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  1. As long as the butler doesn’t freeze solid we will be fine.
  2. Is no one drinking their Rum 🙂 The trouble is once you drink any half decent rum the cheaper stuff just tastes like antiseptic 😝
  3. Generally proofs maintain their value through condition. For the more valuable proofs grading both confirms the condition and also the slab protects the coin. For cheaper proofs grading is potentially not as beneficial.
  4. Do they have reserve / starting prices that are a little high to encourage interest ?
  5. The key for proofs is condition. Once handled outside the capsule they can devalue rapidly. Also the too graded proofs for any particular coin are where the value lies, being slabbed helps confirm and preserve condition. This is not for everyone as it is good to actually handle a coin and see it up close.
  6. Worth checking on here for past prices to get a better idea. BBP tend to ask for high prices in comparison. A quick example is on the forum a 2017 sovereign sold recently for £370 but BBP are selling them for closer to £430 a 16% higher price.
  7. Worth working out the cost and ease of selling. A few gold sovereigns are very easy to sell as well as being VAT and CG exempt on purchase. Potentially there could be quite a lot of effort and expense selling numerous 1oz silver coins to the same value. If the silver 1oz coins are bought new with VAT included it can reduce the potential profit even if silver has risen at the Spot price.
  8. I did the same as the amount of milk spots, hazing and rapid tarnishing on newer Royal Mint silver proofs is too much of a risk. Older silver coins including proofs are fine as they have generally settled down and unlikely to change further beyond gradual toning.
  9. Agreed the quality control seems lacking and generally do not buy direct due to higher price and quality. For newer proofs I tend to buy graded to avoid issues and anything else from here and other places with a good reputation.
  10. I bought something off them once and it took a while to discourage my “Personal Account Manager” 🤠
  11. Unfortunately you have to be sure whichever type of coin you are buying. Buying from a respected seller with a good reputation helps as does verified grading of coins. After that it is your ability to tell the difference between real and fake which takes time to learn and gain experience.
  12. The above is good advice until you gain real example coins and some experience the risk and cost of mistakes can be high.
  13. It’s a personal choice, my new proof coins are mainly graded but not all. This is to confirm they are genuine, the quality of them and keep my sticky paws off them. My much older coins while kept in capsules to protect them are handled as normal. I prefer PF70 and ms70 coins but also anything that is interesting.
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