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  1. I’m also still in ‘open orders’, but at this point I’m happy for the RM to take their time, keep that die clean and deliver me a good quality coin…who am I kidding 😂
  2. Who knows really. I personally think the theory that they only strike a % before launch would be the most likely scenario, as other items don’t seem to have any issues shipping. And I do agree that I’d rather them take their time to strike, but as we all know, even without a sellout launch the RM is notorious for QC issues.
  3. I just spoke with a really lovely lady from the RM as my full Sovereign is still in “Open Orders” and I wanted an update. So there is still a backlog of orders to ship, which we already know, and that causes their system to show a Jan post date - which is where this Jan date comes from. They are doing all they can to pull that back to a December delivery date. So for anyone who still has their coin in “Open Orders” as long as you have the funds available, it looks like you’ll get your coin this month.
  4. Wow that’s a very noticeable defect. It’s ridiculous that this coin passed a QC check.
  5. I suppose it isn’t obvious. I do always wonder how many people actually display their gold. ”Come on in and see where I display my most expensive valuables” 😂
  6. Maybe you got a ‘default’ response, for non special delivery coins. I just can’t see it being January. The RMcan be slow, but not that slow.
  7. Anyone else’s coin still in “Open Orders”? Seems a few got delivery confirmation today.
  8. Ahhhh good morning. Another day of my sovereign in “Open Orders”… …😐
  9. Thanks. Yeah I get what you mean about the success. I like it, but I have some bills to pay and it’s one from my collection I don’t mind parting with. Cheers for the info.
  10. Ah no mines just the BU matte version. Not sure there was a proof? This one https://www.royalmint.com/our-coins/events/queen-victoria/The-200th-Anniversary-of-the-Birth-of-Queen-Victoria-Celebration-Sovereign/
  11. Hey, I am fortune enough to have the above titled sovereign, and I’m interested in selling, but for the life of me I can’t see much about it’s value. I’d imagine as it’s such a low mintage there just haven’t been many for sale, and the last one sold here appears to be a graded one from last year. Would anyone have a rough idea?
  12. I’m not jealous that many of you have your coins at all 😩 Who cares mines still in “Open Orders”… …I do 😭
  13. Mines still in Open Orders. Looks like it won’t be today 😔 Still…at least it means I can use to the toilet freely without worry 🤣
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