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  1. £929 oz. Herd immunity and economic bounce-back. £1,897 oz. 4th wave of pandemic and multiple resistant strains. £4,000 oz. World economic collapse and border skirmishes. Funny/Not funny.
  2. I refuse to believe that actual real people voted for this over the other available choices. I am actually angry - either the whole thing is some kind of perverse RM WOKE agenda statement or the people who voted are beyond any hope. The design is lazy, visually poor and patronising in the extreme. Piglet should have won 😁
  3. Looks like some silver has crept into the die if the flat spots are all in the same place. It happens a lot with RM mass produced bullion coins - i have several QB lions with a minting defect in the same place on all the coins. It may well be that the die are cleaned every 10,000 pressings (complete guess at the number) so the next lot could be defect free. You could always list them on Ebay as 'error' coins. That seems to be the standard description for most beat up coins !
  4. Their sales seem a bit arbitrary - last year they had an Easter sale and i managed to purchase a few half price items from the jewellery section. Queens Beasts cufflinks, tie pins etc..... A lot of other 'sales' i've looked at mostly offer 10-50% off base metal coins that are not proving popular. Bullion sales never happen, as has been said, the sale part only applies to the premium and hardly dents the inflated prices they charge to personal customers. Once in a while though they will give a large discount on proof precious metal coins so it's worth checking the website regularly. The sa
  5. On past experience with the Queens Beasts range, i've opted for getting a few cupro-nickel Music Legends rather than silver BU - the potential profits seem to be higher for some reason (they are also better quality strikes). The silver 2oz QB's i will be keeping long term. The Royal Mint and Royal Mail have both issued products featuring Queen, Elton John and David Bowie recently, albeit in a different order. Maybe they use the same consultancy firm.
  6. It's an enchanted wizards familiar token - used in the early 18th century as payment for a selection of potions. Only given to those people who could prove a scholarship from Hogwarts. Muggles were often confused why it stated '10p' rather than the accepted 10d of the time. The answer was obvious - the 'p' stood for potion... Or maybe it's a 70's / 80's gaming token. Entirely your choice what you tell your son 😁
  7. It's not the added security, i'm all for that. It's the placement..... 🥴
  8. Much as i like the new Britannia design - i can't help wondering why the 'hologram' part of the coin has been placed so that it obscures part of Britannia. There's a lot of empty space where it could have been placed. I'm quite surprised no-one has mentioned this previously.....
  9. The impression i get from reading posts about GSbe is that they really won't care about what you have to say. They remind me of junk dealers - they may well sell silver and gold coins but to them it's just a commodity. 'You paid for x amount of silver/gold and you recieved x amount of silver/gold. End of story'.. The nuances of collecting coins is beyond them (as is the premium we pay to have the PM formed into aesthetically pleasing forms). https://www.royalmint.com/discover/coin-collecting/striking-standards/ I'm not aware of any 'official' sites that state you should
  10. No initials evident on any of my Machin.... If you want a handful of Gillick BU coins send me your address and i'll post you them 😁
  11. The problem with buying a proof coin is in the acepted definition of 'proof'. A proof coin is any coin that has been struck to proof standard. It does not refer to the condition of the coin, merely the standard by which it was struck. Even a coin that has been run over by a truck is still considered proof. This may well be the arguement GS.be give you if you try and return the coin. Saying that, the advice given to you from GS.be is completely wrong - you should never use any type of abrasive on a mirror-finished coin. Oxidation (not milk spots, scratches or scuffs etc) on silver is norma
  12. I was in the States last year and found that most of the quarters i came across were commemorative.... I saved about $15 dollars worth and had them stacked up on a cabinet in my hotel room. I was not very happy when, after a day out, i came back to the room to find the quarters gone and a 'thank you' note left in their place. Top Tip; do not leave your spare shrapnel were it can be misconstrued as being a tip for the chambermaid...
  13. A good rule of thumb with proofs is the field - if parts are mirror finish and parts are frosted it would indicate a proof. If it's a uniform finish it will more than likely be just a regular coin. Silver proofs are generally a mixture of mirror and frosted finish too. . They very rarely produce sterling silver non proof coins anywhere. Bullion coins tend to be fine silver.
  14. I've managed to collect every design, including the patterns and reverse proofs, of the SP £1 coins except the cities. I just can't bring myself to hand over the sort of money they are fetching. If anyone wants to sell them to me at 3 x spot i'll bite your hand off 😁 I think the lack of interest in a lot of .925 silver proofs is that the designs on a lot of them are either very weak or royalty inspired AND very weak. The better designed coins generaly hold a premium though. I have no problem buying .925 if i like the design. But then, i'm more of a collector than a stacker.
  15. I checked the website where i had ordered an (signed for) item and the status said 'attempted delivery made'. The item was delivered the next day. I have never before had RM attempt a delivery and not put a card through the door and then deliver the next day with no input from me.. I can only assume that the delivery person was somehow 'fiddling' the system so he/she could get off early on day one (?) Just one of a few problems i've been having with RM in the last few months. Being able to electronically track a package is fantastic as long as whoever is inputing the data is honest
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