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  1. thx man didn't know that. Couldn't find a whole lote about it on the internet. All the other coins are pretty familiar but this is just like a random casono coin i think. Oh well lesson learned
  2. I have 2 more pictures but cant upload them. Maybe because i am a new member? Why wouldnt you pay this amount. Its a little bit below spotprice
  3. 11 x dutch guilders coin 6,5 gram 0.720 2 x dutch 2 and a half guilder coin 12 gram 0.720 2 x dutch 10 guilder coin 25 gram 0.720 20 x dutch replica quilders 1 oz 0.925 1 x 350 year Peace of Munster commemorative coin (FDC) 25 gram 0.925 1 x replica 1968 1 guilder coin 12,6 gram 0.999 3 x 5 euro Vincent van Gogh commemorative coin 11,9 gram 0.925 4 x 10 euro Willem Alexander en Maxima commemorative coin ( 1 proof?) 17,8 gram 0.925 1x 1400 dutch mint commemorative coin 20 gram 0.925 1 x 50 guilder Juliana and Bernhard 50 year commemorative coin 25 gram 0.925 1 x churchtower queen Juliana 25 gram 0.925 2 x Palace nooreinde 25 gram 0.925 1 x dutch 2 and a half guilder 1985 1 x Mexican libertad 2016 ¼ oz 0.999 1 x Main street Station Limited Edition 10 dollar gaming coin year 2000 37 gram 0.999 1 x 20 gram silver bar 0.999 1 x Brittania 2011 1 oz 0.999 2 x 1oz Australian kangaroo 2016 and 2020 1 oz 0.999 1 x Panda 2020 1 oz 0.999 2 x Koala 2013 and 2017 1oz 0.999 1 x year of the dog 2018 1 oz 0.999
  4. Just bought a mixed package through the dutch version of Ebay. Its a mixture of old dutch coins, replicas of old coins and some bullion coins. What do you guys think of this buy. I am pretty pleased whith it. Its a little over 1,2 kilo of silver and i bought it for € 740. Below are some pictures and a list of what is in the package Added 0 minutes later...
  5. ordered mine a couple of days ago, it's being sent today i hope. I love New Zealand after spending a couple of months there. I hope they will bring out more designs so i can start collecting.
  6. Hi Guys and girls I just signed up. I learned about the forum via the youtube account of backyardbullion. Bought my first silver about 5 years ago and forgot about it for a while. Started buying more about half a year ago and now i am hooked. I am from the Netherlands so please excuse me if my Enlish isn't perfect. Hope to learn and socialize! Greetings OrangeSilver
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