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  1. I will have No.10 again, to keep the collection complete!!
  2. Great design, shame it's a medal and not an official coin. Think it's a bit expense for a 2oz medal, do you think this will be popular by american collectors?
  3. Only found out about this coin after receiving a email from the royal mint. At that moment the low mintage coins where sold out, I was able to get the £5 Silver Proof Piedfort Coin. I do like the shield design and I was happy to see a new design on the reverse, instead of the regular portrait!!
  4. I have some experience🙂 When I ordered my 3 Graces coin at the Royal Mint from The Netherlands, the shipping costs where 12 pounds. The do not include the vat, but when it arrived the Dutch customs add the 21% vat. So you will pay the same as a UK customer.
  5. After spending 13 days at customs, I finally received my 100 gram bar from @BackyardBullion thanks mate, it looks great with the other bars!!
  6. I did manage to get a peace dollar, but it took 12 minutes again to complete the order. Multiple errors, like the first time. Taught the would fix the problems?
  7. I will have No.10 again, to keep the collection complete 👍
  8. Collector coins are subjected to 9% VAT (gold 0%) over here in The Netherlands, but you need to fill out the form correctly. The Royal Mint is not doing this, so I always have to pay 21% over there coins. But I can reclaim the extra 12% afterwards at PostNL(takes 4 months) . Auction houses always do a good job and I always pay 9% on there parcels. The silver bars from BYB are subject to 21% VAT, but I always ask him to send them with the regular post(my risk). So most arrive on my doormat without the VAT.
  9. I was able to get one CC Morgan, but it took me 20 minutes to complete the order. There website failed multiple times, even during the payment process 😮 Hope the will fix the problems, before the next coins go on sale. will try to get a peace dollar aswell!!!
  10. Bar No.10 arrived savely over here in The Netherlands, to join the previous bars :
  11. I will have No.10 again, to keep the set complete !!!
  12. Received this amazing looking bar today from @StBeesSilver!!
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