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  1. Rookie question: Can someone talk me through the reason for grading these? I get what you want to know, but if you were to sell on, what does that do to the sale value if they're mostly, say 68s or 69s vs mostly 69s or 70s?
  2. Thanks @Liam84 - really appreciate the shout out - i did take @FlorinCollector`s 100g bars though!!!
  3. Thank you @BackyardBullion, as ever. Waiting on one of the 2017s now!
  4. So my untrained eye didn't see initially see spotting on at least 4 of my coins - Im in the same position as this is my first proof set too. Feel a bit like sending them back would be going down a rabbit hole. Some on here have said they'd consider having theirs back rather than getting a refund. Not sure what to do.
  5. Apologies, in my haste I misread the listing. My bad.
  6. I mean I'd stop looking at spot price if i didnt have to add VAT - and if second hand sellers stopped selling at "VAT included" levels anyway. One person's tax is another person's premium!
  7. To be fair, it does still look like you're trying to shift it while the fuzz aren't looking. 10/10 for effort, sir.
  8. Mine are through, I double checked and all looked good. One looked like that slight "hair" effect, but it looked like it was the capsule rather than the coin.
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