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  1. I wonder if they’re out of stock and have inflated the price to put buyers off. This is an old trick sellers would use to keep the listing live while waiting for more stock but don’t really need to do it these days as eBay allow out of stock listings to stay live indefinitely now.
  2. The eBay seller is Apmex who are a big company so not really unscrupulous. They’ve got 99.7% positive feedback from 431000+ ratings.
  3. Wait for it......he'll be here any minute!
  4. This!! Literally no-one else agreed with Wonger (until the recent sock puppet account) and those openly disagreeing have combined reputation points in the thousands. But for some reason @Hennypenny decided to listen to the one lone, heavily disagreed with opinion?!
  5. For real? Let’s be generous and say he started learning from his bedroom at 16, that would make him 38!! No chance - the way he comes across he sounds like he is about 22 now so did his career start in the maternity ward 🤣
  6. This is spot on. It is eBay’s way of making more money from you. Rarely any free listings on business accounts - you will have to pay listing insertion fees or pay a monthly fee for an eBay shop that includes some listings.
  7. I have to give credit where it’s due. I bought the last two French 20 Francs HGM had listed a couple of weeks ago. They phoned to say they were really sorry but they realised whilst packaging that only one was French, the other was actually Belgian and did I still want them. I was more than happy to take them, especially seeing as it would be my first Belgian 20F, but was also very impressed that they had phoned to check rather than just send them.
  8. That bit alone is usually enough to set alarm bells ringing 😁
  9. Consequential loss cover (the up to £10k option) isn’t really relevant for covering goods in most cases. It doesn’t cover the actual goods that are in the package. It’s to cover something like sending important documents, for example where a business might lose out on a contract if important signed documents were lost. I believe you have to apply in advance too and may or may not be accepted.
  10. The problem is it could be the case that if HMRC say they believe you did have some and they believe you sold them for £x profit (some arbitrary figure they come up with), you would have to prove that you didn’t have any, or at least didn’t make as much profit as they say you did. If you can’t prove otherwise you would have to hope that a court believes you over HMRC.
  11. With HMRC, isn't it that YOU have to prove them wrong, rather than them having to prove they are right? 🤷‍♂️
  12. In that case if you do mean Saturday 18th then you are actually using the price of Friday 17th. So are you comparing with May 17th or May 18th in your 2 month time frame?
  13. So you actually mean in 3 days time then 😉
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