to wait for bank transfers - putting burdens on the little guy, as usual. As for UBI - well, there's two different things to think about here. Firstly, is some kind of welfare payment a good or bad thing? The arg
  3. Wow, 5kg for £292.27 - I recently bought 2.27kg of copper for £31 (spot price of that would be £16.43 if I did my maths right, but the price I paid includes delivery). Get C101 (99.99% pure) copper round bar from an engineering supply place, mine's 20cm of 4cm diameter rod!
  4. Ha ha ha no don't be sad, I was joking, I loved the chocolate and seeds 😄 The "really heavy shiny yellow packaging junk" I was so dismissive of was the actual bullion, I was pretending it was the chocolate and seeds I'd actually wanted and the rest was irrelevant packaging! Sorry I wasn't clear 😄
  5. Got my chocolate bar and seeds from @BleyerBullion! Came in a huge box, though, with some really heavy shiny yellow packaging junk - it's a shame how much packaging everything comes with these days, won't think they of the environment?!? I of course threw that stuff out, you can't even recycle it around here.
  6. Today this lovely bee-themed chunk of the shiny stuff arrived from @SilverAngelPouring! We're a marriage between a collector and a stacker and we both like bees, so a heavy-feeling piece like this ticked all our boxes...
  7. Mmmm, chunky! So that would be £66 for the grams + £2 for a hallmark + postage?
  8. Logo is good! Yeah, I think I'd love a 50g hallmarked honeycomb St Bees bar 😉 I look forward!
  9. How big can you make 'em? 50g would be a pleasing heft in the hand...
  10. I love the hexagonal honeycomb grid! I came looking for you after seeing @BackyardBullion's YouTube video featuring two of your bars 🙂
  11. This is marked as completed, does that mean they're all gone or did it just time out?
  12. Yes! They're on my list to go and visit... when we've both had our vaccinations 🙂
  13. Oh, and I should add: I found this place thanks to Back Yard Bullion's relentless shilling on YouTube 🙂
  14. Greetings all. After getting lucky with Bitcoin, I'm diversifying into precious metals... I'm mainly interested in hefty lumps of it for as close to spot price as possible, but my spouse is crazy about collecting things, so we might go for a few pretty things as well 🙂 We're in the South-West of England, and will be keeping an eye on the trade forums for anything interesting to buy in the area!
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