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  1. @Tn21 I'm only after one . @McDougallcould I get one please.
  2. Also interested is a 2020 Kook if we could get a pic. Cheers
  3. It takes real talent to pour silver like that imo we are spoilt on TSF for great hand poured silver be it bars or brilliant bits like that I agree it would sell, but maybe it's a time issue? As a one off its a sound investment imo. Lovely piece .
  4. Arghh can't find my spare so over to @BullionMan89
  5. I would value them at £400 just a lack of funds , great win @MarkV
  6. Sweet just give me hour I'm 100 percent sure I saw one last week just need to double double check
  7. I would be interested in that deal chap. I've a decent enough one kicking about. Can't send photos till tomorrow can you confirm weight is 1.05g ?
  8. I've a few at home proofs and bullion inthink, work ATM but will look this evening if still looking.
  9. https://en.numista.com/catalogue/exonumia42166.html I think it's this fella. Please let me know if wrong @goldhunter
  10. Nice coin ST and nice to see a quarter a little bit different GLWS
  11. Please mate and same for dragon if you come across them. I'm interested in the other but funds may not allow
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