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Help! Plastic stuck to my gold indian head coin - new collector


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I started collecting gold coins earlier in the year and last month bought the one ounce indian head gold coin.  I was surprised when I went in to pick it up that it was shrink wrapped in ugly packaging from the US Mint.

The dealer told me not to remove it from the package, but I wanted to put it with my others in air tight plastic cases.

When I cut the coin out of the plastic, the front came off easily, but the back is completely stuck to the coin.

I tried to use tweezers to remove it.  Not working.

Any suggestions to get this back sheet of plastic off my coin?

Please see pictures.  I included very close ups so you can kind of see the plastic.

I could only load two pictures, unfortunately.  



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That's a new one!

Hot water?


Technically, alcohol is a solution..

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Fixed it.  Much gratitude to those who made suggestions.  I am embarrassed to recount what happened here...after more examination, I realized that I was pulling on the plastic the wrong way, and it was actually the indian head that was covered, along with the entire thickness of the coin.  I put it in the freezer (a recommendation on another site), and it came right off.

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Ah, I think for this you really need a chemist. I think degradation of the polymer is a thing that can happen, in which case heating it up to soften the polymer and peeling it off shouldn't damage the coin.

Cleaning off any residue is trickier. Normally I'd just grab a rag and rub until clean, but that's definitely not how to keep your coins nice. Careful application of a solvent like methelated spirit might work but if it's a particularly nice piece it might be better to not risk doing it yourself and sending it off for professional cleaning, I think @Numistacker does that for some coins before having them graded.

As it is, all this discussion is a bit moot and the advice you got on sticking it in the freezer is sound and I'm glad you got your coin out safely :)

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