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  1. Hello guys, Hoping you guys can help me complete my TSF collection! 3oz TSF Round - 2019 - ideally #27 or #7, but all numbers considered! 5oz TSF Round - 2019 - ideally #23, but all numbers considered! Hope to hear from you soon, Best MM
  2. Someone's just boxed themselves in for their next Sov listing! 😆
  3. £79.90! Will donate the winnings to something - love this thread.
  4. That's what I thought about LUNA ☠️ Must remember to stick to gold!
  5. Bump - I'm putting this away for a while if no takers, so this is out there until tomorrow (Weds 13th!) at 3pm.
  6. Hello folks, Looking for about 10, at £28 each if anyone has a set they'd like to part with?
  7. If only i, y'know, adored and revered these bars all the time..... #22 (Bambis old collection) and #59, please sir....
  8. I think the definition of "input" is probably the contention there.
  9. I guess the same way Johnson claims credit for the vaccine rollout, Sunak is claiming credit for this...
  10. Or will someone have bought the ownership rights to all money in the UK???
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