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  1. I carry a 2018 dragon bar/coin too .... It's a good size/shape to fondle 😁. The fact it has antibacterial properties is a bonus.
  2. I have hundreds of them from my last trip to the States. I spent a day going around the theme parks squashing pennies like my life depended on it.... That pretty much satisfied the collector in me ! If i were to total up the travelling, entrance fees, cost of the pressing etc they probably cost me $4-$5 dollars each 🙄
  3. I'm pretty sure the change to the 'value' of a crown was brought about by a need to increase RM profits. Why have a 25p face value when you can change it to £5 and therefore charge more for it... This was a precursor to the £20/£50/£100 coin fiasco 😁. Anyone remember the £5 for £5 advertising from the RM around the time the 'value' was increased to a fiver ? Sounds familiar doesn't it ? It worked then because they were simpler times and the majority of customers were collectors. It came crashing down for the higher denomination silver coins when people tried to take advantage of cashback or airmile deals. We used to be happy in our ignorance ! Imagine running a company where you can increase profits just by changing the wording on the thing you manufacture.
  4. You could still spend a George III shilling in the UK up until the coin size changed in 1990... A change of monarch has historically made no difference to UK currency. Who knows though, maybe this time it could act as a catalyst for the removal of a great deal of UK shrapnel 😁
  5. That's the trouble with 'book price' - it's just a guestimate of the value based on previous sales. The reality can often be hugely different and prices can change over a 24 month period based on popularity and area. Still, it's a starting point and a guide to what a coin has realised historically. I still think £360 is a bit strong. But i'm not a halfy collector so am completely ignorant of the market. All i know is condition is everything when buying numismatics and the example in the pictures is mid-range for condition so shouldn't command too high of a premium.
  6. Hmm, if they are making them to order i may get another. Historically every coin i have ever bought from the RM that was minted to order has shot up in value... Obviously this is assuming they don't get 50,000 orders !
  7. Good Exremely (or extra) Fine would be getting to close to UNC.... The coin in this post would grafe as VF (Very Fine) - note that all the hair details are worn away and the veil also. You can hardly distinguish between the veil and the neck. The pearl earing just looks like a blob - no definition. The lettering looks in better grade. Book price around £150 for VF (Token Coin yearbook 2019) - add the premium increase in gold value to that (30%) gives you around £200. I base my grading on examples i have purchased from DNW auctions over the years. I can say, without question, that they generally give either a half or a full grade below what a dealer would. Highly recommended for buyers but not so good for sellers.
  8. No explanations were given - I didn't want to spoil the surprise !
  9. I made a few of these a couple of years ago - mostly with swear words - and gifted them. Sterling silver beads and tubes with a bit of fishing line and a couple of catches.... I'm a bit dismayed that they're now 'mainstream' !
  10. TeaTime

    Holiday in America

    £390 allowance currently (i googled it) 😁
  11. TeaTime

    Holiday in America

    I came back from Florida in 2018 and 2019 with a tube of eagles in my hand luggage. Waved through both times. I didn't check beforehand if there was a set allowance and assumed that for such a small amount it would be fine. I know that under £10,000 doesn't have to be declared. The £10,000 limit is for notes and coins. Eagles are coins - the only contention is the value. Are they one dollar or are they spot price of silver ?
  12. I loathe coins that have pictures printed on them. In my view you either collect the coin or buy a picture, combining the two has zero appeal. I often have a little groan when i see mints (the RM especially) issuing coloured coins. Silver will tarnish over the years, what are they going to look like in 20 or 30 years time ? In my head i picture those hazy, green tattoos that can be seen on pensioners arms. You know the ones where you get caught staring at whilst trying to decypher what they once represented (or maybe that's just me)....
  13. Exactly this. All the negativity around VAT is on the assumption that you will sell at spot price rather than market value. It's nonsense.
  14. I buy silver on a whim - i have no strategy other than owning it. I can't afford to buy gold in the same way. Now tax-free silver is virtually unavailable to UK buyers then spot + 20% should really be the base price for silver. If the time comes to sell my silver it will be advertised at a few percent under whatever the market value is at that time (the spot price will be irrelevant) if i want a quick sale. I also remember when i could buy sovereigns from the mint at £60 each, to me that was not so long ago. Similarly i remember when silver was selling for over £35 an ounce everywhere. I have not yet managed to reconcile my gut feelings for the value of gold and silver with todays reality.
  15. I'll probably go for the 2oz silver and BU cupronickel. The 2oz for me and the 'crowns' for re-sale. The cupronickel coins of the Queens Beasts appeared to do better profit wise (as a percentage of purchase price) than any of the PMs. I'd be surprised if any of these coins will command a premium like some of the earlier QBs did - pretty sure everyone and their mum will be buying multiple coins / editions from day one...
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