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  1. 246 arrived today. Very pleased and impressed with the final product. Thanks very much to all involved
  2. Afternoon, 3 x 100g Royal Mint Silver Bars £100 each plus post Thanks for looking
  3. Just checking you got my request yesterday for 246?
  4. Afternoon, 1oz silver proof QB Completor for sale or exchange - exchange preferred for me. Purchased directly from Royal Mint. Either, £165 + post 1/10 gold brit (or similar) 6 x 1oz silver brit (or similar) If exchange, we pay our own postage costs to send. Apologies the photos are all upside down 🙈
  5. I have a 1oz silver that I would be willing to sell/exchange for the right price/deal. If you're still looking.
  6. 2 x 2.5g Umicore bars. No idea why, just wanted to get involved. Paid around £70 each I think. Still got them. Bought a 10g PAMP bar and a few 1oz RM bars next. Then I found sovs, and that's all I've bought since.
  7. Well played Sir. My first purchase would have been at a similar time as yours, yet I seem to be a fair few ounces behind you. Must try harder!
  8. Morning all, New member, but been reading the forum for a while now. UK stacker - mainly sovs but like to pick up well priced/VAT free silver brits as and when I can. I'll be paying my subscription and doing my shopping on here in the near future. Not a collector (yet!), although I'm sure I'll catch that bug somewhere down the road. Cheers.
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