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  1. I ordered 2 sets of 2 fafnir Germania mint coins in the special double capsule from kettner-edelmetalle. One double capsule was perfect but the other had 2 coins in them that seemed to have some fingerprints or milkspots on them. It was especially visible whem you put a light on it. i contacted them and send some pictures. They replied instantly they would trade them and gave me UPS free postage. Within 3 days 1 received two new coins that where perfect and all free of cost. With all the things i heard and read about customer service i was really glad with this solution. So ther
  2. I just bought a 1 oz colored Britannia from 2013 voor about € 25. Could't find a whole about before i bought it but just found out it's from the "wall street collection" Which is a collection of gold colored silver 1 oz coins from 2013. Anyone that has some extra information? And how much is this worth?
  3. I don't think you need to see them as a investment in gold or silver especially with the high premium. It's more like a gimmick. I think they are very pretty and nice to have, that's the reason i would buy these or give away to mates. There is always a chance they will rise in value through the years.
  4. I don't know where you read that i am offended. I am offended by the stupidity of people concerning Covid but not the selling of some bars. I respect everyone that wants to earn some bucks by flipping some coins. But i think the forum bars are something different just my opinion. Maybe some rule like not selling them on the forum the first year after release. Thanx for your offer @Leonmarsh. In the meanwhile i bought some other coins on the forum and need to wait for extra funds that i can spent. As i said its not an attack and everone has its on personal reasons. But i think i
  5. I am a new member but would have loved a 100gr forum bar. Unfortunately i wasn't appointed one. In the buy and sell section there are a couple of the last forum bars allready for sale. I don't want to attack the sellers but it seems they are just out for a quick profit. In the meanwhile a lot of other members would have been very happy to have and keep one. i refuse to pay extra for the bars and will just be patient for the next edition. Other members feel that this just doesn't feel right?
  6. I am cancelling my order. I hope someone else will enjoy them
  7. beautiful display, to bad my kids are from 2013 and 2016 else i would snap this up
  8. I have 12 x 500 Lira "caravelle" they are 0.835 silver 11 gram. The quality is looking as very fine. Looking to sell as a complete set and not as loose coins. The price is € 115 € 105 not including postage. I am sending out from the Netherlands to worldwide. i have the following years: 2 x 1958 1960 1961 1964 4 x 1966 3 x 1967
  9. @Robbin thx for your comment and nice that we could make a deal. Looking forward to seeing the parcel arrive in the mailbox.
  10. please add me to the waiting list if u ship 2 the Netherlands
  11. It seems most silver on the forum is sold from the UK. This costs me to much on postal costs. I want to bay small amounts of silver at a time about probably max 10 oz at a time but i want to buy regularly. So i hope for some nice contacts. Looking for bulion coins, rounds or bars. Sent from the Netherlands. A good offer on junk silver is also a possibility. please contact me
  12. you can also look for the dutch junk silver like the 1 2,5 5 and 10 guilders. They are 0.725 don't know if thats to low for you. Usually you van buy them in 1 or 2 kilo bags like 5% above spot
  13. thx man didn't know that. Couldn't find a whole lote about it on the internet. All the other coins are pretty familiar but this is just like a random casono coin i think. Oh well lesson learned
  14. I have 2 more pictures but cant upload them. Maybe because i am a new member? Why wouldnt you pay this amount. Its a little bit below spotprice
  15. 11 x dutch guilders coin 6,5 gram 0.720 2 x dutch 2 and a half guilder coin 12 gram 0.720 2 x dutch 10 guilder coin 25 gram 0.720 20 x dutch replica quilders 1 oz 0.925 1 x 350 year Peace of Munster commemorative coin (FDC) 25 gram 0.925 1 x replica 1968 1 guilder coin 12,6 gram 0.999 3 x 5 euro Vincent van Gogh commemorative coin 11,9 gram 0.925 4 x 10 euro Willem Alexander en Maxima commemorative coin ( 1 proof?) 17,8 gram 0.925 1x 1400 dutch mint commemorative coin 20 gram 0.925 1 x 50 guilder Juliana and Bernhard 50 year commemorative coin 25 g
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