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  1. I think there were only 20 of these made by NGC and one sold on ebay for £160
  2. Might be worth saying as the prices raised by the CC sale today were pretty strong that if you do want to consign something special to CC (I consigned the PF70 for ADK1080) then please PM me asap as bookings for some coins are running a month or perhaps longer in advance.
  3. Visited Spink yesterday to pickup my purchases from the Stratos Sale of Spectacular British Gold Coins
  4. What does every collector of coins, gold or silver need to do? + Amazing coins!
  5. Just for the record coins consigned via me to Heritage have a 20% buyers premium and 1% to 7% sellers premium according to the value of the coins consigned. Good auction houses are not the devil! For nice coins they add value in a big way and achieve good prices for sellers more than a fire sale here on the forum quite often. They also provide a marketplace for cheaper coins that are a pain to sell and require tons of YOUR time to deal with... I think its fair to tell the other side of the story since this forum has a tendency to be a tiny mite anarchic at times.
  6. Mega Auction Results! The 2019 Gold and Silver Una go Mega! and of course more great Mega Results!
  7. Mega Results, Mega Coins and Mega Fakes The 3 M's lets learn
  8. GROUP OFFER 33% off ROYAL MINT PRICE! Thanks to all those who took part in the last offer and I know some were disappointed they could not get one of these sets. I have been able to secure 20 more sets: 15 x 50 years of the 50p Military Theme Piedfort 50p Set @ £300 (mint price £450) 8 x 50 years of the 50p Kew Gardens theme Piedfort 50p Set @ £325 (mint price £450) (Package of Both Sets for £600 is also available) These sets are New untouched and unopened direct from the Royal Mint and this means that there is a chance that one or two coins in one or two of the boxes
  9. Pay Attention Bond - perhaps you should pay attention to the Royal Mint's new Gold and Silver Coins
  10. Glorious FAFNIR the Dragon by Germania Mint - The 999 mintage 2oz Chameleon and the two Coin Set!
  11. Numi talks to Greg of Spink about The Stratos Sale of Spectacular English Gold Coins!
  12. I just posted this to the Numistacker FB group but it occurred to me that this could be popular here too... DEAL - £300 per set only! ALL SOLD MANY THANKS 2019 Piedfort 50p Silver Set (Mint price £450). I have 10 of these very special mint sets containing the Silver Piedfort KEW 50p plus 4 other rare Piedfort Coins. Price by PP friends or Bank Transfer. Postage is included in UK.
  13. Coins in the Sun - Numi visits Creta Numismatics
  14. What’s the state of the modern UK coin market?
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