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  1. managed to pick up the 2oz and 5oz Three Graces coins from the RM. Will send the 2oz to PCGS for grading but keep the 5oz as is.
  2. Welcome Alex, great to see a fellow Perth Silverforum member.
  3. Just received this as part of my mystery coin swap with fellow YouTuber Gold Digger Dave. Love it!
  4. Bought the 1911 proof half sovereign graded PF58. Interesting to it next to a higher graded coin of the same year. I put together a video on this which you can see on the Coin Struck YouTube channel. There is a link to the channel at the bottom of this post.
  5. My best buy last year was a 2020 proof sovereign from Australian eBay. It was buy now for close to Spot. I bought it expecting a scam or a handled coin, received it and sent it for conservation and grading with PCGS, Came back PR70DCAM. BEST EBAY BUY EVER!
  6. Received this very nice 1926 Melbourne sovereign, an Australian eBay purchase. Mintage that year was only 211,107.
  7. Just received an email from the Coin Connection saying they have them in stock. Same as the RM price.
  8. Hello, yes have ordered one. I like the design and it’s interesting as the first SOTD fold 50p. Would have preferred a lower mintage, at 700 that’s more then the proof.
  9. My last purchase from the Coin Cabinet auction from a few months back. It took a while to reach me in Australia. Lovely addition to my QEII proof sovereign date run. I will post a video to the Coin Struck channel when it’s complete, only one left!
  10. Six very nice George V sovereigns from @SVcollector, thank you Chris.
  11. The Royal Mint is issuing the decimal day SOTD 50p coin on February 15th. So would not expect them to issue the new Three Graces coin the same day. So perhaps the following Monday.
  12. A video from the Royal Mint just popped up on YouTube. They are auctioning an exceptionally rare Henry VII sovereign on March 4th. Starting price £950,000 and they expect it to sell much higher breaking last years £1 million record sale price for the Edward VIII sovereign.
  13. This looks like a high grade coin, say MS65. Does the closet guess get the coin?
  14. as per the Marsh “The Gold Sovereign” guide 1931 South Africa, mintage 8,511,792, Common 1892 Melbourne, mintage 3,488,750, common 1918 I Bombay Mint, mintage 1,294,372, N for Normal
  15. It’s been a big week this week receiving the 1887 proof half and 2021 proof sovereign shown in earlier posts. The last two coins for this week are a 1923 Melbourne sovereign and a 1909 Melbourne half sovereign. i bought the sovereign from a Queensland based auction house. Lovely coin with a 511,129 mintage that year. The Melbourne half sovereign came from an eBay auction. Condition is a bit worn but it was a circulation coin. I keep a lookout for Australian half sovereigns as the mintage levels were usually low and the coins were used as money and many melted when too worn. For
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