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  1. Hello Sam, it is a mine of information here with many informative guides, posts and members 😃
  2. Unless it is “cleaned” by a grading company like NGC before grading most cleaning simply damages the coin, especially for proofs and also older coins that have aged naturally.
  3. Chorlton

    1988 full sov

    The premium from proofs comes from quality of production and condition. If they are handled incorrectly, cleaned, damaged etc. they simply become bullion unless particularly rare or collectible.
  4. Sovereigns are widely available making them easy to buy or sell from bullion to the highly collectible. Not being 100% gold is the same as they have been since 1817 so not a recent change !
  5. Also as coins increase in scarcity and age there may simply be nothing better than 69 or even lower graded coin. For recent bullion coins the more desirable do gain a premium from grading.
  6. Chorlton

    😢 Wtf

    A lot of people not familiar with where the value in proofs come from handle them reducing their condition and value. Many on EBay have suffered from this and Some are in bullion condition due to this. Having been very careful I have picked a up a few proofs from EBay in excellent condition which suggests they have not been opened or handled.
  7. New version now on order, includes more Sovereigns than before 😀
  8. The main benefit of grading is it keeps my sticky mitts off quality coins in good condition 😀 More seriously it confirms what a coin is and its condition but even then fake graded coins exist so still need to take reasonable precautions buying on the secondary market if not grading yourself. This does depend on who is doing the grading as Chorlton’s grading gives all coins a PR70.
  9. Best to compare to photos of known correct ones. eBay and similar may help by checking current and past sales.
  10. In theory coins such as sovereigns are currency so would be fine. A case of watch and see.
  11. Any investment is a risk and you need to understand this and your exit strategy from the investment. If you invest in something that halves in value it would likely delay or alter your house purchase, the reverse is true if the investment went up in value significantly. Gains or losses from an investment are only realised when you cash them in. This is not financial advice just observations.
  12. I rarely buy direct from them due to price and quality. On here or through trusted dealers there are better deals to be had normally. Having even bullion in good condition means they are easier to sell and can be for a higher price due to this.
  13. I weakened, mine is now on order along with some Trevor Francis tracksuits from a mush in Shepherd’s Bush....
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