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  1. no more germania ?
  2. very strange coin, I normally don't do coins like that but just as curiosity what is the "bottom dollar" for this ? if you want to let it go
  3. TUBE ARRIVED SAFELY UNOPENED, THANK YOU will leave feedback , please do the same.
  4. for example in Poland people can buy this coin for £50 plus £3 shipping, total cost 53, that is my question , royal mint is not in Poland this price is from a dealer in Poland, so they don't pay vat when they order from RM ? so if you have friends in Poland get few and next time you visit , on the way back put it in the pocket. but that is not my problem, how it is possible dealer need to make profit also so how much they pay for it ?
  5. hi, can any of more experience members explain to me why The Queen's Beasts 2021 2oz Silver Bullion Coin costs £76 in UK , and people in Europe can buy this coin for £50 , I think that was my last purchase from RM,
  6. hi, can you trade for 4 bullion coins ?
  7. can you spare one ? if yes what is the price or possibly trade for bullion?
  8. hi by any chance do you have Silver Zeus 2020 Perth Mint???
  9. hi, maybe would be easier to sell ordinary silver bullion , if you trade for . let me know, it's worth considering.
  10. hi, trade for bullion possible ???
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