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  1. ‘The only privilege I personally…’ Just this?…. C’mon really! You’re buying gold coins at £300 + to hide in your Y-Fronts draw! List and count your blessing mon ami. Family, job… Put the 10x down, zoom out, and find some perspective. Our mint is brilliant, but not perfect. They do seem to be dealing with all complaints sensibly and effectively. It’s a large complex establishment, likely underfunded and outdated in places, but they get it right so often. Catch you tomorrow - fires lit, wines poured and family’s waiting x
  2. Thanks for this. My intention was never to be rude - and I apologise for that. I think, after a very long week, reading the thread left me disappointed that a very privileged group were writing in such a manner. If I read the thread now, would I feel the same? Possibly, possibly not. Anyhow - if it made anyone reflect on their output…
  3. Very good - don’t worry! Louise is great. I suspect, like Sovereignsteve mentions, very busy at the moment as auction last weekend and another tomorrow.
  4. It’s not Amazon. There is an element of childishness in certain posts on this thread. We should not be so impatient; our 2022 Sovereign’s will turn up soon enough. Stop moaning and understand that there is a team of people experiencing pressure at this moment. For most of the year they meet demand very well. It’s not deliberate, so certain necks need to be pulled in. Quality wise: our mint is outstanding. BUT, reporting issues is a must. It does have some issues that we need to raise. But please - do it kindly… it’s more effective.
  5. I just go to a different post office.
  6. You don’t want it too soon…. The warehouse pickers will have spent Monday celebrating, and recreating the tries, from the rugby win over Figi. Sovereign boxes, especially the five coin sets, would have been spin passed into the packing area and Dai England tackled regularly as he carried various sets to the packing area. That’ll ensure the mints quoter of PR68s is met. Tuesday’s about nursing hangovers in the Principality whilst doing as little as possible. Most boxes are thrown as it’s easier than walking with pounding heads. This gives us the PR69s as Dai England is being thrown regular hospital passes by the Taffs. Wednesday’s a good day in Llantrisant, the lads will be on fine form - sober, rested and reflective. The warehouse will be an industrious place as they seek to make up for lost time and quietly discuss a possible team to face Australia in light of serious selection issues. Most people getting a delivery on Thursday or Friday will get a PR 70. But a couple of PR60s may creep in - that’ll be because Dai England won’t be able to resist mentioning that we’ve just beaten the Ozzies.
  7. Got to make a living… I’ve no issue with this and, I suspect, neither do you. Unless, of course, the dealer is taking the ‘&/££ and then we don’t use them again 😎
  8. It’s moved on 6 pages since I was last here 😊😆💪 Get some sleep folk! Be bright eyed and bushy tailed for Monday 9am… it’s going to be special 😊💫 Good hunting and post pics x
  9. Perhaps the design will be unappreciated, like 1989, and it won’t sell out 😂😆
  10. My guess is a proof release, and later - I hope a bullion version with the same design as such a special year. I just hope it’s not another small privy mark on the standard design!
  11. Swampy

    1989 half sov

    @BiigTthat is a good price to sell one for eh. The last one (pf70) to go on eBay was over £2k too. Hope you find one at the right price.
  12. Swampy

    1989 half sov

    You’ve a great coin at a fair price I think. Nice addition to your collection!
  13. Swampy

    1989 half sov

    A PF70 half sov 1989 just sold at the CoinsoftheRealm auction today for £690. @Dougall1depends on condition of coin and if slabbed. Great to own though!
  14. Swampy

    1989 half sov

    @Zhorro Thanks. My view is they are fab and a must have! My understanding is that the new 1989 design was not particularly popular at issue and the Royal Mint did not sell out of its entire issue limit. This was attributed to the marketing with collectors wanting StGeorge and the Dragon and failing to understand the reason behind the design. This perhaps is why they waited a long time before changing the design again? either way - it’s rather successful now!
  15. Swampy

    1989 half sov

    Great coin design. Price on these is crazy now - pre-internet, not marketed well in 1989 and a must have for sov collectors. Good investment!
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