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  1. It's from Sheffield 1923, but the makers mark is still unknown. None of the databases I use have a confirmed maker for those initials and design.
  2. Sorry , but I'm afraid you are wrong. This is a quote from bullionvault How to buy silver bullion online at the lowest costs You can buy and own investment silver in a number of ways. The key difference and biggest cost factor is whether you are charged VAT or sales tax. Investment silver stored in a London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) approved vault is exempt of VAT.
  3. Vaulting services are probably the best way to invest in Silver, IF and this is an important IF.... you buy silver on a monthly basis. That way the monthly fees can be incorporated into the cost of each monthly purchase. Fees far less than any premium on coins/bars etc It has by far the smallest premium / spread of any physical pm asset. With the ability to buy and sell instantly. People rarely think of the end game and how you will sell their silver. To me, this is the most important thing in stacking silver. Forget obsessing how to buy cheaply, people should be obsessing on h
  4. There is no VAT because all the silver and gold are kept in bonded warehouses
  5. Or perhaps someone with fat fingers made an error updating the website. Easily done. 😏
  6. Don't be too sure, it seems they've managed to re-ignite those booster rockets, stopped the descent, and we're back on course to smack into the sea of tranquility in the near future.
  7. You obviously don't quite understand maritime boundaries, but to be honest I can't be bothered arguing with someone who just quotes the party line verbatim.
  8. As per Wikipedia There have been moves to recast the constitutional status of Orkney, Shetland and the Western Isles partly in order to get a greater share of the oil revenues to these islands, in whose maritime territory it is argued that most of the oil is found. Just for the record, in a previous life, I sailed on BP oil tankers, and know a little about the industry. 😁
  9. Seeing as most of the oil field are west of the Shetlands, and within the international maritime border of 200 miles, the oil fields would be carved out equidistant to the borders of mainland Scotland and Shetland. The majority of UK oil reserves for BP, Shell and Chevron are located West of Shetland, and four projects in the province will drive UK production growth through the 2020s – Clair Ridge, Clair South, Cambo and Rosebank. The West of Shetland is also under explored, with less than 160 exploration wells drilled in the region to date. Other UK regions have had more than 500
  10. Totally agree with the match betting comment. I made an easy several thousand pounds profit over a few months. The only reason I stopped was because of work patterns and the lack of time to concentrate on the offers. I do intend to dabble in it again when time allows.
  11. Looks like the booster rockets have failed and we are hurtling back to earth.
  12. Not an error, but everything seems to be super fast on my Redmi Note android phone.
  13. Exit plan with the sterling flatware is four fold, 1. I have two local dealers who will buy at 80% of spot, (one I've got a good relationship with, I can probably get about 85% of spot). I can sell to these guys within an hour for cash in my hand. 2.A trip to the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter where I can get 88% of spot, but I have to factor in the petrol costs to get there 3. Offer it on here, probably at a fraction under spot 95%-100% 4. Go through the tedious route of ebay, and after faffing about with taking pictures, putting up the auction, paypal and ebay costs post of
  14. Its easy to tell the difference visually between the silver proof and the cupro nickle ones. I have a large number of them sitting in my stack box.
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