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  1. I think we'll be mining asteroids or the moon, within 20-30 years. Whilst it'll make no difference to my finances, it might be something that those in their 20's and 30's should keep in the back of their mind.
  2. Why go back to buying gold, You can buy silver coins on this forum for less than the silver to go price, and have them delivered in a day or so.
  3. Yep, I'm selling off a load of 1oz 0.999 silver coins. All are either in cases, capsules or the plastic wraps from the mint. All are classed as bullion, but as per usual with my sales, they are usually well above Bullion grade. Due to Brexit, I can only sell to UK buyers, and payment by BT or PP F&F. Shipping depends if you want recorded or special delivery And all VAT FREE All are 1ozt 0.999 Silver Turks & Caicos 1993 20 Crowns x 1 - £23 Canada 2012 Moose x 3 - £25 each Canada 2013 Bison x 3 - £25 each Canada 2011 Grizzly x 2 - £25 each
  4. £75 on £5000 is 1.5% interest, which isn't great, but like you said, it's better than any current savings account.
  5. This whole thread can be boiled down to people moaning that the UK hasn't continued a tax loophole found in one tiny country in the EU. People buying coins, is never going to be high on the Governments list of things to do. For every person on here who knew about and used the loophole there are a hundred people buying silver with 20% vat on it without batting an eyelid. Perhaps instead of whinging about how you cant avoid tax on something anymore, (you pay it on everything else), just change your stacking strategy. There is plenty of VAT free silver out there, in fact there are th
  6. You say Bannockburn, I say Culloden, because it's not the heats that counts, it's the final. And you lot have never been in a final have you? - Al Murray
  7. Anyone surprised? Obviously they used Dominion software to do the counting
  8. No, what I quoted was how much £25 in 1978 is worth today. Nothing to do with current account interest.
  9. Being an ex-bookie, I think I've seen enough of the dangers of gambling The "unqualified bloke" that has lobbied to the government on behalf of joe public and made more changes to UK law on finance than any person in history, PS, "Diploma Qualified FA colleagues" are not experts on statistics. Neither is Martin Lewis, so he got someone who was, a post-doctoral cosmology statistician (someone who calculates star movements) who had the requisite probability skills, and created an algorithm to build a Premium Bonds Calculator. Statistics when talking about probability are h
  10. £25 in 1978 is equivalent to £145 in 2020 taking into account inflation. So on inflation alone, you are £120 down. This shows just how bad PB are.
  11. For anyone who believes Premium Bonds are good, It's worth listening to Martin Lewis of Money Saving Expert. I first heard this thoughts on this a few weeks back on Radio 2 and he put this article up as well. It certainly opened my eyes. I personally wouldn't ever bother with bother with PB after reading this. But as usual DYOR. https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/savings/premium-bonds/
  12. Gold will go up next year and it will also go down. The £ however will rise against the $ and Euro, due to Brexit boost, GDP up and the UK getting out of Covid much faster (We'll get to 70% inoculation by April/May) than either the US (they wont get to 70% population inoculation until September at the earliest) or the EU, (they'll still be struggling to get over 50% by December), so any rise in Gold in $ will be negated by the strength of the £. Gold will be about $2000 but gold in £ will be about the same as now, £1,400. Silver on the other hand will be about £24. Also the numbe
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