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  1. Hi, Are these 2021 1oz silver britannia coins x 25 with a tube? Any photos? Can I buy these if so, happy at £580 included posted Royal Mail Special Delivery. Thanks
  2. Sorry, the best I can do is £630 posted SD. Good luck with the sale though and Thanks for the offer.
  3. Thanks for reply, would you consider Tube of Robin Hoods coins (25) for £620 including RMSD?
  4. Whats the condition like on the robin hood coins please?
  5. well that 2 oz sold out fast, guess it was a good buy. Missed it whiles checking out.
  6. Is this new coin?The Britannia 2021 Two-ounce Silver proof coin Mintage of 250 seems low no? Any thoughts? Thanks
  7. Congrates to both winners. I need to remember to participate, got to be in it to win it .
  8. Is it a good idea to confirm coa number? If so what was the number you received?
  9. Also note before sending them back, I confirmed who was liable if products were returned. Me or the royal mail, they said as soon as I give the parcel to royal mail post office and got a proof of sending it back then the liability is with the royal mail. Any problems they will speak to Royal Mail. This was me using the return label they sent me via email and also the slip in the original parcel.
  10. I chased them up and they said they will refund the postage too. So will be worth giving them a call if you want the £9.
  11. did you get your postage refunded as they couldn't even get that right for me. Really disappointing but I am really missing these coins in my hands, lol.
  12. Anyone else reckon its not going to be only this year that they will be releasing the completer coin as bullion? I got a feeling they wil continue this queens beast version for years to come. 2022 completer and so on, or do you think they will stop after this year?
  13. Thanks for this comment, Im still learning about PM and yes I have been living under a rock for 20 years it would seem, . I didn't know of milk spotting until a month after I started this year. However I have come to accept them on bullion products as they are relatively cheap compared to proof coins, I then realised it was the norm to recieve milk spotted products from a fresh tube. To me I thought with anything when buying brand new I would get a pristine condition product, little did I know this was not the case. Anyhow at a small expense compared to proof coins, I can now near enough accept it but not happy about it. For proof coins I thought they would be in mint condition, prime condition, the creme de la creme of silver coins. Is this not the case and I should accept milk spots and little blemishes on day one? (The fibres didn't really concern me for some reason, probably because they were not part of the coin) I understand milk spots might build up overtime and the coin would deteriorate over time, but to expect that on day one of owning a proof coin is abit of a ask for me. Is my expectation too high for this? Greatful for everyones insights on this, good or bad. 👍 Thanks
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