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  1. It depends on their supplier situation. During the very start of the pandemic I ordered from Chards and for obvious reasons had to wait longer than normal to receive. They honoured the original price and kept me up to date with the order. Best to contact the seller for a clear idea.
  2. In my case both. Grading keeps my sticky paws off more valuable and interesting coins , and it is good to be sure you have a genuine, quality example of a coin that interests you. Also I have various ungraded coins which vary in quality which I have no current interest in grading. The main thing is to enjoy the coins either graded or ungraded.
  3. If buying as an investment or hedge make sure you get a gold price from a very reputable source and have a clear exit strategy. Having a coin that has increased in value but has a significant sales cost and a very limited market can be an issue to sell promptly for a good price. This is why many people choose bullion sovereigns as they generally have a low markup and are very widely traded, just keep in mind they track the gold price whichever direction it goes in.
  4. The key to keep in mind for the gold price is gold can be rapidly substituted out when better investment opportunities arise and to look for drivers of it’s price both up & down, the temptation can be just to look for the upside.
  5. As a general rule coins from the royal mint bought as new are available at reduced prices shortly afterwards on the secondary market. There are exceptions to this and also some coins increase in value over time. The key with proof coins is to keep their condition as this is where the value beyond bullion comes from.
  6. You will always get a variety of offers as members vary from stackers, to collectors , to dealers which puts them at different price points and quantities. There is a lot of knowledge on the forum which I have used many times to gain further knowledge, the potential downside to this is people are unlikely to pay speculative EBay prices or the prices that more expensive dealers charge. Just take your time and you will get a feel for it.
  7. Forgot to mention I had an EMail stating my eBay account was going to be suspended unless I logged into it and provided a VAT number etc. as my volume of trade meant I was a business, only very low sales for year so obviously nonsense. One thing to bear in mind is if there is nothing in eBay messages tab it is an obvious scam.
  8. Very sorry to hear that, there is a lot of this going round at the moment in various forms.
  9. £1,200 assuming the pound doesn't collapse post Brexit.
  10. How many of the 9.5 KG’s have you got in stock 😀
  11. One suggestion is to find a local coin dealer with a good long standing reputation to check it for you. Especially one accredited to NGC or similar level. Also a good idea to keep all receipts etc. to help prove authenticity in the future if needed.
  12. It does depend on whether you are looking for pure bullion value or the more collectable value in part based on condition. It is just a case of deciding why you are buying before hand and not making the many impulse buys we all do from time to time !
  13. Removing a proof from a capsule that was never opened from new is generally a bad idea. The condition can only likely get worse unless you are very lucky and it remains the same. I have a proofs in unopened capsules who’s condition is noticeably different from those that have been opened and especially handled such as the proofs I bought at near spot a while back which had condition issues.
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