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  1. The gold bars were about 2% cheaper than Bairds
  2. Sovereigns at £323.99 at Costco Manchester. Better rate than most online retailers, certainly when only buying one or two
  3. You’re lucky, resellers have got a 5-8% markup. think I’ll pass on this one!
  4. I’ve not used Bairds since a package went missing and they ignored my email - turns out they sent it to an old address that was removed from my account, and the new owners dropped the package off at my parents across the road. Also, every gold bar in that pack had a damaged security case (opaque at the bends, easily opened with a finger nail). Never again. From memory, you don’t get to see the delivery price until after you commit to an order?
  5. Yep I remember those days, buying 1/4oz Lydian Lions. Cheapest fractional about
  6. I just tried to go to sarniasilver to find their website has gone. I remember buying from them when the £18 vat threshold existed. In fact, I think I bought my first 1oz bar from them. Tis a shame - anyone have more information as to what happened?
  7. The £1 FVF offer is inclusive to bullion; the 10% off is not. ive posted the exclusions below: All items listed in the Cars, Motorcycles & Vehicles and Property categories. However items listed in the Vehicle Parts & Accessories category are included.
  8. Absolutely, it’s a risk based approach. Spending £8 special delivery for £40 is a waste; you could Use RMSD at £2.20 and afford to lose 1 in 10 Instead.
  9. I don’t generally have any issues, just make sure you use tracked/insured services and price for this accordingly.
  10. No problems using their £1 FVF at all. You’ll get, generally, a much better price on eBay than off the forum, but that only works in your favour when there are offers such as this. List anything like a half ounce gold bar or greater and prepare for silly messages and offers
  11. Also husband to a mrs with a pandora bracelet, I feel your pain
  12. Haha, very aptly timed - that video was waiting in my subscription list!
  13. I’ve been threatening to get back into casting for a while - I’ve done some sand casting and silver jewellery making a while ago. My question is; where are people buying casting grain these days? Seems the cheapest thing to do at the minute is to simply melt down some Britannia’s or large silver bars from Bairds
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