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  1. My understanding of the 5oz Silver Queen and Elton is that this is not a "core" release for the mint, and may for the most part have been minted for one of the distributors so it may not be widely available. The Silver 5oz bond IS special because it has a special design. The 2oz Queen Silver and Elton 2oz Silver and for that part the bond 2oz Silver are suddenly in massive demand due to the recent auction prices realised. I think auction prices will continue to be high but a little lower in all probability than recent auction prices but you can never tell. Lots of them are being graded right now and I am concerned everyone will try to sell them at the same time in a couple of months and depress prices as a result.
  2. My gut feel is that you are wrong. Fresh off the mint I sent a lot of Unas in and i got a fair few of the ones that are graded at 70. They were hand picked coins many supplied by coin connection that were MUCH better than the general pop. Recent Unas have been graded BECAUSE of the success of the 70's and have generally hit 69. 50% of the Unas I see I send back to the owner as its too low quality to grade. My feeling is 15-20% of ungraded coins could make a 70 with conservation but even 69 in these coins is VERY good and a good value uplift.
  3. Paper money falls in value! $2,000 gold maybe soon $3,000 | rush to bullion and numismatic coins?
  4. They are not planning to offer it for all releases or all versions within a release
  5. I spoke to the head of collecting at the RM this morning and talked over this question. The answer is that before the normal coins are minted the RM will press coins with new dies and review each one manually. If it looks like a 70 it will be bagged and numbered in the order they come off the press and if it does not meet the grade it will be binned/melted. After this specific production, the regular proofs will be minted. The process used at the moment (that delivers non uniform and often dubious quality) will be kept and so in theory the chance of a 70 from a boxed coin remains the same as before but the population of 70 grade coins WILL be higher due to the RM graded coins and the percentage of the population in 69 will reduce considerably. On this basis the grading game will continue and may escalate as there will be a big value uplift as standard for 70 grade coins and a large RM premium. I can see I will be busier than ever submitting older coins and raw coins of good grade bought direct or via Coin Connection.
  6. Remember that what RM will try to do is make this a normal every day thing. These graded coins if gold will have a big cost uplift and people will be able to buy a 70 by grading with me at £250 less than the mint price or buy a 70 grade coin from Coin Connection and then grade it themselves with a choice of label. Maybe people will want the really nice modern sovereign label that is available exclusively from me? My point is that regular commem. issues like Mayflower are NOT those that are sought after by collectors and I have always said 95% of issues will be losers financially only to be collected if its the deign you like etc... The hot issues like Music, Engravers, Special Sovereigns etc etc will be sold out in 5 mins including the slabs and people will happily pay £500 extra for the slab if they think that it will be £5,000 more in the secondary market. It will not stop what the RM want a part of but it will create an even bigger interest in NGC slabbed coins It may to some extent affect PCGS if collectors focus on NGC. It might have an impact on how many Eltons I am sent to slab but my guess is that they have done this because they see the overall levels of interest and growth in the market over the last 5 years and can see its a market they can profitably service.
  7. My take is if a coin has almost all graded coins as 70 then 70 has no value. It is ONLY a high percentage of 69's that give 70 a good premium.
  8. I am saddened by this new innovation and not for the obvious reasons. I think collectors who do like slabbing enjoy the game element as much as the ownership of an actual 70. Lets look first at this offering: The number of slabbed coins is 500 (typically less than 20 of these coins would be slabbed as they are among the most unpopular so 480 other buyers will have 1 slabbed coin. Perhaps those buyers will like slabs and buy more slabbed coins by using auctions, US dealers or asking me to get their raw coins slabbed. The £30 premium is not unreasonable. One interesting and slightly unbelievable statement is "Each coin slab is individually numbered in the order they come off the press" what does this mean? That someone is gathering and numbering them as they come off the press? Yes - sure! Do all the 70 grade coins come off at the same time leaving the 69's and dud rejects to the common regular buyers? perhaps and perhaps not! The overall mintage has been extended for this coin to 5500 so with 500 in slabs and 4000 in boxes where are the other 1000? Was there a year set with 1000? or is another 500 slabbed for a USA dealer. This silver coin would not normally cry out for a slab at all. How about the gold coin? It has a pretty high price from the mint £1115 already that is going to be challenging. So the graded offering is £1,450 a massive premium for a gold coin and in theory 70% of modern proofs should get a 70. For some coins this premium will be recovered but for most coins it will be sunk cash. I cant see that £1,450 is anything but a cynical manupulation price when the actual cost is £24 as those who have used my service know well. I am pretty sure that when I first looked this said 350 coins but it is now 550 coins overall I have asked NGC some clarification questions and I have asked a number of other questions to the mint. In my view this should be left to dealers and NOT done by the Royal Mint. In the USA one does not see the USA mint selling graded coins directly even though it is very much more popular over there. It is widely known that RM have had persistent quality control issues recently and so you are perhaps as surprised as I am that they can make 100 or 500 coins in a perfect 70. Am I concerned by this? No not really USA dealers have been bulk grading for 70's for the last 5 years and it has had pretty much no impact on the market generally but for a number of people I think this will take the fun out of the grading game and that will make people happy and sad in equal measure.
  9. With Gold at $1,950 many coin collectors do not know what to do!
  10. Having seen more modern proofs than i ever thought possible Steve, what you say does apply to some extent but 80% of 69's do show imperfections and 95% of 70's graded in NON bulk grading do not show imperfections. Sure - mistakes are made but take the Una's my Lord they were made badly and almost all coins I saw had issues and the very few 70's mostly deserved them. In the USA where large dealers grade say 1000 silver eagles at a time some DUD 70's do get through. Here mostly any duds develop spots etc or haze after grading
  11. Does the new Innovation in Science have the right DNA? | Royal Mint Gold 50p Rosalind Franklin 1952
  12. It is just not an attractive coin or maybe I just cant see it. Its 350 minted because the RM know its unattractive as the price and gold spot is at an all time high. A pass from me on this one for now - perhaps a regret perhaps not?
  13. Almost all people pay after bidding and not to pay for an auction win is a pretty serious thing.
  14. eBAY sellers are not as trusted in many ways as the CC Auction and there are issues with expensive coins being sold on ebay since there is a lot of fraud. My own preference would be to use CC rather than ebay and where I have sold on CC prices have been as good or better than the net return on ebay. The only downside is that the wait for payment is slightly longer. I am not sure many of us are willing to post to an unknown buyer in Japan who can use eBAY/Paypal to deny delivery and reverse the transaction.
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