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  1. @MikeG1978 interested in all 3 Paddington's if different designs or a single if the same.
  2. Two by one and capsule for me. Don't suppose you have a dragon hiding in a draw?
  3. Brilliant buy, had my eye on those every time they came up and didn't have funds at the time.
  4. Not this time as my numbers not come up ☺️ but can I put in request for #21 on the next run please?
  5. Seriously good value at £1.80 each!
  6. Thank you sir you could soon be the proud owner of this as well 🙂 16th to mid 17th century crotal bell VID_20220923_231037.mp4
  7. Oh LM that's the absolute nut's GLWS I'm sure that's going quick
  8. If you like mate but no one else here id have started at £5.50 but customers always right 😂
  9. Edited again to say certain weight of silver is 8 grams but as a man of my words the starting bid is still £5.50 including postage so that's 25p a gram. Plus post at £1.50 Yes Mr G Mororangie is my friend
  10. Edited to add a mystery item if it goes to £7.50 my latest metal detecting find dug fresh yesterday and easily 300 years old.
  11. Ladies and gentlemen of good standing Dakaras productions in association with Mrs "Get rid of some of that c**p" are proud to present our attempt and just for fun (well and some cash) TSFs most random auction ever. For your bidding consideration we are happy to present the following. 8 grams of random silver coins that are frankly clucked purity unknown I'm calling it .400 One mint sealed roll of 1971 half pennies, time to stack copper you know it makes sense. 12 Sigma tested Cupro Nickel Crowns One contemporary COPY 1937 Aussie crown starting to rust and YES magnetic baby. One complete set of German Rentenpfennig coins 1 , 2 , 5 and 10 copper and brass only issued 1923 to 1924 One 16 century Hans Krawninckel bronze Jetton Rosé orb type, nice example (It's a kind of token) 190 grams of random copper,. bronze etc world coins, 19th and 20th century mostly A random Roman coin And because it's a pm forum last but by means least 17.12 grams of .925 silver in a pendant celebration of Silver Jubilee Disclaimer If you polish the contemporary copy and stick it on fleabay as original you will be hunted down by the TSF ninjas and have sensitive bits chopped off untill it's really quite unpleasant. There is no stunning value in the bundle , the German coins are a nice addition to a world coin collection and the Jetton is nice 400 plus years old, and the half pennies are fun to have if even just for the shall I shan't I split them and send one off to be graded dilemma (though that might just be me) How many in a tube? To lazy to count work it out yourself. How many on a tray? ...see above And now for the dull bit Starting price is £Frankly I've no idea but let's call it the certain weight of scrap silver at .50p a gram is £2 (actually £4 but I'm semi drunk and can no longer do simple maths Postage is on top total weight is 700g so calling it £3.55 So start us at £5.50 and postage will be included Minimum bid 50p Finish time 21.00 Sunday 25th September If the bids go over £10 I will include a BYB barter token. Edited to include my lastest metal detecting find. To remain a mystery until and if the bids reach £7.50.
  12. If you had purchased a 2009 set today through Whitton & Laing auction in Exeter it would have cost you £140. A 2010 and a 2011 would have cost you £190 each. Add to that £12 postage . Grab a bargain! Before they got to Exeter's next auction
  13. Agree very tempted but just spent up on a piece from St Bees and a 2022 Kookaburra ( both from forum) and good prices IMO
  14. Well if it's going to be a different coin every Christmas then go mad, maybe something from Germania mint perhaps, or maybe a different bullion to Brit or ASE. Libertad is a nice coin, Kookaburra are cool and different every year. Krugerrand or Maple perhaps....or a Perth Mint dragon bar coin.... actually that would be my choice now I think about it.
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