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  1. On the look out for the James Bind 2020 1oz Silver Shaken Not Stirred final coin, currently on R-Mint for £95 + charges Any feedback would be appreciated
  2. Received my 3 x Q Sovereigns this morning as well as an added bonus, it's appreciated 👌🏼 been great dealing with you, thank you
  3. Welcome and Enjoy 🙏🏼
  4. Can you send photos of the James bond & dragon bars please pal
  5. Thanks mate, very swift delivery within 24 hours of purchase. Pleasure to deal and will be dealing with you again thanks
  6. Whats the lowest you would take pal, new to this so would be a big buy for me
  7. Thanks alot mate, 🙌🏼 appreciated
  8. Ok, that's been said a few times now, any recommendations on silver/gold to keep an eye out for and invest in for someone new to it like myself? Queens Beasts etc
  9. Thanks pal, appreciated.. just looking to build them up at the moment and get one of each so better the condition the better
  10. Whats the most should someone really pay for a Single Q Beast in silver like you have just purchased
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