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    St Bees cumbria
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    Collectible bullion & Semi Numismatics
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    I'm aiming for a little bit if everything in the silver area
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    Mostly small items and mostly generic, Scotties, pamps and rounds.

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  1. I'm looking for a kilo of melt if anyone has anything.
  2. St Bee's Brit bar. 32.2 grams of .999fs Sigma verified Coa supplied £33 plus post PPFF or BT please
  3. 1.16 ozt prototype St Bee's backed 'deaths head' brit round £36 posted .999 fine silver Sigma verified. Coa (Weight will be hand stamped before dispatch) PPFF or BT please
  4. Hand poured .999fs St Bee's newest evolution Britannia bar. (A lot went into making this🙂) 2.95 troy oz Sigma verified Coa £100 delivered RMSD PPFF or BT please
  5. 1 troy oz Union flag piece. Sigma verified £29 plus post PPFF or BT please 20220914_114314.mp4
  6. 2.6 troy oz...approx 81 grams of .999fs St Bee's prototype Brit bar Sigma verified One time only price of £70 plus post Before it goes on the site Anything less than SD at risk PPFF or BT please 🙂
  7. 1 ozt Memorial piece Laser engraved .999fs Coa £31 plus post PPFF or BT please 20220909_112139.mp4
  8. 3.52 ozt of .999fs Anubis the God of Death & Ma'at the God of Justice Sigma verified Coa supplied £107.50 delivered RMSD PPFF or BT please
  9. Looking for a kilo of melt🙂
  10. 42 grams of .999fs Coa £42 plus post PPFF or BT please
  11. £155 delivered RMSD Coa Sigma verified PPFF or BT please
  12. £30 each plus post Sigma verified Coa PPFF please🙂
  13. 4.59 ozt .999fs Sigma verified Coa £125 delivered RMSD PPFF please🙂
  14. Just trying these out. Hopefully I'll expand on the range if there's interest. These are odd weights as they're practice pieces. Sold x 31 gram .999fs 'Death' tarot bar £30 plus post 1 x 26.9 gram .999fs 'Lovers' tarot bar £26 plus post. Certs supplied in the form of a laser engraved tarot card. PPFF or BT please. if using Goods and services please add 3%.
  15. Approx 4.08 troy oz £122 plus post Number 2 sold but I have one almost identical..in the pic..
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