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  1. Fifer, you won't get fakes if you buy from reputable dealers. SilverGoldBull is a reputable dealer. Lots of the large North American dealers carry the Silver Shield rounds. Check Golden State Mint, SD Bullion, and JM Bullion. I bought some of these rounds from either SDB or JMB earlier this year. You'll also be fine if you buy from reputable eBay sellers. Just check their reviews. If anyone has ever reported receiving fakes from them, just move on. (And some of the eBay sellers are actually major dealers who treat eBay as a supplemental channel.) Your challenge is the shipping charge
  2. Intercepts are probably the best since they include an anti-tarnish material in the foam. Pure silver tarnishes, but I think tarnish when stored in a capsule is rare. Popular brands of basic capsules are Kointain, Lighthouse, Coin Safe, and Air-Tite. I've never encountered a systematic review of the major brands, so it's impossible to say which are best. Air-Tites are especially popular, but their website provides zero information on the composition or qualities of their capsules. I'm not used to companies not detailing their products. Usually you see pride in their work, details, ma
  3. Sure, you're in the US which helps tremendously. The lowest priced online dealers in the US are SD Bullion and Silver.com. Which one wins on a specific product will vary, and might depend on the day. They're always pretty close to each other. The biggest difference will be their shipping charges. All dealers offer free shipping over some minimum order threshold. Last I checked, SD Bullion offered free shipping on orders over $99, and charged $7.77 for shipping on orders under $99. With Silver.com you don't get free shipping until you hit $3,000 order amount. On any order under $
  4. Bimetallic


    I just saw some troubling things regarding Mint ID products. First, the Android app has terrible reviews. People are saying that it simply doesn't work – it won't scan the NFC chip in the bars and rounds. This is important because the app is a critical piece of the Mint ID feature – if the app doesn't work, Mint ID is pointless. Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mintid.production Second, the NFC chip peels off. This is unbelievable. It means that anyone can just peel off the chip, attach it to a fake silver bar or round, and sell it as a real Mint ID product...
  5. Well they actually make tons of varieties of circulation coins, which is annoying as hell. I have no idea what a US quarter is supposed to look like anymore, since the Mint destroyed the brand and issued dozens of different quarters. And all these ridiculous dollar coins – Sacajawea, Presidents, Innovation, Native American, Susan B. Anthony, silvery color, gold color, manganese, I've completely lost track. They should decide on a design for a coin and stick with it for at least a month. Preferably for a decade or more. On the bullion coins, they apparently have a "diversity" ang
  6. The bottom is the SD Bullion round, as I mentioned. It's been in production for a couple of years. Lots of American mints and dealers issue their own rounds. I think Silvertowne makes this round for SD Bullion. Normally Silvertowne products are extremely ugly, sloppy, and old-fashioned, but this one is very different. Both images are non-photographic though, so it's hard to visualize the products.
  7. Hi all – The Royal Mint redesigned the Britannia for 2021, and the US Mint redesigned the Eagle. The new Brits are apparently already shipping, while the Eagles won't be out until midyear. I wanted to share some shots and thoughts, and get your opinions. The Brits look fantastic, with four new security features, including these fine wave patterns, and fine textured dimpled surface around the old lady on the other side. The Eagle, on the other hand, looks surprisingly terrible. There are two issues. First, the only images I've seen are strange artifacts that don't look like photos. Ra
  8. Bimetallic

    Bar size

    @Evanscottis in America. The bullion market here is almost entirely non-metric, especially with silver. Not even the largest dealers typically carry 250 or 500 gram bars, and 100 gram bars are rare. They're all imported.
  9. Junk silver is circulation coinage. Like quarters, dimes, half dollars, etc from before 1964 or so. It doesn't normally have a grade – it's sold in bags. It's common in the US and Canada. Not sure about the UK, or when the UK stopped using silver in coins.
  10. I just googled 5 oz silver bar capsule, and came up with a few hits on Amazon and specialty online stores. I think one problem might be the length of the bar, which seems non-standard. Most 5 oz bars are around 61 - 62 mm long (or tall, depending on your perspective). 5 oz bars are less common than 1 and 10 oz bars, so there tend to be fewer options for capsules. It would be so cool if mints would agree to an industry standard for the precise dimensions of each size bar. That way there would be one standard capsule size for each. The Coin Supply Store has 5 oz capsules, but these one
  11. Bimetallic

    Bar size

    100 ounce bars are a lot less liquid than smaller sizes. They're not nearly as common, and you might have to try a lot harder to sell it. Since they're worth at least $2,500 or so at current spot prices, the pool of potential buyers is much smaller than for smaller sizes. The most liquid bar sizes are 1 and 10 ounces. Those are easy to move. Next up would be kilo bars – a kilo is about 32 troy ounces. Then 100 oz and 1,000 oz.
  12. I don't know how you Brits do it. To have both high income taxes and high VAT seems brutal. Our income tax rates are about the same as yours if we account for state income taxes, but our sales taxes are typically 8 or so percent, not 20%. I didn't know this until recently, but your per capita GDP is a third less than ours, which is a huge difference given that we're both developed English-speaking countries. Brits should revolt. Has there been any lobbying or activism to exempt all precious metals from VAT? I've seen lots of discussion and complaints about the VAT on silver here, but I ne
  13. What are these coins exactly? I've never heard of or seen Sterling silver coins before. In the US we have a lot of old 90% silver circulation coinage, but not Sterling. I'd love it if someone minted Argentium Silver bullion. It's a tarnish-resistant alloy that comes in 93.5 and 96% pure versions. Germanium is the key alloying metal, and it also makes it much harder than pure silver. Pure silver tarnishes way too much, as does Sterling.
  14. I agree with @heyimderrick. To answer your question on sizes, for coins focus on 1 and 2 oz. For bars, focus on 1 and 10 oz, and 1 kilo.
  15. I just looked and premiums are unusually high still. Looking at Silver.com, one of the lowest priced dealers in North America, premiums are about 22% on Eagles and Britannias. Before the pandemic, Eagles were around 18% and Brits maybe 15%. I guess the UK has higher premiums. You should still be able to get less than 30%.
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