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  1. You know you would have paid more overall if it was still eBay plus PayPal? Prior to managed payments you would have been charged 10% by eBay and 2.9%+30p by PayPal. So your total fees would have been £49.45. eBay Managed Payments has actually saved you 14 pence!
  2. The Post Office hasn’t been part of Royal Mail Group since 2012, if that’s what you mean. Apologies if I misunderstood 👍 What I was really getting at though was that you don’t have to accept a business telling you to go and make a claim if something they sent has gone missing.
  3. Sorry to be pedantic but the Post Office don’t deliver anything so I’m sure you meant Royal Mail. The point I was making was that it was poor customer service to make you progress the claim. As the business who sent the item it was him that should have been making the claim, not expecting his customers to do so.
  4. Your claim? Is it something he sent you? With a business-to-customer transaction it’s the business sender who should be responsible for claiming. A business is responsible for the goods until they are delivered to the recipient.
  5. I doubt it. Maybe for a lot of individuals but not for businesses. I’ve been a business seller on ebay for 12 years and there’s still plenty of life left in it yet. I know of many other businesses that are doing hundreds of sales a day and more on eBay. And most business sellers welcome managed payments. I certainly do as it’s makes bookkeeping that little bit easier having the sales and payments under one roof. That’s how’s it’s always been for Amazon and Etsy. I’ve seen people saying ‘eBay is finished’ time and time again over the years, usually when they make a change and some people don’t like it. But for every seller that leaves, there’s multiples more who take their place. In fact it’s quite good as it shakes the tree of the smaller sellers who come along and undercut you because they don’t have to worry about VAT, don’t have the same overheads and they don’t mind making pennies per sale.
  6. Wheeler Dealer Man by Terry Wheeler 🤷‍♂️
  7. 12 years of dealing with eBay/Amazon/Etsy customers has certainly been an experience!!
  8. Personally I would report them to eBay for that message, it’s totally unacceptable. I’ve been selling professionally on eBay for years and have dealt with some proper cretins of customers but have never replied to any of them like that. No need to be an ar5e when dealing with ar5eholes 🤷‍♂️
  9. Palladium aka Unobtainium. Next to Vibranium on the periodic table 😆
  10. What ever happened to @Wonger? Does he still think we’re on for $385 in the next 6 months?!
  11. I wonder if they’re out of stock and have inflated the price to put buyers off. This is an old trick sellers would use to keep the listing live while waiting for more stock but don’t really need to do it these days as eBay allow out of stock listings to stay live indefinitely now.
  12. The eBay seller is Apmex who are a big company so not really unscrupulous. They’ve got 99.7% positive feedback from 431000+ ratings.
  13. Wait for it......he'll be here any minute!
  14. This!! Literally no-one else agreed with Wonger (until the recent sock puppet account) and those openly disagreeing have combined reputation points in the thousands. But for some reason @Hennypenny decided to listen to the one lone, heavily disagreed with opinion?!
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