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  1. it ends today at 17.44 its 6 x 1.5 polar bears 2013 wrong photo but have the 6 x 1oz polar bears if anyone interested to buy them pm me
  2. if i had decent photos someone would have noticed these coins are in fact 1 oz polar bears I only just noticed myself as having a lot of coins But I do have the 1.5 polar bears 2013 so no problem
  3. Starting bid £1335 ending Sunday 18th at 22.00 plus £10 SD postage to winner increments of £5 UK ONLY
  4. 5 day auction ending on Sunday 18th at 21.00 10 x 1 oz silver bullion kangaroos in tube Starting bid £220 plus £8 SD UK ONLY
  5. Auction ending sunday 18th 19.27 starting bid £180 winner pays extra £8 SD postage UK ONLY 1 oz noahs ark 2012 1 oz kookaburra 2015 1 oz polar bear 2011 1 oz somali elephant 2015 1 oz red tailed hawk 2 x 1.5 oz polar bear 2013 (no capsuals)
  6. 10.75 oz Silver bullion in 11 coins starting bid £245 winner pays £8 SD postage Auction 5 days ending Sunday 18th at 17.53 1 oz Elephant Somali 2015 1 oz Noahs ark 2012 1 oz Kookaburra 2015 1 oz Funnel web spider 2015 1 oz Red tailed hawk 2015 1 oz Koala 2015 1 oz kangaroo 2016 1 oz owl 2015 1.25 oz wildlife 2016 3/4 oz wolf 2016
  7. haha ever seen the glasses on the film 'they live' lol I will be able to get some good photos when i ask my mate to photo them with his smart phone then he e mails them to me (from downstairs same house) then i put them on laptop then onto the silver forum !! 🤪
  8. now i see how the time is found ! What do interested parties want to do now ? (I am putting up similar/same for 5 day auction in next hour or two)
  9. not sure what to do now I got more similar coins I want to put up for auction today and coming days so not to keen to start this again
  10. Shall I say 19.00 hours today to end this auction is that okay sorry i forgot to put the time in I thought it noted the time when first put up post
  11. sorry folks I did not put an end time for this auction !! Any suggestions anyboday what time to end today
  12. 6 oz silver 3 queens beasts as in title starting bid £150 starting bid winner pays £8 SD postage UK ONLY COINS IN UK POSTED NEXT DAY Auction ends in one week on the 18th 21.15
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