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  1. Strangely the exact same coin which arrived in perfect condition much earlier this year. Due to this gamble working I bought the full sovereign as well from the same seller which also arrived in perfect condition. The seller had bought quite a few when released and simply stored them until selling. Generally I have got much better deals on the Silver Forum without the gambling and risk that EBay entails. Sellers on here in my experience are very helpful and there are good deals to be had. As well as the knowledge and advice people share.
  2. The advice about videoing for any coin sale is important as is taking plenty of photos to show the condition of everything.
  3. It depends on how you see risk , how much you are shipping and the value of the shipments. Using 2nd class signed for means you get proof of delivery but no insurance. As the price of each shipment increases it makes more sense to use special delivery and you can easily work out the postage cost difference to see if it is worth it to you. A fictional example if shipping a £30 pound coin costs £3 extra on special delivery after 10 shipments you have spent the value of the coin on extra shipping charges, after 20 shipments twice the value of the coin. This is not a suggestion just an observation
  4. This is a good point and something to be careful of as in part the latest fashion drives prices and once no longer in vogue the price premium is gone. The added risk with some modern silver coins can be rather than gradual ageing you get rapid degradation. Still a great buy for anyone who got in early and sold recently.
  5. Unless you have a very accurate , reliable way to test gold bars purchased from eBay best to keep well away. Sites sell fake gold sovereigns and bars very cheaply and it is likely some of these make their way onto eBay and other sales platforms.
  6. The ten I ordered have turned up , what a bargain 😜
  7. Thanks Mike, I will start looking and let you know if I have any luck finding them !
  8. Dickers advice is how many collectors of coins would view it as a coins value comes from desirability and its condition. I am not familiar with this coin so could not comment further.
  9. I have a few NGC slabbed coins stored in a NGC box which is fine. What I was looking for is are there any bags I can put the slabs in before storing them to stop the actual slab being damaged / scratched that specifically won't react with the coins ? If anyone can suggest anything. Thanks.
  10. Generally for dealers once you agree to buy then the contract is in place at the agreed price. It is not unusual for dealers to have to do checks on buyers etc. before funds are exchanged. Any doubts read their terms or contact them. Understandably from the dealers view you are buying a commodity that varies in price quickly so they need to fix a price at point of sale along with the agreement to pay.
  11. I got three identical EMails from them in seconds to the same EMail address. Possibly I have yours 😀
  12. Paper PM is easy to trade very quickly and has few restrictions. The large impact risk is you don’t actually own the PM and if they chose not to honour it for any reason you have lost everything. To date this has been very unlikely to actually happen. Buying and storing PM yourself removes this risk but opens up other challenges.
  13. Great work on the weight loss, you are right to be careful with impingement injuries as they can like mine did for my shoulder need an injection to reduce the swelling before doing recovery exercises. After a month I was back to mountain biking normally but before the injection nothing would resolve it. Non impact exercise like mountain biking is useful for weight loss as you can push it as hard as you want for as long as you want once properly warmed up. Unfortunately there is no substitute for a mainly healthy diet !
  14. I would check the forms sponsors as a starting point and see what they can offer. This will give a good basis for comparing other deals.
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