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    CaptCaveMan reacted to Darr3nG in Website for comparing UK prices for gold sovereigns, britannias, etc   
    Been playing around with a bit of scripting and have the following output working locally:

    Next step is to figure out how to run on a webserver and update a webpage... (all for free!)
    Watch this space
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    CaptCaveMan reacted to Dougall1 in Today I Received.....   
    Nice delivery from the postman today. He brought me a 1899 full sov in great condition and finally managed to get my hands on the gold sovereign book.

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    CaptCaveMan got a reaction from Rll1288 in Bit of advice   
    Not quite as much on coffee here but this and also transport costs (car/train) now go into overpayments on the mortgage whilst what I was spending on smoking is diverted into PMs.
    I'll be keeping this habit once I go back in the office 👍
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    CaptCaveMan reacted to Spark268 in Buying silver flatware and other 925   
    there's a few distinctively British activities that this description pertains to 🙄
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    CaptCaveMan reacted to Richym99 in First full sovereign   
    I just converted what I had in my savings account earning a pittance in interest into sovereigns, buying a combination of bullion sovereigns and others of greater rarity, which will hold their value even if prices drop.
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    CaptCaveMan reacted to Dougall1 in First full sovereign   
    40th bloody hell. I'll get there eventually lol
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    CaptCaveMan got a reaction from Dougall1 in First full sovereign   
    Well done @Dougall1 👍
    I picked up my first Sovereign in mid April... I'll be getting a forth later this month, getting closer to 1oz of the shiny stuff... eek, it's a slippery slope 😎
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    CaptCaveMan reacted to Foster88 in First full sovereign   
    We’ve all been there....

  9. Thanks
    CaptCaveMan got a reaction from Dougall1 in First full sovereign   
    Well done @Dougall1 👍
    I picked up my first Sovereign in mid April... I'll be getting a forth later this month, getting closer to 1oz of the shiny stuff... eek, it's a slippery slope 😎
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    CaptCaveMan reacted to Dougall1 in Started Off.   
    Just recieved my first sovereigns this morning just got a couple of quarters. Gonna aim to buy a full sovereign every month for the foreseeable.

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    CaptCaveMan reacted to ChrisSilver in Delay on recent Prize Draws being announced.   
    Now that we seem to have resolved the other issues and have minimal other work in the background, we will try to install the new version of the Prize Draw application. Possibly tomorrow. Therefore there may be incorrect emails/message sent out if it isn't working, we will need to test and see, but I am hoping that it should all work and then we can put up several draws that we were waiting to put up. So if all goes well, hopefully sometime during this weekend we will be adding new Prize Draws 🤞
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    CaptCaveMan reacted to ShropshireTom in Price of Silver   
    Well that’s an interesting question without a simple answer! At its most basic, silver - like all metals and most commodities - has a spot price. That’s the market valuation of a resource in a readily utilisable form - I’ve spent most of my career in metal (not PM’s though) and spot prices are very widely used as a staple price guide. From there, there is the spread - the % difference that dealers will buy and sell at and so make their profit. For PM’s this may be relatively small, up to 5% for gold but often a couple of percent. For copper and titanium, to use as random examples, this may be as high as 20% depending on several factors.
    The spot price is not guided by simple supply and demand, though it does have an effect. It is rather more heavily impacted by market sentiment and outlook. For example, I traded several millions of pounds worth of copper when demand was relatively low but economic outlook for the Far East was very good and prices were correspondingly high. Careful timing led to a handsome profit for my employer.
    With PM’s, there’s a lot of other factors. The form of the Silver plays a big part. Bars, coins and bulk ingots carry differing premiums. Proof silver of a rare coin such as a Libertad will carry a much heavier premium than a cast kilo bar. I won’t comment on the vagaries of PM markets as I would be commenting on a hobby that I find interesting rather than from a place of experience and knowledge. Maybe my knowledgable friend @Pete could offer some of his wealth of knowledge on this subject as his knowledge of the PM world is surpassed only by his generosity of time spent assisting those of us with less experience. @BackyardBullion and @ChrisSilver also offer very sage words indeed on the subject. I can whole heartedly recommend @BackyardBullion YouTube channel for a source of bullsh1t free refreshingly level headed information and opinion.
    Finally, decide the reason for your foray into the PM market. A store of value is a very real and well guided reason for PM investment. Timing the market and trying to win big is not necessarily the best reason reason - though it has been done and undoubtedly can be done again with sufficient research and dedication. Hope that helps you out a bit.
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    CaptCaveMan reacted to MickB in Mortgage endowment policy surprise.   
    Thanks everyone. Just waiting for the paperwork to arrive feels like an eternity. Once it's all signed and sent off it should take around ten days to finalise. It's the first time I've had an accompanying letter with an amber alert letter, which shows what's in the fund. I'm glad that letter was sent. I'm nervous in case anything goes wrong. I'm hoping it will all go smoothly. 
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    CaptCaveMan reacted to dicker in Buying sovereigns monthly.   
    Keep tour eye out across a range of stores.  
    Baird have recently been selling what appeared to be a large stock of 1957 and 1959 Gillicks which are the lowest mintage of that series of pre-decimal coins.  Premiums were not too bad and they were in very very nice condition - to my eye, well into the MS60’s
  15. Haha
    CaptCaveMan reacted to LawrenceChard in Silver squeeze   
    I never squeeze platinum. I prefer to stroke it lovingly, but I also do that with gold just to let it know I still love it.
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    CaptCaveMan reacted to HerefordBullyun in Will we see a boom in precious metals with the potential future roll out of UBI?   
    Leeks and coal! Thats why coal was up 80% yesterday on the LSE!
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    CaptCaveMan got a reaction from Tn21 in Buying sovereigns monthly.   
    Not a blashemer @Shep, that's exactly my thoughts also.

    Very new to stacking and have a few ounces of silver but I'm currently focused on Sovs due to the premiums, currently aiming at 1 per month.
    Am I fussed - no as these are to be gifted to the kids, a tube of 25 each would go a nicely towards a deposit later down the line or some other bump in life's road.
  18. Haha
    CaptCaveMan got a reaction from ShropshireTom in Mandalorian Beskar CoinBar   
    So tempted to go for a tube of 1oz Beskar bars...
    ... this is the way.
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    CaptCaveMan reacted to dicker in Gold Monitoring Thread £ GBP only   
    Food for thought...

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    CaptCaveMan reacted to papi1980 in Sovereigns - Am i just the only one who doesn't get excited by them ? Despite all history etc   
    I’m a new member at Silverforum, but just wanted to share my views on sovereigns. At first, they looked inferior to me, for both collecting or stacking. They looked small, not pure gold (22kt), not the most appealing, recent mintage looks like copper, etc. Hard to me to evaluate them.... I found gold Britannia much better choice. Easier to understand...
    However, when I started reading more about Sovereigns and their history, I changed my mind 180 degrees
    Now I collect only Sovs. I firmly believe that British sovereign is the superior gold coin choice for both stackers and collectors
    For stackers (in the UK)
    1. tax advantage (makes them superior to Krug’s and other non British gold coins)
    2. Most liquid UK coin- I tested with my local jewellery shop and they immediately gave me an offer for 1914 and 1913 Sov...close to spot. If you want to sell 1oz Britannia, immediately...good luck 
    3. margins over sport are lower in my view compared to Britannia (at least in TSF)
    For collectors 
    1. best variety and collection combinations compared to all other gold coins I know (you can collect years, monarchs, mintage places, strike differences, etc) and you have 200 years to do that. You can literally spend a lifetime collecting all sovereigns minted. Try the same with Britannia or Krug’s 
    2. The coin is still in release (compared to ducats, other gold coins)
    3. There is a wide market for them at coin shops, so new collectors can start quickly. Much harder to collect Britannia’s and if you decide, places to buy are few. Again, if I collect Sovereigns, I can go to my shop and they had a Victoria YH 1872, which i could acquire if I missed it in my collection
    4. Sovs are 22ct so harder to dent or scratch compared to Britannia’s or other pure gold coin
    Again, here there are people who have collected for years and probably would disagree with me, but this is how it looks to me after 1 year of collecting:)

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    CaptCaveMan reacted to watchesandwhisky in Best car boot in UK for silver   
    That was me with the 4 sovereigns, truly the find of a lifetime and highly unlikely to ever be repeated. I still goto the same bootfair when I can but have never found anything remotely like that. Seller thought they was fake. 
    It was on St George's day as well, it was something I will never forget - I Have been going to them for years though, the likelihood of that happening is in the 10000s , still enjoy the hunt though! 
  22. Haha
    CaptCaveMan got a reaction from Dazzlinh in Shiny newbie   
    Welcome @Dazzlinh, I've been here a little over a couple of months now and yes, PM purchases... 🙈🙉🙊
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    CaptCaveMan reacted to Banter in Banter has entered the forum...   
    Same here, start small and go from there. 👍
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    CaptCaveMan reacted to Banter in Banter has entered the forum...   
    Thanks for the warm welcome Cap. 
    What I'm liking about this stacking hobby is it satisfies that shopping itch, that dopamine hit you get when something new is on the way. The short term immediate satisfaction is achieved but by holding onto the stack long term there is also value appreciation (or at least little to no depreciation). So it's leveraging that consumerist desire but offering long term wealth benefits.
    Investing in stocks or saving fiat in a digital account doesn't have the same emotional impact as there is no tangible physical connection.
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    CaptCaveMan got a reaction from Captinjack in New member   
    From one Capt to another... welcome 😆
    Sounds similar to how I began, and I only started in March.
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