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  1. This is not true. Proof is minting technique just like BU or UNC, not a quality. With a BU coin you are not guarantied to get a MS70 aswell. I can still understand if people are disappointed if the do not get a MS/PF70, but this is not something any mint can promise on a new coin!!
  2. Great coin @SilverMike I have one aswell, only in PF69 UC !! Mintage is only 2500 on these!
  3. I'm in this year aswell!! I can offer a 2014 NGC MS70 Eagle & 2009 30th anniversary Panda + some chocolates (sorry for the bad image)
  4. Received this great looking 100 gram silver forum bar today!! Many thanks to @BackyardBullion for the great service, the N.o.10 collection is up to date again!!
  5. I will have No.10 again, to keep the collection complete!!!
  6. Congratulations Chris, great to be a part of it!!!
  7. Silver forum bar No.10 savely arrived over here in the Netherlands, to join the previous bars!! Many thanks to @BackyardBullion for the great service!!!
  8. I think there is a difference between stackers and collectors, when it come to grading coins. In most cases it makes no sense to stackers to have there coins graded, as the buy them for the metal content not the collectors value of the coin itself. And most of there coins are made for this purpose, that's why the come it tubes and not in a fancy box. For collectors it's different, but it also depends on what you collect. I mainly collect pre 1935 Dutch coins in mintstate condition, where MS64 is the lowest grade I want. I do grade all these coins with PCGS (sorry Numi) If I buy them
  9. Great to see the are ready !! I will have No.10 again, to keep the collection complete!!
  10. I'm more a collector then a stacker, but for 2020 I want to buy more panda's (gold/ silver) for the collection. -Older Dutch coins in TOP quality (MS64 > ) -Some nice BYB silver - Any gold/ silver bullion, if there is money left πŸ˜‰)
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