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Business - Gold
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    St Bees cumbria
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    Collectible bullion & Semi Numismatics
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    I'm aiming for a little bit if everything in the silver area
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    Mostly small items and mostly generic, Scotties, pamps and rounds.

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  1. Hand crafted .999fs Farthing bar 14 gram , COA, £16 plus post🙂 PPFF please.
  2. 999 fs Bee bar 2.71 ozt COA £76 delivered first class signed for PPFF please 20210921_141942.mp4
  3. .999 fine silver hand crafted Killer Bee round. 52.7g, Hallmarked. Supplied with COA £49 plus post. PPFF please🙂 AOOG
  4. Hand crafted Celtic design coins 999fs, approx 50g total for 9 coins. One COA provided for all coins together £60 posted PPFF please
  5. Approx 50g total for 6 coins 999 fine silver One COA provided for all coins together. £60 posted PPFF please
  6. Hand crafted Galleon coins 12.4 - 12.6 g 1 - 9 999fs £15 each plus post PPFF please 20210831_140650.mp4
  7. 4.02 ozt .999fs Hallmarked Coa £125 posted RMSD PPFF please km_20210825_1080p(3).mp4
  8. 46.9g .999fs bar £44.60 plus post PPFF please
  9. Hand poured .999fs killer bee round 41.7g Coa Hallmarked £43 plus post PPFF or BT please
  10. Hand poured .999fs button 14.2 g Hallmarked £16 plus post PPFF please
  11. Hand poured .999fs button 17.3 g Hallmarked £19 plus post PPFF please
  12. Hand crafted 1ozt fine silver killer bee bar Coa £31 plus post PPFF please
  13. .999 fine silver hand poured raven skull viking arm band. 1.86 troy oz Hallmarked and with COA. £60 plus post PPFF please. Made as a bullion piece, not jewelry.
  14. All 95p per gram plus post PPFF please
  15. Hand poured 999fs Reaper and reefer bar. Thought I'd try something different. 4.64 troy ounces Coa £140 plus post Can be hallmarked for an extra £2.50 PPFF please
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