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  1. Looking at the results it seems that prices have softened for the larger Silver 3G particularly the 1 Kilo but the 20z held up reasonably well
  2. I don't blame you,it sounds like at least a potential 100% profit margin for them .
  3. You could try one of the dealers like Chard or the London Coin Company but obviously they need to turn a profit, at least it would give you an indication . Otherwise ebay would give you the quickest return. Whether to sell now or not is very subjective -the old "fear versus greed "conundrum (not that I am suggesting that you are either!) Personally I am more on the former and would rather take a smaller turn now than hold out for a bigger one in the future which may or may not materialise. As has been pointed out there are going to be an awful lot of PF 70s around which will affect the price
  4. The Britannia Coin Company which seems to be one of the leading dealers in Three Graces , has 2oz PF 69 Silver listed at £1895 (with 5 in stock) and raw at £2750 (with 7 in stock )
  5. Likewise I think that the 2 Kilo Silver is the same diameter as the 1 Kilo ie 1005 mm. Personally I wouldn't pay much more for that added weight. I don't know if others agree (and not to do down the 10oz) but when it comes to aesthetics in the silver it is the diameter that is the main driver for me ie an ideal set would be 2oz, 5oz and 1 Kilo.
  6. I would take it out of its slab and enjoy it as a thing of beauty.
  7. Has anyone seen a 1Kilo in the metal and if so do the Three Graces work well on such a large coin?
  8. On the Raw versus 69 graded sometimes its better to travel hopefully than arrive!
  9. @ExpatBrian, apparently your view was shared by lots of others as the vast majority are already sold.
  10. Apologies for the misinformation on my part.
  11. All power to those who can manage one of these at this price but imho it seems an awful lot to pay for a modern silver coin with an issue of c 150 however stunning it may be and notwithstanding that per oz it is cheaper than the smaller equivalents and has a lower mintage .
  12. Is there any news on when the I kilo silver will be issued and what the mintage will be ? Presumably it won't be available from the RM ( at least it is not listed there) but from its Sovereign Rarities "branch " as we now think of it?
  13. Would be interested to know how much a good silver unslabbed 2oz RM Una goes for nowadays? All I can see is someone on ebay selling the Three Graces and Una coins together
  14. Not sure what what qualifies a coin like this for a First Day of Issue label . Given that these are proof non-circulation coins that sold out within an hour or so of being launched, aren't they all First Day of Issue? cf stamp first day covers. Looks like a marketing ploy to make them seem more exclusive than all the rest.
  15. For anyone who is interested(!) apparently RM holds around 23% of Sovereign Rarities , which itself made £1m of profit last year. Likewise , for those so inclined(!) the front end of RM accounts for last year make quite interesting reading . https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/06964873/filing-history
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