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  1. Collector coins are subjected to 9% VAT (gold 0%) over here in The Netherlands, but you need to fill out the form correctly. The Royal Mint is not doing this, so I always have to pay 21% over there coins. But I can reclaim the extra 12% afterwards at PostNL(takes 4 months) . Auction houses always do a good job and I always pay 9% on there parcels. The silver bars from BYB are subject to 21% VAT, but I always ask him to send them with the regular post(my risk). So most arrive on my doormat without the VAT.
  2. I was able to get one CC Morgan, but it took me 20 minutes to complete the order. There website failed multiple times, even during the payment process 😮 Hope the will fix the problems, before the next coins go on sale. will try to get a peace dollar aswell!!!
  3. Bar No.10 arrived savely over here in The Netherlands, to join the previous bars :
  4. I will have No.10 again, to keep the set complete !!!
  5. Received this amazing looking bar today from @StBeesSilver!!
  6. I'm in The Netherlands and I have send my coins to the NGC office in Germany. For this coin I ticked the "first releases" box and nothing else. Like @dikefalos says, its about the coin and I don't think this "queen" label will add more value to it, over a regular "first releases"label. I'm just wondering if anyone else on the forum got this label, instead of the blue one.
  7. Just checked my submissions and my coins are on there way back☺ When I looked at my 3 Graces coin, I noticed that I have label with the queen. Instead of the regular blue label. Did anyone else get this label? I was expecting a regular blue label.
  8. Love to buy this from you, it looks amazing!!
  9. I have send in the 2 OZ silver together with some other coins, the status is now "scheduled for grading" For the value I put down €300, because that's what I payed for it at the Royal Mint a few weeks ago. I did not get an email yet that NGC would value the coin around €2500, because that what people pay for it now on ebay. I believe NGC should use the issue price from the mint, at least till the "first releases" period has ended. Because you can assume, that most people that send in there coins for a "first releases" label. Did buy there coin from the mint or a dealer around the issue price (not just this coin) What is the status of your submission?
  10. Picked up these 3 lady's today at the parcel shop and the look great!!! Just a few dust spots that NCS will remove, because it's already on its way to NGC, with some other coins!!
  11. You need to select the extra thick holder. And the first release, if you want that( but this is just an option)
  12. Just received an email that my coin have been shipped to the Netherlands 😊😊 So for everyone outside the UK, who is still waiting. International orders are send out aswell!!
  13. Got the confirmation at 9:07 and I only had 187 people infront yesterday. Order still looks the same, no cancellation email yet🤞🏻🤞🏻
  14. The postal service took it's time, but today I received my price from @Alanlaw Many thanks for this great looking bar!!!
  15. This is not true. Proof is minting technique just like BU or UNC, not a quality. With a BU coin you are not guarantied to get a MS70 aswell. I can still understand if people are disappointed if the do not get a MS/PF70, but this is not something any mint can promise on a new coin!!
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