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  1. Thank you 😊 was just talking myself into an overdraft.
  2. Blimey Alex strikes me as an excellent price for a proof coin . GLWS
  3. Dakaras

    for sale (By Platinum Member) Unsold fractional gold

    Hi Folks. Unsold from this thread for pics The quarter sovereigns and the 1/25th Laurel proof and Victoria young head proof still £110 each plus post IOM £95 plus post bullion has a scratch Winston Churchill £95 plus post. 1/25th currently at £65 plus post. Buy any 2 and will SD for £5. Payment by bank transfer please. Many thanks for looking Dak
  4. Hello folks A year into stacking and im leaning more towards fractional gold collectable bullion silver and handpoured silver so a few bits that are duplicates or random. First off. World war 1 silver commemorative crown 28.28g of .925 with COA but it's been handled and then someone (not me ) has rubbed it on queen's head side. A Belarus My Love coin with COA 28.28g of .925 (and a love 💕) Nuie The Yorkshire Terrier one dollar 20g of .999 with COA Total weight of silver 72.31g at .62p per gram £44.83 asking £45 plus post. Germania 1oz .999 with COA in cap purchased from panda 6 pack (collection duplicate £28 plus post. SOLD And finally a 1/25th pope's visit to Colonge gold coin with COA spot on this is currently £62.65 asking £65 plus postage No offers unless you take the remaining lot for £110 and will include SD Postage at your choice and risk. Payment by bank transfer please Thanks for looking Apologies forgot to photo name 😃
  5. I'd have had the RAF if funds had allowed lovely thing.
  6. Spot up prices held Churchill and IOM still £190 Inc SD
  7. Churchill and IOM quarters available for £190 posted SD
  8. I've a 1/25th here with COA. would be happy to include SD for £75 or the Churchill or IOM 1/4s for £95 and Inc SD - bit out of budget I know but melt on them is over £88 atm
  9. Like those be a good match for my 1/10th just broke till payday
  10. Dakaras

    Fame at last

    MINING.com: The case for silver - MINING.COM. https://www.mining.com/web/the-case-for-silver/
  11. Brittania and nugget sold thank you
  12. Red Arrows 2oz added. All Brit sets now include SD delivery
  13. Both RAF coins sold thank you
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