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  1. That is because when the Tsunami of debt defaults leads to Currency supply destruction Gold will be taken down along with everything else, no matter how many Gold Vendor Youtube videos you watch encouraging the purchase of Gold due to QE Inflation none will ever mention possible Deflation via Debt Default, they are leading the sheep over a cliff and it is a long way down all the way to $385 and DXY 140 will help take it there so quick they will not even be prepared for the splat on hitting the ground! 😁
  2. If anyone else wishes to engage in the bet with the poster, then go ahead, just sell Gold Puts until the end of 2021 down to $500 generating $1900 of premium income to hedge your risk, sit back and wait to collect 3 oz of physical Gold which many posters on here have stated will not be available to buy at $500! 😉
  3. There is a huge difference between hedging a position with derivatives (options in this case) and closing out a position!, next up lets be having you! 😁
  4. More made up nonsense as the poster goes along trying to wriggle out of admitting they are wrong and they expect me to enter into a bet with them? 😁
  5. I will not enter into any bet with anyone who refuses to deal with fact and reality, the Fed is private and to suggest otherwise is absolutely absurd!
  6. The Federal Reserve stock is privately held, its fully privately owned and I will not communicate with you any further as you refuse to deal with facts!
  7. And Subprime is contained
  8. Dont say that, the PM dealers on here will be greatly upset! 🤣
  9. I have a figure of $285t of global debt, if I thought the CB's would QE $285t I would close out Gold shorts Immediately
  10. Very good post, shame there is not more like this instead of childish nonsense!
  11. What if the UK Government stops furlough payments on Halloween? 😉
  12. What if Debt Defaults drastically dwarf the Currency printing resulting in a drastic reduction of Currency supply?
  13. USD target 140 as ive already posted more than once
  14. Until I ask you for a date, not the romantic kind!😁
  15. Lets hope you continue posting that chart for updates until $385 by the end of 2021
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