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  1. Just looked up the margin differential VAT scheme in the UK and unfortunately can’t see this being used, it excludes any legal tender, now you could argue “legal tender” is vague so could you use it for non UK coins but I suspect this is the section preventing any mainstream dealers entering the scheme! Tom
  2. Not always the demand here (or there is but not at a profitable/break even price) and people are prepared to pay more on eBay (especially on an auction style listing), its an unnecessary evil I would say but sometimes it’s the only way to make money on PMs, even after eBay and PP take all their fees. I tend to sell singles via auction and I have learnt to list every possible flaw to a coin and always use tracked postage, tend to filter out any scammers.
  3. Think they parted ways a few years back, I think as part of anti trust settlement. ebay managed payments hasn’t been fully rolled out yet, you have to register and wait to be included which is a pain as I have been waiting a few months.
  4. Starting off my collection of Libs with 2020!
  5. Starting my 2oz 2020 QB silver collection with these beauties
  6. Anytime mate, photo makes them look mysterious 😂
  7. Good advice mate! Will be certainly checking the boxes out for future reference! Yes I have learned the hard way about what to declare on a claim... Tom
  8. I am the seller in this case and its a real shame and pain for everyone, RM need to step up their game (won't but need too). Having been on the receiving end of this as well, it frustrating as a buyer and as a seller now have to go through the slow and painful claim process. Quickly takes out any benefit of selling coins for small profit. 3 coins, so just over 120g, not enough to break through both a bubble wrap envelope and tapped sides!
  9. Mine arrived yesterday, only managed to open today, what a beautiful chunk of silver! Thanks @BackyardBullion
  10. The whole issue of making a quick trip to continent to buy some silver at low/no VAT will really all depend if the UK customs put a limit on how much you can return with duty free, I suspect there will be a personal allowance that will make it uneconomical to do runs to and from the continent. Either way bringing silver over personally to sell on will be duty liable I suspect, similar to rules on alcohol and cigarettes when travelling. Fingers crossed for some kind of agreement this week, if not might have to make the switch to gold
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