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    Gypsy reacted to ilovesilverireallydo in Today I Received.....   
    My favourite pick ups of all time. 1/10oz pure 9999 gold animals. Should have been a set of 12 (zodiac) but three were damaged beyond recovery so a set of 9. Stunning pieces. 

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    Gypsy reacted to Jamesd in Today I Received.....   
    Not especially exciting for some. But love this type1 ms70. Just need a type 2 to go with it now

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    Gypsy reacted to evende in Saudi guinea   
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    Gypsy reacted to Colnago in Silver Valcambi bar & Proof Libertad   
    I have a 100g Valcambi Silver & a 1986 boxed Proof Libertad with COA for sale.
    2009 1/4oz Gold boxed Sovereign 
    items in good condition, any further pics on request.
    Valcambi £150 SOLD 
    1oz Proof Libertad £40
    1/4 boxed Sovereign £110

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    Gypsy got a reaction from Colnago in Today I Received.....   
    Glad you like them mate. Couple of beauties. 
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    Gypsy got a reaction from Colnago in Today I Received.....   
    Glad you like them mate. Couple of beauties. 
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    Gypsy reacted to Lindeman in Today I Received.....   
    Never a bad week when silver Libertads arrive ! Thanks to @Gypsy for these lovely 2020 1 oz BU libs.  

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    Gypsy reacted to Tn21 in 2021 bullion Brit quarter Oz and tenth Oz   
    Quarter Oz 2021 Brit £380 sold 
    Tenth Oz 2021 Brit £157 plus post 
    Purchased together £537 delivered 
    Dispatch most probably from Monday onwards. 
    Will happily add a 2021 silver Brit for £28 extra 
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    Gypsy reacted to matt1r in Cheapest PF70 Three Graces? £1750 24hrs   
    So I haven’t managed to sell anything this week 😂 and something I’d really like is ending tomorrow night so putting this up at £1750 for 24hrs. 
    Would also swap for equivalent sovereigns either bullion proof or ngc graded as I can easily sell these.
    SF Label. First releases. Box and coa included.
    £10 for SD 
    Thanks for looking.

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    Gypsy reacted to Spence098 in 1998 gold EEC proof 50p...£795 inc SD.   
    Or if you just like gold proof 50p's at a fair price.
    🤷‍♂️ just saying 😂
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    Gypsy reacted to Michal3901 in 1oz Silver britannia coins- 5 coins for £140   
    5 1oz Silver britannia coins for sale as follows;
    3x 2021 silver britannia coins
    1x 2020 silver britannia coin
    1x 2019 silver britannia coin
    £140 for the 5 coins includes special delivery postage 

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    Gypsy got a reaction from Tn21 in 2oz silver Somalian elephant 2017,2018,2019 postage included £79 each   
    I have for sale 
    a 2017,2018,2019 silver 2oz Somalian elephants. 
    coins come encapsulated and are in good condition. No milk spots. 
    £79 each posted signed for 1st Class 

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    Gypsy reacted to Tn21 in bullion Sov   
    1917 bullion Sov
    Quick sale £331 posted SD 
    Or £329 posted 1st class signed for 
    2017 bullion Sov £350 posted 
    If one sells that's enough for me 

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    Gypsy reacted to MJCOIN in 2017 - 1 kilo Silver Libertad - (one of only 200 minted)   
    2017 - 1 kilo silver Libertad in excellent condition.  Has never been removed from capsule.
    This coin is one of only 200 minted in 2017 and has a lower mintage figure than the proof like coin (500).   Information shown on Wikipedia - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Libertad_(coin)
    £1,050 inclusive of Special Delivery to UK address only.
    Bank transfer or PPFF only please.

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    Gypsy reacted to darkninja1985 in 2020 silver 1oz libertad x2 SOLD   
    Hi would you be willing to sell one Libertad? 
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    Gypsy reacted to StackSellRepeat in S.S GAIRSOPPA   
    Made with actual recovered shipwreck silver!
    The 300 ft S.S. Gairsoppa was launched in 1919 by the British India Steam Navigation Company, Ltd. of London; a company that got its start transporting mail between Calcutta and Rangoon. As World War II unfolded, the United Kingdom enlisted the ship to help out with the war efforts. Towards the beginning of the war (December of 1940), the ship was loaded full of supplies which included pig iron, tea and over 7 million ounces of silver in the form of ingots. Today the value of its cargo has been estimated at 150,000,000 pounds and is believed to be one of the richest of any sunken vessel.
    On its trip from Calcutta to Britain where it was to deliver its rich load to the Royal Mint in London, the ship began to run low on fuel. It was forced to set a new course on the most direct route to port. As the ship headed towards the isles, it was spotted by German aircraft which then relayed its position to a U-Boat which was in the area. The Gairsoppa was hit by a torpedo and later sunk on February 17, 1941 approximately 300 miles off the coast of Galway. The ship and its rich cargo sat on the bottom of the Atlantic for nearly 7 decades until it was finally recovered.
    In 2010 the British Government sought out the help of Florida-based Odyssey Marine Exploration to help locate the ship and try to recover the 110+ tons of precious silver. They succeeded and ended up recovering nearly all of the sunken silver. After the success of their recovery, the company decided to commemorate the ship and its rich history by producing a number of silver bars, rounds and coins minted with actual silver from the recovery.
    S.S GAIRSOPPA 1 OZ 999 silver coins x 20 in mint issue tube, The capsules have scuff marks etc but coins all seem mint. (Classed as bullion grade to avoid any disappointment).
    £800 + P&P of your choice, Bank transfer please  

    8CE3AA86-F493-46F2-9711-8B4C265465F4.webp BD8FF86F-3D01-40B9-B2C7-79C9E119DC56.webp
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    Gypsy reacted to DavePanda in Wanted Gold Panda 1/10oz ... 2007 and 2012   
    Has anyone got any of the above years available please?
    I would like very nice conditioned coins, not any jewellery removed or damaged.
     I don’t won’t them at “close to bullion” price or a “reasonable” price, I will pay a good price for the right coins 😀.
    Please drop me a PM with a photo if by any chance anyone has one, with your required price.
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    Gypsy reacted to trp in Gold 20g Umicore Bar   
    20g Umicore bar (as new in assay)
    £900.00 including SD
    Dispatched from Thursday (3rd June)
    Payment by BT preferred.
    *Currently away from home so no pictures to hand. 
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    Gypsy got a reaction from goldmember44 in 1oz silver proof completer coin. Excellent condition   
    I have for sale a stunning 1oz completer silver proof coin. 
    I will upload pics tomorrow. 
    price £sold SD INCLUDED 
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