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  1. 6 rungs - about 5 feet - though rarely top step used. Will they improve your pics? Well that's the elusive thing that we all search for isn't it....the next gadget to aid photographers - though I would avoid anything that said "Photographers Step-Ladders" as they will cost an arm and a leg
  2. Good tip - am always looking for more ways to present the coins although for these box shots I think it's more about showing how they look in packaging supplied - raising that tray makes it look a bit padded which may cause confusion for potential buyer. I frequently get on stepladders or prop the coin up from behind in order to show more of it if I think it's needed - but as we also display top views of reverse and obverse not sure it's really needed. I will give it a try though. Thanks. Forgive the username - it seemed funny at the time Doug
  3. Sorry - only just seen this post. Good result eh! We use a 180mm macro (when we can) which gives more working distance to manoeuvre the glass a degree or two but looks like you have enough room there anyway. Anything more than 4 or 5 degrees will push the reflected light off. Good job I'd say.
  4. @shawy2520 Lawrence asked me a while ago to put together something to show how to take better images. Every time I start something crops up and I get sidetracked. I do intend to do it but may be a while For now here is an interview we did with DIYPhotography which explains axial lighting and at the bottom is the video from Gale Spring, I eventually found, when I was looking for a better way https://www.diyphotography.net/use-mirrors-get-perfect-axial-lighting-macro-subjects/ Shawy - you don't NEED a support unit. It's handy - but not essential. Two pieces of wood screw
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