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  1. I didn’t, it had some spotting as a lot do and they tidied that up and conserved it. Was very pleased to get it graded as a 69. But when it was returned to me I noticed some tarnishing which I have been told is common on silver. I’m fussy when it comes to quality and although it was graded 69, I have decided to part with it.
  2. Had my graded (69) and conserved recently and it came back with toning! Have decided to put it up for auction this weekend.
  3. bump for non premium members
  4. Hi all selling 2 x 1987 and 1 2019 1/10 oz Britannia’s. Would prefer not to split. Looking for £500 to include special delivery. They will be posted out on Tuesday at the earliest. thanks for looking
  5. Got a few bits I’m looking to sell all in capsules, all in great condition unless stated, bought on the forum. Postage at your expense and risk. Have tried to gauge prices and see that some of these are out of stock. Happy to discuss offers. Payment by bank transfer of PayPal F & F. Thanks 2009 Koala £25 2020 Year of the Mouse £24 2020 Red Back Spider £24 2016 Kangaroo £23 2019 Welcome Stranger £23 2011 Silver Eagle £23 2011 Year of the Rabbit £25 Liberty Bell £23 2019 Somali Elephant £20 ( tarnished )
  6. Hi all, am looking to purchase a genuine Kew garden 50p please. Have kept an eye on eBay but I just don’t trust it! Am hoping someone here might have one at a fair price. Many thanks
  7. Thanks @SilverPirate007 all yours pm your details and how you would like it posted cheers
  8. Bump. Ends at 8pm tonight
  9. Bump for the day, finishes at 8pm tonight, cheers
  10. Looking for £25 plus postage of your choice uk only please cant see this available anywhere so hopefully it’s value for someone. Is in excellent bullion condition. cheers
  11. Hi all up for auction is this bullion condition 1996 1oz silver kookaburra. Not in the greatest condition, as the pictures show, and am auctioning as I have no idea on value and I’m sure you guys will reach a fair price, hopefully!! Starting at £10 and bid increments of 50p please and postage of your choice and cost Auction will end on Friday 1st May at 8pm not tried this before so if anyone has some advice it would be welcome many thanks and stay safe everyone
  12. Last chance if anyone is interested
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