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  1. Received this beauty from fellow coin YouTuber “Gold Digger Dave” as part of our regular mystery coin swap. I was very pleased when I opened up the package and saw this.
  2. In the same week seven Queen Elizabeth II proof sovereigns came back from conservation & grading by PCGS and one (the 2013) from the Coin Cabinet auction.
  3. Bought this Platinum Wedding anniversary strike on the day sovereign when it was released by the Royal Mint in 2017. Sent it off for grading to PCGS and it came back PR68DCAM. So it was incorrectly described as a proof coin (it’s brilliant uncirculated so should be “MS” on the holder) and 68 for a new coin is a bit disappointing. Earlier this year I broke it out of its slab and resubmitted it for conservation & grading in the hope of achieving a better grade. It just came back. The result? Go take a look the video (“Hitting a PCGS Slab with a Hammer”) on the Coin Struck YouTube chann
  4. Won this lovely 2oz silver high relief coin from “TheCoinGeek” YouTube channel subscriber competition. It came all the way from Tucson Arizona to its new home with me in Australia.
  5. In 2014 the Royal Mint produced a 2014 sovereign with the St George & Dragon with a proof finish however the Queens portrait on the obverse was minted to a BU standard (see photos below of one of these recently bought by a friend). Hence it is referred to as the 2014 “mule” sovereign. Just wondering if anyone has an idea of how many of these error coins were minted? PCGS have graded 17 of them and NGC 3.
  6. Hello. Mike, it’s probably 2,500 limited to the type of presentation that you purchased but the max coin mintage is 5,000 which can be in other formats, eg coin sets etc.
  7. The year 2000 sovereign was a buy from one of the Coin Cabinet auctions. The other four were all bought on the Silverforum.
  8. Thanks @Realwealthuprising for the beautiful 2019 proof Dutch gold Ducat. A short while after buying it from the Silverforum I picked up a 1927 bullion Ducat from a Sydney auction.
  9. The strike on the day sovereign minted on 8 May 2020 to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe day. Not really just received today but photographed today. Have also uploaded a new video to the Coin Struck YouTube channel showing this coin, I hope you take a look.
  10. Sydney mint 1906 half sovereign, bought this raw from Australian eBay. Came back from PCGS AU58 which looks about right.
  11. This 2019 Matte sovereign was one I minted at the Royal Mint VIP tour last September. PCGS thought I did a reasonable job and graded it MS70.
  12. Thanks @AndrewSL76 for these three beautiful coins. It was great to fill a gap in the QEII proof sovereign date run. I have uploaded a video to the Coin Struck YouTube channel showing these coins and a short guide to the Silverforum.
  13. Arrived back from PCGS this week. The 1876 British Sovereign, the only one of that year graded by PCGS with the Proof Like (“PL”) designation. I was grading this for a friend with a few of my coins. Needless to say he is very happy.
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