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  1. Chorlton

    Are you still buying?

    Pretty much stopped buying unless very good price or something I collect. I am now looking more to pruning what I have when the deal / time is right. That is just my personal view and not advice or “expert” opinion 😀
  2. They are not helped by using a PM tester which has an horrendous reputation going by reviews and resellers.
  3. I have had similar good experiences with Chards and their customer service is excellent.
  4. Stopped months ago and switched to silver which was lucky.
  5. Has the bet been taken as it was easy money with gold going down below 400 ? I thought all comers would have been accepted by now to have their gold / money taken from them 🤑
  6. This is a useful approach as simply swapping for cash can defeat the purpose.
  7. Very useful, thanks.
  8. Why not the end of 2030 🤠
  9. Are we still supposed to be buying golden shorts at $400 a pair ? My drawer is full and may need to move the socks somewhere else 🤔
  10. If you were really confident you would say for a whole day as you were predicting below $400 before , easy !
  11. Have you got anything else you predict will collapse to about 20% of their current Market value 😉 Since your March price prediction of gold to £400 it has had double digit growth. Any more predictions would be appreciated 🤠
  12. A brief search on the internet brings up fake gold sovereigns for the equivalent of £2 each. Most buying them on eBay have no idea what they are buying so even if selling 50% with no issues the profit margins would be huge. This is why seasoned purchasers rarely if ever buy gold off eBay or have the experience & equipment necessary to confirm their purchase is not counterfeit. For many the extra premium of buying from recognised dealers is a better value proposition.
  13. This is common on EBay with various non proof coins being represented as proofs. It does less often go the other way as well.
  14. Don't give it away I was making a fortune based on that graph, now you have made it public 😢
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