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  1. Wait for it......he'll be here any minute!
  2. If someone claims to have a large collection of silver but then refuses to pay their rent and bills citing they can’t afford it, is that not fraud by deception? The only other thing that springs to mind is...
  3. How’s it going Spaceman450? https://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/discussion/6175402/illegal-eviction-notice/p1 Why aren’t you selling your silver to pay your rent?
  4. Don't most lenders 'stress test' a customers finances against a potential interest rate of around 6% anyway? So technically anyone getting a mortgage at the moment 'should' still be able to afford the mortgage payments if the rates increased up to around 6% (assuming all other income and finances stay the same)?
  5. Fair enough if that was the case. I do admit the rest of the Royal Mail response was pretty good. You almost certainly only got this level of investigation because of your Youtube video - I'm not sure us mere mortals would have seen as much assistance.
  6. How do you feel about that response BYB? Think I'd be feeling a bit fobbed off if it was me! They seem to have completely glossed over the parcel being opened before it reached the assay office.
  7. This!! Literally no-one else agreed with Wonger (until the recent sock puppet account) and those openly disagreeing have combined reputation points in the thousands. But for some reason @Hennypenny decided to listen to the one lone, heavily disagreed with opinion?!
  8. For real? Let’s be generous and say he started learning from his bedroom at 16, that would make him 38!! No chance - the way he comes across he sounds like he is about 22 now so did his career start in the maternity ward 🤣
  9. This is spot on. It is eBay’s way of making more money from you. Rarely any free listings on business accounts - you will have to pay listing insertion fees or pay a monthly fee for an eBay shop that includes some listings.
  10. This is what got you into trouble on MSE. Unsubstantiated and overblown claims without any evidence of the numbers you keep claiming. You claimed that millions of renters were behind on rent and then somebody proved you wrong by showing the true figures which were a fraction of yours.
  11. I have to give credit where it’s due. I bought the last two French 20 Francs HGM had listed a couple of weeks ago. They phoned to say they were really sorry but they realised whilst packaging that only one was French, the other was actually Belgian and did I still want them. I was more than happy to take them, especially seeing as it would be my first Belgian 20F, but was also very impressed that they had phoned to check rather than just send them.
  12. @Rocky2000 what did you say to get the pink bunny banned from the MSE forum 😄
  13. Goldhooked

    Probably Fake

    That bit alone is usually enough to set alarm bells ringing 😁
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