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  1. Let’s start a boy and call it “TSF” ales can hold interim auditions within house and then the ones that make the group can audition for x-factor and the rest can go and support and after that we can finally have a nice session down shore-ditch followed by bagels down brick lane. Sorted.
  2. Has there ever been any official meet ups before ? Will there ever be any again ? Will I be invited ? Is there an initiation ? Karaoke ? 😂😂😂😂
  3. Jesus Christ this has turned into a political thread. anyway current price at 3.21am is £1523.60 per oz. 👍
  4. None while the VAT and high premiums are still a thing.
  5. Would love to here the outcome of this. Maybe contact them ? I can’t lie, this has truly put me off grading my piedfort now. I know this is probably a one off but with my luck I’m that “one off” guy.
  6. Banter aside, this is a thing of beauty. Nice bars too. 😂
  7. Thankyou for this dude . What do you think I should pay maximum for each date ? Actually I think someone already answered this I’m still tired lol
  8. I see the price has savaged gardened since I’ve been asleep. Cute.
  9. Thanks for the reply guys . Hard to find them at those prices.
  10. So I’m thinking of doing this sexy date run in the title. If someone has time would any of you be able to tell me for each coin what I should be paying no more than for each in a list. I’m seeing different prices all over the gaff. Would really help and educate me if someone can do this for me. You will also earn one ukbullionfan special bonus bonanza credit point. Collect ten for a prize.
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