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  1. I’m old,,,, I had to google it to find out what it was 😆
  2. Thanks Guys - appreciate the help
  3. Thanks guys, I’m mainly stacking, as I don’t yet have the experience for collecting ( although I have made 5 or 6 auction purchases of collectibles) , but will take your opinions on board. can I ask, what is an SG dental floss test? I have downloaded the ping test app after reading some earlier stuff and am practicing a bit with that.
  4. For those of us relatively new to collecting the fear of being scammed is a huge disincentive to buying from anyone other than recognised dealers. I know that this site seems to be a safer place to trade but for the likes of me it is a big consideration at the moment. I am sure this will diminish as us newbies get a bit more experienced, but I kind of wish there was an “idiots guide to spotting fake coins” manual! Perhaps there is?
  5. As always, hugely informative, this forum provides an exceptional resource to the new guys of the coin world. ps reading your posts on here contributed to me using Chards for my most recent purchase, thanks for the input. 👍
  6. What is a wee bit shocking is that even although you know a lot of this stuff, it kind of bypasses you until you join a forum like this and pay a bit more attention to what you guys are posting.
  7. What a great listen, don’t know how much is correct, but fantastic stuff
  8. I guess as I get more confident I will look at other silver options, but for now I mainly buy boring 25 coin tubes from online dealers. I have bought a few other coin packs from a couple of auctions (not coin auctions) which have proven to be my best value buys, every dedicated coin auction I have looked at seems to be overpriced! Maybe it’s just the ones I have followed.
  9. Thanks, I find from no knowledge whatsoever, I now have to have a quick login at least once a day, ,,,, hooked 👍😆
  10. I like this post, but don’t you think there is merit in being John, good profit and for novice stackers, less risk, as I would trust I was buying legitimate product and find a resale market easier,,,,,, just a thought. So far I buy silver 1oz coins every month, but you have made me rethink my strategy. 👏
  11. Thanks Jvw, do you think it matters much which membership you have?
  12. I would like to thank Mr Chard for the education we newbies get from reading posts like the above, what would take hours/days of research, condensed into a quick read, brilliant stuff 👍👍👍
  13. Hi Gordy - is it worth becoming a paid (premium) member first do you think?
  14. Been following the page for a year and buying slowly since the end of last year (both gold and silver UK coins). Still a real beginner but enjoy reading others opinions on what to buy and why. I hope to start buying on this site but am being a little cautious as of now. So far 90% of my monthly purchases have been from "Bullion by Post", or auction sites - just because I am trying to be careful. Obviously welcome any free advice and am reading lots of post trying to learn from those with more experience.
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