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  1. Hello all. Looking to move these on. 1991 PF69 Sov SOLD. Queens 95th piedfort PF70 £225 2002 1/2 PF69 £255 2005 1/2 PF69 £240 Plus postage of buyers choice and risk. Bank transfer only please. AOOG. Thanks.
  2. Hello all. 1oz PF70 Queens Beasts Completer. Absolutely Stunning coin and not seen any listed for sale as of yet. £4000. Will discuss shipping with Buyer. Bank transfer only please. AOOG. Thanks.
  3. Bump, will withdraw tomorrow if no joy 👍
  4. Hello all. Thought I'd give you guys a chance to take this one as I managed to get one and don't really want it 😂 Coins in good condition can't see any marks, just the usual few bits of dust. £550 posted with RMSD. Will post to anywhere in the UK. BT only please. Thanks. Joe.
  5. Not in hand yet but had some great news from @CoinsOfTheRealmAuctions. Thanks again for all your help Lou 👏
  6. @MarkInSol you messaged me buddy. Need to message @DuncanWylieWilson 👍
  7. Thats was a quick turn around from the RM 🙌
  8. Those bits are priceless
  9. Hello all. Looking to shift a couple of bits of premium silver in exchange for Gold. I have a pf70 griffin and a 2oz proof Lib in mint condition. If you're interested let me know and we can see if we can make a deal. Willing to include cash if its the right deal and open to offers. Value my bits somewhere in the region of £340-£360 but like I said I'm open to any offers. Thanks. Joe.
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