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  1. Nice! I also did the 1/4oz gold QB series. Not had any graded though. You definitely have something special there. Did the Completer bug you at the end?
  2. Couldn't agree more with regards to 1oz gold. I don't normally get involved with the proof series, although I did jump on the Tudor Beast bandwagon. An entry level 2oz silver at likely circa £200 a time doesn't appeal to me personally. I think it will be a popular choice though.
  3. That's the conclusion I also came too. I'll give it a miss.
  4. I've no idea mate. Makes no sense to me. I'm pretty sure I've seen a 1oz silver proof Black Bull on ebay for less than the BUNC. Madness!
  5. Based on percentage increase, my BUNC Black Bull and Red Dragon QBs are by far my best buys for appreciation! I doubt they will do BUNC option for this
  6. If Washington attempt to force through these sanctions via NATO, I think it undoubtedly proves that they put dollar protection above everything and everyone. How much encouragement would Berlin need to start looking East?
  7. There is no chance Berlin will let them do this. Natural gas supplies to Europe would dry up quickly. Just headlines that they expect us gullible western folk to swallow.
  8. Understood. Just thinking out loud. Very sad if true.
  9. Photoshop? I don't know why, but that just doesn't look right to me.
  10. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to have got the 1/4oz Gold, it looks a lovely coin. Hopefully I'll pick up a 5 or 10oz silver from a flipper in the coming weeks. First World problems!
  11. Apologies if this has already been discussed and/or I'm just being a bit thick. The 1/4oz Gold Proof Jubilee Coin is listed in the "Large Coins" section on RM website. The intro text to me implies that each of these coins has the Royal cypher and flowers reverse. However, the 1/4oz photo shows the Royal mantle reverse. I still want the coin, but am now a bit annoyed as it means I didn't get a coin with the Royal cypher reverse. My fault for not being thorough i guess
  12. BUNC 50p and £5 (both versions) 1/4oz Gold Proof Happy enough with that
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