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    Perth Mint. Royal Mint. Some Royal Canadian Mint. Pandas. Korean Tigers. Scottsdale Silver.

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  1. What kind of price range on these?
  2. I love Great Whites so I'll have to buy this. Perth Mint should do an annual silver Great White series(1,10,kilo) just like the Kooks and Koalas. It's animal that's feared and respected by all and everyone associates it with Australia.
  3. I think it's about as regal and dignified as one could make a dog. I like the coin.
  4. It's not the best but this Kookaburra is dignified. It's solid but not spectacular. I'll get some 1 oz and 10 ounce versions.
  5. I think this is easily one of the strongest Koalas in a long time, maybe the entire series. I really wish they made these in 10 ounces as well.
  6. Such a beautiful coin. I regret not buying more.
  7. I like both coins a lot and would tell you to get both. I'm American and Britannia is my favorite national bullion coin but Valiants are a notch above. Valiants are on par with Kookaburras in terms of beauty.
  8. 37 is by far the best one. A natural looking eagle in full flight above the trees. Of course my fellow countrymen wouldn't go for that. I heard they were going with the eagle head which is one of the worst designs.
  9. I wouldn't sell physical precious metals for fiat. I buy shares in mining stocks to get the fiat I want out of the boom.
  10. That mentality basically sums up why Western Europe is in terminal decline. If someone got rich and is successful they somehow keep people poor. It's a fascinatingly destructive mindset.
  11. I really like the 2020 Tiger. I hope they have a reasonable price for the 10 ounce.
  12. For me yes but that's up to you. To me PAMP and Lady Fortuna should only be in gold but that's just my preference.
  13. Britannia 10 oz bars are basically all I'm buying these days. They are spectacular.
  14. Nice to see another Arizonan on here. Britannias are way better than the Eagle.
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