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  1. Slam

    Cheap coin capsules

    Oh? I thought they did give more protection? I will only limit my capsule purchases if I buy gold then.
  2. Slam

    Cheap coin capsules

    I would expect the ones from bullion dealers to be of good quality compared to the ones I bought from eBay. However I read a post from the forum and I believe someone here sells good air-tite ones. Someone called Morezone. Apologies if I got their name wrong. I was looking at the 40mm capsules with box storage on Amazon too but haven't purchased yet. The only reason I'm looking is because coins get milk spots supposedly if left in tubes. Otherwise I'll be more than happy to leave them in the tubes.
  3. Hi, I bought some capsules from ebay here. However I have been reading we should stay clear of cheap plastic capsules due to pvc/chemicals being bad for coins. However the ebay listing says The used material is safe for your coins (chemically inert). Would one assume these would be good enough to protect our silver coins?
  4. ahhaha, thanks for letting me know.
  5. Thanks, will order the 10x2mm magnets and will get scales at a later date. I don't plan on buying on ebay but do plan on buying online stores and in person. Would silver dealers (shops) find it offensive to get out a scale and magnet to test in front of their faces, is it like frowned upon? Don't want to cause offence to anyone but don't want to get ripped off also. Never been to a silver/gold shop before but would imagine if I get out my own tools to test their coins they wouldn't like that.
  6. Or maybe these are better? Grade N45 Neodymium Magnet 6x3mm. as it states mterials used is Neodymium only, but then does mention Coating: Nickel (Ni) Plated (silver-like shine) - Anti Corrosion
  7. Hi, Apoligies if this has been posted before and dumb questions but I couldn't find something that was recent (this year). I did found a post about reliable silver testing but it mentions about copper material being unreliable to test with, so wasn't sure about the product I list below. I read that a magnet is a good way to test if silver is real. So I have been looking at this at £5.90 with prime delivery: 50pcs Neodymium Magnets, Strong Rare Earth Magnets, for Crafts, Science, DIY and Refrigerator Magnets (10x2 mm) Would this do? It does mention the mterial is Neodymium
  8. Slam


    Thanks all for making me feel welcome. I am very much looking forward to learning & trying to understand it all.
  9. Slam


    haha, yeah definately can get carried away especially with so many youtube channels based on hype. From my research and for me, experience and looking at the charts and real world people is helping me not click the panic buy button, haha. Although the wife said, why the F you buy this for? I got loads of change in my purse! So i tried to explain why, she literally didn't listen and had a face on like she wanted to punch me in the face.
  10. Slam


    Ran out of likes. Haha Yeah, i can say i am interested and hooked abit. Didn't think I get that excited over receiving a coin but for some reason i did, will try and keep motivated and try to buy more and build on my foundation but at a good price next time.
  11. Slam


    Hi All, New here, joined because this forum kept coming up on my research and especially researching on Silver for UK. Greatful for all the info and youtube videos. Looking forward to my journey. Hopefully be a good one for us all. Thanks Slam
  12. Slam

    Is this normal?

    Thanks for that, I am so new into it I feel I rushed into buying, however learning more and more everyday about spot price, premiums, VAT etc. damn, that £12 a oz would of been nice. Was that including spot, premium and VAT? If so that is one hell of a price for only last year considering prices now.
  13. Slam

    Is this normal?

    So i started buying 1oz britannia 2021 silver tubes 25 coins at the start of March of this year. Beforehand I was watching the price in Jan/Feb. Mainly the royalmint site. In jan/feb time im sure it was around £630 for a tube then a week later I checked and it was around £730 (Couldn't believe and thought I must of dreamt it for that price of £630). I got some for around £710 in early March anyways. Yesterday I saw the price was at £700 and today I see it at £785. So quite possible it wasn't a dream. Now wondering is that normal? I mean the spot price hasn't jumped, it was near
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