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  1. Slam

    Gold 1oz coins

    Either way might be a great time to buy now, as gold taking a dive just now. Certainly better today than last week to buy.
  2. My first Queens Beast silver coin to see what all the fuss is about. OK.... i get it now. Beautiful piece. 😍
  3. Slam

    Averaging cost

    Collector items have certainly increased in value since last year, i think mainly to do with lockdown etc. ie Retro gaming stuff have rocketed in price, not to mention collectable cards😁. Yeah I also considered the doy privys and i think they were £35 a pop but at the time I couldn't be bothered with the hassle of selling them also I didn't want to be that guy lol. Good luck with them and Im sure you get more than cost price when time comes to sell. The scottsdale stacker coins and bars looks nice and the liberatads, theres a 1kg coin for sale now and I have been keeping a keen but distan
  4. Slam

    Averaging cost

    That pre 1947 stuff is nice as you can buy loads and feel like you're getting value for money, 😁. But the new shiny stuff looks nice and they are always calling my name out, 😀 especially the ones from the perth mint. Been meaning to get a kilo silver bar but haven't managed to yet, I just want to feel a hefty bar in my hands. But im just trying to keep a narrow focus as theres too many temptations. I feel nothing is at a decent price no more 😭. My proudest moment so far is that I found a new hobby and can fulfil my lust of buying things that hopefully wont depreciate in the long run
  5. Slam

    Averaging cost

    Hi Mark1234, I also had this question in my mind the other day. What is the average cost of new stacker that started in 2021. You managed to get it under £23 which i think is excellent for 2021. My average is currently at around £29 and thats only because i only buy government backed silver and just recently bought some high premium stuff (if you can call 10oz griffin a high premium item) just to look at and see what all the fuss is about, that price doesn't include my pre 1947 silver which would bring it down, also I don't have alot of silver tbh. I think its because of FOMO
  6. Im looking at capsules on chard as might order from there now, the diameter for this coin is 32.69mm, so was looking for a 33mm coin capsule but don't appear to be sold there and only 34mm is the closest one. Would this work or best to get a 33mm capsule? Thanks
  7. Thanks for this, I did see it was available to order but I was put off by the: This coin is bullion standard and may have some slight bag and/or production marks. Not quite sure if that was the norm but as it will be my first gold coin wasn't sure, also Atkinsons is abit cheaper. Do you know if you order from chard it comes with capsules?
  8. Can you setup reminders or stock alerts? I was checking through out today but didn't see it come into stock.
  9. Thanks for letting me know. I cannot find bargain numismatics shop in Birmingham Jewellery Quarter on Google. (Understandable if you don't want to broadcast) Can only see: The Bullion Store Ltd Gold Bullion Dealers Jewellery Quarter Bullion BullionJoy The Bullion Room Is there any of these I need to avoid? Thanks
  10. Hi, Going to visit some coin shops soon in west midlands, any recommendations? I know there are some in Birmingham Jewellery quarter and in city centre however there will be congestion charge soon so wanted to avoid them (sorry) because of the charge. I know abit vague question but are shop prices cheaper than online prices usually or do you tend to see better prices from the same stores online? Any help would be appreciated Thanks Slam
  11. Hi, Is this still available and what condition is the coin in? Cant tell if its the capsule that is scratched or the coin, ie the rim & coins queen face. Thanks
  12. I didn't know a stacker was a thing either. Didn't even know what a bullion coin was to be honest. Right now i feel like a little kid in a candy shop wanting to taste and feel all varieties. I have been looking to get some pre 1920 and pre 1947 coins actually by the bucket load but not willing to pay any real premiums on them currently. Its great that you was a collector then turned stacker, at least you got in 10 years ago and doing what you love. I just wasted my life away, drinking and going out and buying junk to get my buzz 😭
  13. Yeah, I am considering it but holding off for now until I can afford to buy a truck load of stuff , so when I do sign up I can take advantage of it.
  14. Unfortunately It says I do not have permissions to see that :(.
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