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  1. He has but always avoids giving any accurate indication of time Etc. It’s a bit like me continually proclaiming there will be an economic recovery but not stating when and how. At some point my vague “prediction” will be right if made repeatedly and also due to it being so vague.
  2. In this case it seems the silver coin stands on its own merits but time will tell.
  3. Thinking about it logically if anyone had been shorting gold down to $400 since March each realised trade would mean you lose up to about 70%. Using any form of leveraged trade would mean you have now gone into hiding due to the huge loses. Assuming you didn't it is likely as things recover other investment opportunities will increasingly take the place of gold and remove that part of the demand for it and other similar assets.
  4. Mine was exactly the same the first time until I weighed it.
  5. Do we still have the gold standard now then 😇 ?
  6. To date you must have lost a fortune continually shorting gold at $400 !
  7. Buying anything PM off EBAY is a risk, with the exception of real coin dealers who just happen to put things on EBAY. The photo’s could easily be different to what is actually being sold and if you are buying based on more than spot PM prices you are taking a bigger risk. That being said I have bought 3 coins from EBAY two were in excellent condition at a good but not cheap price looking like they had simply been bought and left in a cupboard, and the third was OK for the price but the condition issues were not apparent until I actually checked it over.
  8. I have one in a very 1970’s style turquoise case with COA. At the right price pretty much anything will sell and these while not low cost are also not extremely expensive either.
  9. Not sure why Churchill looks like Noel Coward. Still trying to work out who has taken the place of the queen. If the gold price doubles over night could be worth buying every one they have.
  10. That’s a useful spot, as above be careful of resale values. The 2018 version cost £199.99 Originally and now seems to sell for about £120 after a quick poke about on the internet. What this one will do is anyone’s guess.
  11. Chorlton

    eBay half sovereign

    I have only bought one gold coin from EBay and it was a good but not too low price in luckily excellent condition. I was very wary of doing it and ready to send it back if any problems before it arrived !
  12. Chorlton

    eBay half sovereign

    Misread it, I was looking at full sovereigns 😀
  13. Chorlton

    eBay half sovereign

    Just had a quick look in my sovereign book and all the Victoria shield versions have the date on the head side of the coin going by the book. I am no expert but would check further.
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