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  1. Also husband to a mrs with a pandora bracelet, I feel your pain
  2. Updated - happy to price match Baird with the Perigrines as spot price moves
  3. Updated in line with movements in spot price
  4. Hi all, Ive got the below to offer: 50No 1Oz Silver Peregrine (Baird and Co) in flip cases, 1+ £20.5 each 50 = £20 each and Free Shipping 2No 1/2Oz Gold Bars (Baird and Co), £740 each 1No 50g Gold Bar (Baird and Co) £2280 (includes delivery) Please add on top postage of your choice. Happy to accept offers, and will price match/beat others! Paypal F&F or bank transfer only. Happy to use the BYB intermediary services if someone wants a bulk buy. I can take more pictures as required.
  5. Did you ever get set up?
  6. Haha, very aptly timed - that video was waiting in my subscription list!
  7. I’ve been threatening to get back into casting for a while - I’ve done some sand casting and silver jewellery making a while ago. My question is; where are people buying casting grain these days? Seems the cheapest thing to do at the minute is to simply melt down some Britannia’s or large silver bars from Bairds
  8. They’ll half the investors interest, but they won’t reduce the lenders rates!
  9. Hi sorry no capsules available Price updated for remainder
  10. Can you give an example? I genuinely don’t know who else would protect other than the insurers noted
  11. Oh okay - I thought it’d cover each clients loss. Doesn't every company, including stock brokers, hold client money in a pooled account?
  12. Of course they don’t protect it - who else does? That’s the purpose of the FSCS right?
  13. I’d feel comfortable about temporary storage with Baird - they are fairly well renown. The idea was so that I can buy a few items at a time and just pay for postage once - it’s taking them a few weeks to deliver items anyway
  14. Anyone had experience with storing at BairdMint? If so, what are their fees? I like them as a provider, but may look to store items and then pay for shipping in one go to save on fees.
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