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  1. NEXT SUBMISSION DEADLINE Please can you get all submissions for NGC posted to arrive by next Friday Many thanks
  2. Coins come in! Gems go out! Lets look at the latest from the NGC Grading Factory - RIP Eric Adolpho
  3. I obtained £1400 for someone at the CC auction on Sunday for a 70
  4. The general quality of the Una is very bad. While 40% of those graded are 70, there are 63,64,66 and 68 graded and tons have white spotting and are not good enough to send for grading. My guess is 15-20% are possible 70 grade on this one. People buying ungraded without a full examination or 4k video are taking a big risk.
  5. 1kg Gold 007 Bond Coin. 1831 Maundy and NGC/NCS Crossgrading Success just another Numistacker Day!
  6. The 2020 VE Day 75th Anniversary Strike on the Day Celebration Sovereign
  7. Here is why the hordes painted their sixpences gold in 1821!
  8. Today this gorgeous coin arrived. It’s not one you see often as this design was only used for part of a year as it looked the same in size to the sixpence and when people gilded those they tried to pass them off as half sovereigns. I love the ornate shield designed by Merlen Looks proof like and of course will be graded by NGC
  9. the 2oz Queen coin is lovely mintage 53
  10. From Pink Donuts to Yellow gold they all graded 70! NGC Coin Grading and Arrivals
  11. The results will start to come in again... Lets start with some ancients The ones with minimal data are "value/economy" ancients and the one with full details is the standard tier ancient.
  12. NGC Grading Results and Lessons - mega results are here and still more to come
  13. Intel NUC Core i7-10710U 10th Gen, Windows 10 humancentric mount LG27UL600 VESA 100 NUC10I7FNH
  14. Grading Update The current submission period ends this week and the next deadline will be end of the first week in June so please can you start sending coins next week so they do not all arrive in one or two days prior to the end of the period. There should be more results over the weekend. NGC are making amends at the moment by processing my submissions in an expedited manner so if you have coins that need first or early releases get them in asap and they should be processed quickly. If you would like SOTD sovereigns for VE day processed quickly then please send those in when they arrive - i am not sure how first releases really applies to a sovereign made on one day only but I know some people have done it to its likely to be technically possible.
  15. Not every coin can be a 70! Buy the story not the grade...NGC Mega Results whats next?
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