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  1. Trimming down the stack and these have to go. Happy to take payment by bank transfer or Paypal F&F. Postage is of the buyer's choice and expense, unless marked otherwise. Full tube of silver Britannias, consisting of 10 2018 and 15 2019 Brits - £700. Free special delivery included 2018 Saint Helena Spade Guinea (1 available) - £30 2018 Royal Mint Two Dragons (SOLD) - £30 each 2018 Canadian Maple (1 available) - £28 10oz Scottsdale Stacker bar (SOLD) - £280. Free special delivery included 2018 Australian Dragon coin bar (no CAPSULE, SOLD) - £31 2019
  2. https://www.royalmint.com/lunar/2021-year-of-the-ox/ox-five-ounce-silver-proof-kilo-coin/ Don't be too hasty in selling, I'd assume a 1oz version will be out before long if they're selling the 5oz already. Also saw a quarter oz and 1oz gold proof on there as well
  3. Lol, I had some silver do that. Stored it in a wooden box for a few months, and hey presto, brown toning. I'm guessing it was either the wood itself that caused it, or the chemicals used to treat it. I'd imagine this is the same situation, it does look very similar. (Not clicking a link from the sun to find out, I refuse to give them the ad revenue)
  4. That's hideous. I love it 😄
  5. Bit of a long shot, but would anybody have any info on this? I've had it for years, I think it was sold as Japanese bean money, but I've never been able to turn anything up on it. I'm not even sure that's the correct name for it. I haven't weighed it, I don't have scales sensitive enough, but it feels somewhere between a half sovereign and a full sovereign in the hand (super accurate, I know). Silver brit for scale. Its a bit thicker than the brit, but it isn't totally even.
  6. Love that treasure chest Jamesd! This rather lovely coin came in the post today from a dealer who shall remain unnamed. Not pictured is the sovereign that also arrived, but we all know what they look like at this point 😄
  7. Look at its face, the ears back, the wild eyes. Poor thing looks terrified 😄
  8. 8 minutes later and it's still trying to add it to my basket on the Royal Mint site. I gave up and went through the coin connection in the end, at least I got there before they started ramping the price up. Even worked out 5p cheaper
  9. I quite like the silver, I think I prefer it to the non-colourised versions. Which is just as well, since the gold will be way out of my budget this month 😅
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