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  1. The challenge may be they are not currency and the ability to shift £1000’s of them rapidly at a good price would be difficult. Also try buying a new car or paying a utility bill in first class stamps. If you had sovereigns for arguments sake they are very easy to convert to cash even in larger amounts. It’s a logical idea but the challenge is getting your money out of them quickly in bulk at a reasonable price.
  2. Chorlton


    There is too much negativity here, as the description says this an ultra rear proof 1841 gold sovereign. Due to being so rear you can see the lowe starting price and make offers. Is Thay the name of the person to source these fakes from ?
  3. Chorlton


    I won 😁 Now to get it graded and sell for £15,000, thanks for the tip people 🤑 Chinese non PM sovereigns go for big bucks now.
  4. Chorlton


    They do poor quality fakes of most of the popular sovereigns on there. It is almost worth buying a few as a reference point.
  5. It’s a personal choice. If simply collecting it is a useful. If looking to store value or even make money due to the high associated costs with trading in 1g , sovereigns etc. Offer better value all be it at a higher price.
  6. Chorlton


    It’s very useful to show people examples like this so they can learn for the future. Some of the offerings on eBay are very dubious.
  7. We’re you a pirate in a past life 😃 Newer silver proofs are a risk, the older silver bullion or proofs will have settled down and you get what you see. Now walk the plank you scurvy nave !
  8. It does not even look like them Need to start a what is the worse looking coin thread !
  9. That's not surprising as the official measures increasingly are not very informative.
  10. Chorlton

    H.G Wells

    Many of the £2 proof coins have very good designs on them. The problem is, especially with the silver proofs is the production quality of the newer ones is poor leading to marks and instant toning like staining. The older ones seems fine and age gradually as you would expect.
  11. Unfortunately no photos but have seen consistent issues with silver proofs from RM in recent years including the QB proofs. The much older RM silver proofs are fine if looked after properly. I just sold them all on unless they were if an age where any issues would have become apparent.
  12. Thanks for the replies, and explanations they are very helpful. I also tend to the cautious side when looking at coins.
  13. Great thanks, I am having a look now.
  14. Thanks that's a very useful site.
  15. I am starting to look more at older coins but just wanted a rough guide of grade and any other comments on the 1816 silver shilling with photos below. I can then use this as a guide for future purchases, all comments appreciated.
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