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  1. Three coins back from grading this week. The two platinum proof Britannia’s did very well. The Sydney mint sovereign is a lovely coin and I did think it would do better than AU55.
  2. Received a few coins back from PCGS today. I noticed that the Queen’s portrait on the obverse is not aligned to the reverse. Has anyone else seen the same die misalignment on this coin?
  3. Received the 2oz QB silver proof Completer Coin. The capsule came loose in transit but thankfully the coin looks fine. Really love the design.
  4. After a long wait received the 1oz gold proof Queens Beast Completer coin today. Interesting that it was the quality controlled “QC” sticker. However there is a massive “smudge” on the Queens portrait which you can easily see with the naked eye.
  5. The Queen Elizabeth II 95th birthday strike on the day sovereign arrived today. Excellent as it’s just in time for the weekend.
  6. Two very nice US coins that came up at an Australian auction. First a 1918 quarter dollar and then a beautiful 1991 Walking Liberty 1oz silver BU. From the other side of the world the Perth Mint’s 2021 1oz silver dragon bullion coin.
  7. Feels like Christmas today with a package arriving continuing my UK buys from the last few months.
  8. Very nice 1989 three coin proof sovereign set. Just picked this up today.
  9. By coincidence I have just been offered the short set and am negotiating price. Thanks for the pricing tip!
  10. The 50th anniversary of decimal day strike on the day 50p gold proof. Lovely coin.
  11. managed to pick up the 2oz and 5oz Three Graces coins from the RM. Will send the 2oz to PCGS for grading but keep the 5oz as is.
  12. Welcome Alex, great to see a fellow Perth Silverforum member.
  13. Just received this as part of my mystery coin swap with fellow YouTuber Gold Digger Dave. Love it!
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