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  1. My bids are in and have my computer at the ready!
  2. The 2nd of the Dinosaur coins, third is on the way!
  3. Just picked up this 2009 PCGS 70DCAM graded sovereign from Drake Sterling Numismatics. In part payment I sold my 69DCAM sovereign. Thanks Eric. @drakesterling
  4. The new Peter Rabbit coin. Arrived in Australia this week.
  5. The 1880 error sovereign with the second 8 over-struck a 7 in the date.
  6. I bought one as well and was told it would be ailed out towards the end of May.
  7. The 2018 half sovereign that went through the Trial of the Pyx.
  8. Two buys from the last Coin Cabinet auction filling in two gaps in the Queen Elizabeth II proof sovereign date run.
  9. Could I possibly get bar with COA No 70 please?
  10. Also mintage for this SOTD is 750. So up from the 650 last year for the Queen Victoria and Prince Albert SOTD sovereigns but down from the 1,500 mintage for the 2020 Brexit coin. Its clear following the Brexit and now 75 year VE anniversary coins that the Royal Mint are no longer limiting the strike on the day sovereigns to purely royalty related events / anniversaries.
  11. Three Royal Mint silver bunnies. I don’t have the 2016 Peter Rabbit as it’s now too expensive but I do have the 2020 on the way.
  12. Six coins came back from PCGS this week. I received the grades some time ago but PCGS closed shortly thereafter due to the US COVID-19 lock down and so understandably it’s taken a while for them to get to me. Lovely coins and some great results. The 2019 Prince Albert and Queen Victoria strike on the day sovereigns both came in at MS70. The 2019 proof sovereign was graded 70DCAM with the 2020 69DCAM. The 50p shape of a nation 50p was graded 69DCAM. The lovely old 1900 Perth mint half sovereign was graded XF Details, you can’t win them all but still a lovely coin.
  13. Hello, do you have a photo of the particular coin and asking price?
  14. Here is the silver proof to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the introduction of the 50p coin in 1969.
  15. Definitely a great Royal Mint design and one of my top three favorites along with Sir Isaac Newton and Stephen Hawkin. Whats on the list, probably would like to have the original 2009 Kew Gardens proof. Which is your favorite 50p design?
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