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  1. It appears you may have misunderstood the current rules. A landlord can still give notice to leave now, the difference is that the notice required has been extended from 2 months to 3 months. The 30th of September is how long the extended 3 month notice period will last for before reverting back to 2 months, unless extended again later. Unless I’ve missed something it appears the 30th September is currently not when court action will resume. At the moment court action is on hold until June 25th, unless extended later. So if a landlord gave 3 months notice on March 25th and the court action ban is not extended past June 25th, there could be eviction processes starting in less a months time. The information is from Shelter - https://england.shelter.org.uk/housing_advice/eviction/eviction_notices_from_private_landlords Also Shelter say there is no rent holiday...
  2. I think it matters a great deal that people should be able to back up figures with evidence otherwise it’s anecdotal at best, or it’s just made up nonsense to suit an individuals agenda. @Rocky2000 has thrown out all sorts of figures without any sources of data, even after being asked multiple times to provide links. Maybe their ‘guesses’ are right, I don’t know - I say guesses because they don’t say where the figures are coming from - I would just like to see the data for myself. Others might be happy to take their opinions as gospel, I would prefer to be educated with verifiable facts. Otherwise it’s just another anonymous nutter with no credibility shouting about random figures on the internet in a very Wonger-esque manner (at least Wonger tries to present some evidence with his charts). Show me the money facts! Educate me, please!
  3. Actually it’s only about 20% that are not getting paid. See I can quote figures without backing them up too 🤷‍♂️ I’m happy to be proved wrong. Anecdotal evidence is fun but we want hard provable facts or it’s just hearsay.
  4. It’s already here. Section 24 has been phased in over the last 4 years. This tax year it is now fully in force.
  5. As I said, most of us here are in a minority. Most ‘normies’ out there don’t think the same way as us
  6. Best post in the thread so far 👍
  7. People on this forum are a minority. Most people just see Pound signs (or in this case Euro signs) and just think about the money and what it can buy. I suspect its a little bit of fake news. It says there was a proof of purchase found with the bars so how could he not know what they were. Its either someone after their 5 minutes of social media fame or they are trying to stir up some interest to attempt to push the auction bidding up.
  8. What's your source for that figure? I have asked you this twice before but you haven't volunteered any links so far. Surely if 'they' know its 50% of all landlords then they must know whether they are commercial or private? I'm all for knowing about the facts but you can't just keep throwing out these random figures without backing them up.
  9. Nice outcome, well done. If you haven’t already make sure you add them to your blocked buyers list.
  10. I completely agree with you. I was initially responding to the other user who said an “end of the world scenario” which in all probability isn’t going to happen in our lifetime.
  11. Maybe I’m in the minority. My tenants are still paying full rent with no problems. I’m still paying the mortgages in full too. If the tenants need a rent holiday at any point, I’m more than happy to accommodate that and have a contingency fund that will cover at least a years worth of mortgage payments. Perhaps I just planned better than the landlords that are struggling. Not overstretching with the borrowing was probably the key.
  12. Apologies if I’m going a bit off topic but it’s an interesting subject. We talk about the 1% of society who are well off. I even read on here in another thread that apparently a big proportion of the UK population are in that 1% globally. I’m sure plenty here are in the 1%. But how many people here could say they would be in the top 1% of people who possess enough skills and knowledge to survive in a catastrophic end of days scenario? Could you survive where you would have to fight, scavenge and hunt for the basics just to stay alive? I reckon a lot of the worlds elite who are at the top of society because of their wealth, wouldn’t last 5 minutes in that type of scenario.
  13. That’s a sweeping statement. All of them, most of them or just some of them?
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