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  1. Not much needs saying really Limited edition of just 3000 First coin in a brand new series A soft proof finish that mirrors that of the original Looking for £750 with special delivery included in price Thanks for looking
  2. This beautiful .999 silver butterfly mounted on a piece of oak from Riverbank Silver (@riverbanksilver). I was unfortunate to miss out on his auction so he very kindly made another for me. Hope you’re all impressed and will check out his stuff.
  3. I didn’t, it had some spotting as a lot do and they tidied that up and conserved it. Was very pleased to get it graded as a 69. But when it was returned to me I noticed some tarnishing which I have been told is common on silver. I’m fussy when it comes to quality and although it was graded 69, I have decided to part with it.
  4. Had my graded (69) and conserved recently and it came back with toning! Have decided to put it up for auction this weekend.
  5. Imehufc

    Red spot!!

    Thanks all, have sent it off to @Numistacker sorry didn’t put a picture up as it didn’t show in the photograph I took. Cheers, keep safe
  6. Imehufc

    Red spot!!

    Hi all, whilst recently looking at my 1989 proof half sovereign I suddenly noticed a red spot! Is there any way I can remove it? Is there somebody who can remove it? Whilst I love the coin I’m not sure I want to keep it if I can’t get it sorted. Any help and advice would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks
  7. Totally agree, great service and you always get to have a chat!!
  8. Pleased you got your money back @Tn21 and thank you for having the courage to share.
  9. Imehufc


    Hi all, as someone relatively new to all this I was hoping for some advice on where I can find out about the mintage figures for both old and modern coins. Many thanks in advance Simon
  10. Good luck @Tn21, I sincerely hope you get a refund and we’ll done for making other forum members aware. Fair play to you.
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