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  1. Someone is selling a PF70UCAM piedfort 2017 for less just so you’re aware. Your coin, your price mate. Just a heads up. Best of luck with the sale.
  2. Got some nice crowns for sale 🔥 1935 ms63 £100 SOLD 1935 x2 £25 each 1 LEFT 1937 £22 SOLD £1896 £36 SOLD Also have these Peace dollar 1922 £30 Morgan dollar 1887-s (nice grade) £67 All prices include postage RM 2nd class. BT only please. Name, date and vouches available if needed. Thanks 🙏 Pictures are abit muddled up can send over pics of specific coins if need 👍
  3. £620 posted SD BT only please. Coins in good condition. Thanks.
  4. It’s not actually scratched out on the slab 😂just on the photo
  5. Hello All. For sale or exchange I have this amazing coin. £6.5k delivered fully insured. Open to serious offers and exchanges. On exchange I would request that I receive exchange first before I send out my coin. I am a trusted member so shouldn’t be an issue. Any interest please contact me by PM. Bank transfer only if paying Cash. Thanks. IMG_3518.MOV
  6. Mines always been the 2017. But the more I look at the 2022 the more I like it 🔥
  7. As title says. Full sov £675 Half sov £370 Box and COA included. Prices Inc SD. BT only please. Thanks.
  8. As Title says. Coin is flawless. £650 posted SD. BT only please. Thanks.
  9. Press the 3 dots and changed from for sale to completed 👍
  10. Yea that’s obvious but that’s not the total mintage. I don’t disagree that it’s his coin and he can do what he wishes with it. All I’m saying is he’s selling a coin above RRP before he’s even seen said coin or the condition of said coin. It might be damaged for all he knows. You're entitled to your opinion as am I mine. Total mintage is still more 👍
  11. Yes mate sold for 2.6k on another group
  12. Hello all. For sale I have the stunning 2022 sovereign 4 coin set. Condition looks good to the eye. £2850 Posted. Will discuss postage with buyer. Bank transfer only please. Can send more pics if needed. Thanks.
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