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  1. You'll have to add the new 2021 Morgan's that are coming out next year to your list
  2. Ugh, I've been wanting a 10oz Dragon QB forever, APMEX just sent a in-stock alert and it's up to 600 bucks each 🤢🤮 No thank you. I know that's less silver spot than it is premiums on a rare 10 oz desirable coin but still, premiums for physical still seem to be at a minimum like 2-3 dollars over spot at least.
  3. Ugh, I pre-ordered one, I just wanted to have the whole set. This is the second highest I've paid for any of them, as I bought the griffin a couple years after it had come out.
  4. Where did you pre order these at?
  5. I agree but it's one of the only sites that have it in stock to get a price on so I didn't have much choice. That said their prices for QB generally aren't more than a dollar or two above the other sites, in the past at least.
  6. Dang, where'd you find that pic?!?!? Also I was just looking at prices on APMEX and the premiums for the unicorn and dragon are now higher than the griffin? Craziness.
  7. https://www.providentmetals.com/2018-british-10-oz-silver-queens-beasts-red-dragon.html?utm_source=instockemail&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=instock-SCBRITQBDRAG1018 Ugh, I didn't see the email until I woke up, it had been sent about 2 hours earlier. By the time I clicked on the link it was already out of stock again LOL. So if anyone is wondering about the liquidity of 10oz QB coins, there's your answer and that selling at a premium of 6.24 over spot (for the 1+ price), sheesh. Dang these coins are sexy though.
  8. Actually I just realized that the price says N/A and I was looking at the price of other suggested items lower on the page LOL. Yeah, we shall see, I hope it's not crazy expensive.
  9. They finally updated the date and time that this coin will go on sale! November 5th at 12pm Eastern standard time and it's down to being listed at 54, it did have a price of 69.50 last time I looked so that's nice.
  10. I only have the 2 oz sets and have been gifted 3 of the coins so far. I did end up paying premiums for the lion, griffin, and unicorn, all in all, I haven't paid much above spot for my set when you average it all out. Definitely wouldn't want to sell until I have the whole set though. Not sure if I'll keep long term or not though, time will tell.
  11. There's still one available from one of the members on this forum. Still under what you can find on coin dealers and/or eBay. I wish I would've got in cheaper too, but there's always the next coin in the series to watch out for and get in on early!
  12. If you end up breaking them up if be interested in the turtle.
  13. I mean I'll take the Yale for free if you really want.... 😅
  14. Specific gravity is best cheap test. Magnetic slide works good for coins but not fool proof. One of those fancy machines is probably the best test but those are damn spendy.
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