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  1. Dakaras

    1/10th coin run.

    That is where mine came from had it sent to a friend in kiwi land
  2. Dakaras

    1/10th coin run.

    I'm getting one shipped in new year by friend to if interested let me know should be able to get another
  3. Agree and no ridicule from me...get it tested asap
  4. Mine was a 1/2lb but I don't like the look of that one, quality looks to be off imo...https://www.thesilverforum.com/topic/63680-12-lb-american-silver-eagle-2000/#comment-699145
  5. No worries ☺️ they are cracking little coins but by God they are thin 🤣
  6. So nice to have the omp I've wished I'd not sold the other 2 tbh. Got to add to the value imo
  7. I do have 2 X 1/25th if interested drop me a pm in caps with COAs
  8. I usually sell that type of silver at spot including post. Not trying to derail your sale. Imo it's worth what you are asking but sometimes what it's worth and what people will pay ....
  9. Dunno if I fancy Fight Club 😝
  10. All beautiful but that Charles is really something else.
  11. Crackers do love to find the 16th century hammered
  12. It takes real talent to pour silver like that imo we are spoilt on TSF for great hand poured silver be it bars or brilliant bits like that I agree it would sell, but maybe it's a time issue? As a one off its a sound investment imo. Lovely piece .
  13. I would value them at £400 just a lack of funds , great win @MarkV
  14. https://en.numista.com/catalogue/exonumia42166.html I think it's this fella. Please let me know if wrong @goldhunter
  15. Please mate and same for dragon if you come across them. I'm interested in the other but funds may not allow
  16. Start my new job at 9am think it will be ok to ask to start half hour later? That won't make a bad impression first day will it?
  17. Beautiful coins and great price as well.
  18. Says it is I worked it out at a low premium for these. And l read it as SD included. Good deal imo only my opinion of course a d no connection to seller.
  19. Wish I had the cash mate, lovely set great price. Just no fiat
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