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  1. not really the sprayduster? Is it because its got other chemicals in it which could ruin the coin over time? I will give that dust blower some consideration, but looking at that couldn't you use a football pump? Same sort of thing it looks like?
  2. Hi @AndrewSL76, Hope you are well. So I purchased what i thought was air duster: It says this is a Sprayduster, Gas duster and its Flammable, Is this something you would use on the coin to remove dust and particles? Thanks
  3. Hi All, Quite like both sides of the coin. Something different.
  4. Thanks, thats decent and will look to get a box maybe but that 19 coin sovereign box will do my ocd nut in. Its bugging me whiles looking at the pictures still lol. Why oh why did RM do that lol. They purposely trying to fk with my mind. 🤣
  5. Thanks for that, have you stopped buying proofs coins for these reasons you noted from the RM and dealers and difficult to sell? Im also reading that grading is a lottery but personally for me I have no intentions of grading this set. The box is absolutely gorgeous in my inexperience opinion so I would rather have it in the box.
  6. Sounds like my issue that im having now but hopefully you get a better set. Let me know how it goes and whether it was worth replacing please. Thanks
  7. Yeah I thought so (like the my 1st sovereign picture in my first post, where you can see lots of little dots.) but thought this also might be a frosting issue (hope really that its not pre spotting) after reading the comment from blackadder.
  8. I've been doing that with the panthers, I was happy with the coins at the start but have since looked at the coins and it seems to me when I shine the light at certain angles I can see defects like its starting to develop milky spotting maybe, never been out of the capsules so don't know what to think of it. What is a frosting problem? Could this be that?
  9. 1 - learning about that now haha, however my loupe only uses 10x, i dont think i can control the maginication. Thanks
  10. I think i only see it when it catches a certain angle of the light under the loupe, I cannot see the tiny spots with the naked eye and only at different angles. I will look again but I cannot see the issue with pic b and c with the naked eye but then again the sovereign is so small in size it is hard to see all the details on the coin anyways. No idea how people can see all of the detail on such a small coin, does that come with experience and knowing what to look for? Yeah I would rather have this set than no set at all tbh so I will see what RM says. Thanks for your feedback
  11. Yeah i feel this would be my thinking, I haven't graded anything but will never say never. I've only recently got a loupe and only at 10x. I thought as the sovereign would be too small to see everything with the naked eye so thats why I purchased the loupe to be able to enjoy the detailing close up. Did you come to sell the coin and was it a special release like this? Thanks for sharing your experience.
  12. Thanks, will sleep on it but yeah. I was thinking more in terms of the otherside, when I come to sell. Will a collector be disappointed in receiveing them in this condition. Thanks
  13. magnification is 10x, with the size of the sovereign and the design its very difficult to see the dents for me. It will probably play on my mind. With frosting, is that acceptable on a coin and is that normal? (I notice on some comments frosting is a issue but shouldn't be a deal breaker?) I can get a refund most probably.
  14. Hi All, So got mine today and looking at it via a loupe and found some issues (I think) 1st - A-Frosting.png - is this what you call frosting on the coin? Little white spinkles everywhere on the coin? (Think you can just about see it in the pictures.) 2nd - B-unicorn dent.png - circled in red on 2nd picture, is that a dent on the unicorn? 3rd - c1 - leftsideshield.png - circled in red on 3rd and 4th picture, another dent on the shield? Would you return the coin if you just had frosting issues? Would you return the coin if you had these dent issues on unicorn and shield? Without a loupe and looking closely I wouldn't of notice theses issues. Thanks in advance for your experience.
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