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  1. I'm hoping they eventually make a Kilo Britannia bar.
  2. I love the sovereign coin. I can't seem to find any information on this one oddity and if someone could give me the backstory I'd love to know it. On double and half sovereigns, there is a ribbon or something like that coming out the back of Saint George's helmet. However this doesn't appear on the .2354 ounce sovereign. Is the reason for the ribbon's appearance to make it easy to instantly differentiate between the different size sovereigns?
  3. I think I'll grab a few. Those are beautiful.
  4. That feature should have been on the queen side of the coin. If you place it in the open space then it takes away from what the waves add to the coin.
  5. That Koala is one of my favorite coins. An absolute beauty. I think 2021 will be the final year of the series. It almost certainly has to be a kangaroo and that certainly has potential given the theme of the series.
  6. Looks very nice, I will definitely get one. I wish Perth Mint would do a gold kookaburra with the Stuart Devlin depiction every year so they'd have a gold coin without a changing design but it's great that we're getting another coin to buy.
  7. I just wish they'd take a page from the Perth Mint and did two annual series involving animals found in the US. I think a series with annual changing design, and 1,10 and kilo sized coins involving any of the following would be enormously popular: Mountain Lion, Raccoon, Grizzly Bear, Roadrunner.
  8. This is an unpopular opinion actually think the next silver eagle is a clear upgrade from a design perspective. I hated the coin being called the 'eagle' simply for having the heraldic bird when the lady liberty side is clearly the showcase part of the current coin. It's not an 'eagle' when it's simply a heraldic symbol instead of a bird in a somewhat natural state. However the new design for the gold eagle is a tragedy. They picked the worst of the 39 choices they had which is quite an accomplishment. This isn't a big deal for me though as I buy exclusively Perth Mint, Royal Mint,
  9. @BullionExchanges In my view it makes the Britannia the premier bullion coin in the world.
  10. The new Britannias look awesome. The waves are a great touch.
  11. What kind of price range on these?
  12. I love Great Whites so I'll have to buy this. Perth Mint should do an annual silver Great White series(1,10,kilo) just like the Kooks and Koalas. It's animal that's feared and respected by all and everyone associates it with Australia.
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