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  1. Ah interesting - think i saw Gainsville on a search, I'll check them out. Thanks again!!
  2. Well quite 🙂 - I mean I was looking at dealers around Tampa and Orlando, which I thought they might tax me on at point of purchase.
  3. Thanks @Pete , interesting indeed! Only thing is it does say that you can't combine allowances (about 1/3 of the way down the page). I wonder what the sales tax would be on say a platinum 1oz coin 🤔
  4. Hey @Pete - the trip is getting closer. Just to call back to this - when you say inside your free allowance, how does that work? Just to be clear, I'd need to pay VAT on platinum, or I dont need to worry about VAT "unless it's in my allowance"?
  5. Hi, dropped a couple of responses you might have missed 👍🏻
  6. If the split ever becomes real, let me know about your 2019.... currently looking to back fill the #23 run, but would take a #25!
  7. @BackyardBullion and his silver bomb drop. Biggie and Smallz 💣💣💣
  8. Say you've got a divorce coming up, without saying you've got a divorce coming up. Bravo @Abyss
  9. Had @Rll1288 's 2020 #27 3oz for a while now. Please could i grab the 2021 version? So it's that and whatever the 5oz number comes through as, together. Thanks MM
  10. Have just secured the #22 from @Rll1288 - assume your post should read "Not got the 2020 Round?" As opposed to 2019! Would like the #22 please. Thanks MM
  11. Hi @BackyardBullion - just to clarify, there have been 250g bars previously and you've stopped minting them or there never were any?
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