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  1. Just looked up the margin differential VAT scheme in the UK and unfortunately can’t see this being used, it excludes any legal tender, now you could argue “legal tender” is vague so could you use it for non UK coins but I suspect this is the section preventing any mainstream dealers entering the scheme! Tom
  2. Bump and stock update 25 maples left 12 brits 1 lib (20 pending payment, if not paid by midnight this will be available again for purchase)
  3. Evening all, For sale 23x beautiful capsules Tokelau Chronos coins, all 2020 1oz silver. Coins are capsules but please not are bullion grade coins. Price: £27.00 each + buyers choice, risk and cost of postage. PM me with any questions!
  4. Bump time! Get your cheap coins while you can before HMRC come and ruin our party 😂
  5. Yea after 2020 dated ones, never mind pictures have loaded for me now so can see. thanks anyway
  6. What years are these mate?
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