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  1. Not really my field of expertise as I only collect 1oz Privy kooks..sorry Incant help on this one.
  2. Welcome to the forum, especially welcome as you have bought some Kookaburras..a pleasure to give you your first community reputation point.
  3. As I collect Perth Mint 1oz privy Kookaburras, I sort for have to keep the collection ‘up to date’, and for c£35 I don’t mind! It’s the outrageously priced F15 Privy Kooks I have stopped collecting (at least until the prices fall back to Earth). The Perth Mint ANDA expo coins I do actually quite like ( I have the 2019 square penny and the 2020 Floral ones that come in cards and they are well worth the money IMO. Besides, a very kind forum member who attends theses expositions always picks me up a couple when he is there, and sends them to me straight away. At £35 on eBay the seller is making hardly any profit, so I would buy if I didn’t already have them. The more recent Brisbane example I do not have, but will add to my collection when prices fall...well that’s the plan anyway! Kooks are great coins..can’t go wrong with Perth Mint quality...unlike others🤔 !
  4. Some good bedtime reading..from Cointalk https://www.cointalk.com/threads/what-you-need-to-know-about-the-science-of-toning.84670/
  5. How about 4Ag + 2H2S +O2 -> 2Ag2S + 2H2O ? I think I have found an article which might shed some light on the subject ...See below
  6. I like this answer...a lot👍..that’s a few sensible suggestions, but nothing conclusive so far...I think I might refer this to a chemist...as the toning can be removed in a solution...I have seen a video on my travels...I think it involves baking power, warm water and silver foil. I will provide an update if I get an answer...
  7. The certificate is fine! ..but it is made of thick paper and is coated with something shiny!..
  8. They wouldn’t last long on the window sill round here..too many magpies about😂..but a lovely thought!
  9. Two Australian Perth Mint 1oz Silver Privy marked Kookaburras with a difference...see this link🤔 https://www.thesilverforum.com/topic/32955-silver-tones-faster-in-sunshine☀%EF%B8%8F☀%EF%B8%8F☀%EF%B8%8F☀%EF%B8%8F☀%EF%B8%8F/
  10. My knowledge of what causes silver to tone is minimal (non existant actually), and I wasn’t interested in it much until today!...But then.. I received two rare 1oz Perth Mint Silver Privy Kookaburras, and noticed something unusual...they looked golden. These are the two I received today (From a main dealer in Australia, so no worries about authenticity). When you flip them over it all changes..the obverse are all silver ? Initially, I was a little disappointed, but now I actually love the matte gold appearance...question is...how do I get the obverse to follow suit? And how long will it take? These coins are contained within a folder which opens out easily, so I am guessing the previous owner had them on display. (In Australian sunshine, might be a bit tricky to replicate that int Yorkshire 😂). As the coins are each contained within a sealed capsule, and will have been exposed to exactly the same climatic conditions..does this mean that it is sunshine that has caused the perfectly distributed toning (extra heat I guess) ...or are other factors at work? My others (3) all have the normal silver appearance. I will put them on display and get back to you all in 20 years time, assuming we have some excellent summers along the way!☀️☀️👍.
  11. No need for three guesses as to what I think is the best 1kg bar to own...I bought several of these from forum members, and the rest second hand from eBay...always on the lookout for more if anyone wants to part with one👍
  12. Snapshot of how the fund has performed today... Thats a very good day at the office for me!
  13. Have you looked at the Merian Gold and Silver ETF? Worth a look🤫 Top 10 Constituents in the fund :-
  14. Great result👍..what are you going to spend the money on? I am trading my way to a newer car, and getting closer by the day! I reckon a fair few on here are up significant amounts of 🤑🤑🤑...just curious what’s at the end of the rainbow for you all 😃.
  15. My only concern..and also one for all those that own Gold / Silver miner shares, ETF’s etc is this:- When global stock markets imploded at the beginning of March, the miners (GDX chart above) all tanked as well...as spot gold dropped about $200 an oz 😱 This poses the question....do you think the above will occur in a similar way again. All views welcomed..
  16. The mistake can be made by either party to the contract. If the seller does not put the correct import code on the customers declaration, then customs will pounce... (scenario 1) Or If the seller does put on the correct import code, sometimes customs just decide to add VAT on anyway (human error), this is the most annoying one (scenario 2) Scenario 2 does not happen very often, but it is bloody annoying...I am still waiting for a refund (5 weeks now) from receipt of the above letter, stating I am entitled to a refund. Fortunately, this was only a small purchase so it’s only a few quid. All part and parcel of coin collecting I guess!
  17. A pretty fair assessment of what I think is happening too..not exactly but pretty close. It’s always hard to listen to something which disagrees with your fundamental beliefs, and for you to then change your mind..In this case..I don’t like the idea that gold will fall to $1000 an oz, as I have substantial investment in the miners, but do I think it might?yes. I just hope I am smart enough, and quick enough to exit before it does. Interestingly, I have just started to sell off a few miners and transition into the top performing NASDAQ stocks, not much..but its a start. That said, I am also prepared to convert to cash at a moments notice...it’s all about timing!
  18. Oops just posted summit on wrong thread ..apologies...lockdown drunkenesss!
  19. You are smoking the ‘wrong stuff man’..try some weed, you will sleep all afternoon..then the trouble sets in..the ‘munchies’ craving sets in...yes..I was a student 😂👍..just have fun Rich
  20. The seller of the item is called boycey..did you not ever watch Only Fools And Horses? This is Boycie..a real shady dealer!😂
  21. Today I Received...a very interesting coin! (Via NGC - Which has had Conservation) So, some time ago, I submitted a very ‘dodgy’ looking coin to NGC for grading....with a suspicion it would receive the dreaded ‘details’ grade. But, I liked the coin, so off it went. Plus, I am trying to get all of my Una Libras graded. I have a very large briefcase to fill. (thanks to @ Gildeon) So, here is the coin in a bit more detail..(before submission) As you can see, there is quite a large area of what looks like olive coloured pitting, which also seems to be embedded into the surface of the coin. Despite a nice warm soapy bath, none of it would shift..I did try...carefully. I also noticed another ‘error’ on the coin.. There is a distinct line above the first five letters of REPUBLIC..A Die-Crack maybe? All in all..a pretty coin, but with ‘a lot going on’...not necessarily in a good way☹️! The next piece of bad news arrives... I receive notification that NGC suggest the coin goes through conservation,...the coin cost a little over spot, so the additional cost could be justified. I am then thinking, if it’s worth conserving, it probably isn’t going to get a details grade...but as a relative newbie to grading, I wasn’t really sure. Then..the big surprise...Today I get the coin back😃 WOW 🤩 !What a grade...but why not ‘DETAILS’? My attention then falls on a subject not previously researched...MINT ERRORS...and STRUCK THROUGH. (From NGC) The most common type of mint error may be a “struck through,” yet these are often misunderstood by collectors. Struck throughs occur when a piece of foreign material comes between the die and a planchet during striking. The coin is said to be “struck through” the foreign material, which leaves behind an impression on the coin’s surface. A little wiser I become. As you can see from the picture above (post conservation) I think NGC conservation have done a great job in tidying up the area of ‘Struck Through’, if you compare back to the pre submission pics. But have you also noticed something else which does not ‘sit right’? The obverse of a coin is usually the ‘Heads’ side. And the mint error on this coin all relates to what would usually be the reverse, or tails side of a coin. Have NGC got this wrong?...Answer.....NO? On an Una Libra, the head, an image of Manco Capac. (Believed to be the son of Inti, the Inca sun god) is the Reverse. Preliminary reading suggests that the side of a coin which has the country of origin on it, as well as an image of a ruling monarch, or reference to a state/ government etc ..will be determined to be the obverse. In this case, the side with the state and country (REPUBLICA PERUANA LIMA) becomes the obverse. Plus, Manco (whether he actually existed or not) would have died about 800 years ago, so was not a ruling monarch at any point in these coins history (1898-1969). I am sure there are other exceptions to this heads/ obverse rule...but this is my first! Thank you for reading. Addendum Just when I thought I had figured out what was going on, I may have to have a rethink🤔. On closer inspection of the reverse, I can see an area of interest..a rough surface exists in open field in front of Manco...now I am totally confused..one for the experts and that’s not me!
  22. Here are some of my latest additions...courtesy of Numi and Augur. There is another coin to show...and when I have written about it, all will be revealed!🤔 Peruvian Una Libras (Sovereigns of South America)
  23. OH!😧...you are such a tease...I have a 1964 The coin above is a real rarity...the only Una Libra to ever get a + designation from NGC I believe...now stop teasing, and find me something to buy😂..like the MS67 1927 Skanderbegu that just sold for over $2000 at heritage!😃 (no I didn’t buy it ☹️)
  24. Buy it back...I have deep pockets for such a choice item...Failing that, give me the address of the buyer..I will make him/her an offer they can’t refuse 😂!
  25. You most certainly did, and many thanks for an important piece in the jigsaw...now, if you could just find me a 1959 and 1963 Una Libra I will be forever in your debt!
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