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  1. Nice coin - does that stack up, price wise, for a 916 fineness, vs a 1/2 oz .999?
  2. @Connor Ah mate its not a thing at all, don't worry. If anything im piggy backing, possibly, so you go right ahead, sir!
  3. Inspired by @Connor's thread, but I'll take any that aren't #84 but are in the years in the title!
  4. No AM, but I got mine within a couple of weeks of them receiving it. I did, however have to speak directly to accounts. They were nice, but not the sharpest.
  5. Yes, GCSE level. They would talk about talents as a medium of exchange in the Ecce Romani (beginner) books.
  6. I seem to remember that word coming up as a gag in an old Asterix comic. Obvious word-play, something like "you can make it, only if you've got the *talent" And it was read out in an old Latin Class, once!
  7. Thanks @Tn21 - Im less interested without COA, but what year is it? Thanks again, MM
  8. Well helloooooo. @BackyardBullion with the new 100g TSF bars. Happy lad.
  9. We'll see if RM reply to @BackyardBullion's videos but I can only think that the trusting (perfectly decent, hard working people) who don't do their research will buy these thinking they'll hold value. That's not to negate from people who buy for pure aesthetic pleasure, but surely, if you have enough to invest nearly £4k then you'd think about how they'd be liquidated another day?
  10. Just happy to watch them strike.... say a set of 2oz silver QBs?
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