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  1. Welcome to the silver forum! They're a nice bunch here!
  2. A speck of something in the case but this will be put away for a long time (or I'll get a case) Doesn't take away from her beauty though!
  3. The texture of these bars are something else!
  4. I bought the 10 oz on friday and they sent it out late that night, says today for delivery 🤞🤞 couldn't help myself, the design is just so slick
  5. Have you got any of the trade dollars left? Interested
  6. @Panda6Pack I'd be after a set when they are available. Cheers mate
  7. A beautiful delivery on this miserable day, couple more pesos for the collection and my first Thalers & 100 peseta (quickly becoming a favourite of mine) Hope everyone's having a fine weekend! 😁
  8. Thank you @Troy77 for sorting me out something special for my brothers birthday. I can finally show them on here!
  9. Completely forgot I bought this and found it earlier still unopened in its in packaging! Cheeky Christmas present to self! @Troy77 with another 100g bar, its a beauty in the hand. Moonscape #3
  10. I had an order with them and it said Wednesday 23rd for expected delivery. Turned up yesterday, literally don't understand how they did it! Waiting on some other coins, tracking on those has gone quiet since it got to France and that was supposed to be delivered yesterday! Can't make sense of it.
  11. Morning my good man, Any chance of 95 including postage?
  12. I've been dabbling in buying pre 1947 silver. I've been getting it at spot + postage for a bigger lot. I do only have part of my silver in it but I (personally) would only work out its value versus scrap weight when it comes to it. Not an expert though
  13. I received some beautiful refurbished pours from Rio Precious metals. Absolutely stunning pieces and not my last. I present a 1 oz Galaxy bar, poured be St Bees Silver and refurbished by Rio. A 1oz Cluster and a 100 gram Cluster bar. The effects are just wonderful. Thank you @Troy77for hooking me up! bee.mp4
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