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  1. Hi folks, Some of the images people post on here of their gold coins are fantastic. I’m rather curious as to what people are using to capture such detailed images of single coins? A photo example would be great too! Many thanks, Swampy
  2. Love it! The gold bug has you and the house deposit cash is being raided. Enjoy the ride and good luck with the investment.
  3. It’s a very well written thought piece to start intellectual conversations and debate. Reminded me very much of the Orwellian text 1984. Reading that, as oppose to market, stock, and technology reports must have been a refreshing change. I enjoyed it so thanks for sharing. If this happens in Denmark - I’ll cope with it - providing they keep sending bacon 🥓 🐷!
  4. I think you’re correct to urge caution at this point in time. But aspiring to own your own home is something think 99.99% of us all want. Absolutely no point paying rent all your life and living in a tent is great... for a weekend! In the U.K. it’s almost impossible to purchase a house without a mortgage. So I say - go for it when the times right.
  5. Great set of Sovs to purchase. Nice work! Good luck with the grading.
  6. Thanks @brithammeredso many good ideas coming through!
  7. I’ve always been drawn to Sovs because of the history aspect... but the 1/4 Oz Brits are lovely. You could always go for a quintuple sovereign...
  8. I’ve reported it three times... surely eBay should do something! I also messaged seller directly calling them out over selling replica coins as genuine... no reply.
  9. I’d like to see it dipped - but only out of curiosity! I’ve never cleaned coins.
  10. @Murph ... as you said, they’ll lose value. Lovely coin this one though - sold today at a loss of about £350 😯
  11. Would you Ladies and Gents leave cash in a current account or put it in premium bonds?
  12. Asking investing advice is good, and having some skin in the game is even better! Buy an ounce (or two at most) if you fancy - you can see how it goes and if it interests you. But hold the majority 11k + as cash for the moment. You’ve learning to do, and you recognise that which is good. Lifetime ISA - hit your 4K input every year as your priority so you get the max payout from gov. Key is, in my view, to start investing slowly and learn as you go. It’s a lifetime journey not a get rich quick scheme. I saved in a cash ISA and in premium bonds as my first investments for a
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