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  1. I did ask them about acid testing and they said they don’t put chemicals on the coin, however I’m not 100% convinced just because I can’t see what other way they’d test them. Oooof not sure I’m confident enough to give it a soapy Bath, but I may give it a try, thanks!
  2. I picked up this coin from my local pawn shop for a decent price as they were struggling to shift it. I’m pretty sure it’s in wrong style RM box but I wondered if any of the pros know, as it still has a genuine COA? Also looking at the horses head I think it’s either getting a red spot or it’s been handled, anyone know if I should do anything about it, or sell as is?
  3. It might detract a small few, but if someone wants the coin but doesn’t like label, they can always get the label changed.
  4. Congratulations! Im looking forward to getting the coin back now and checking out TSF label
  5. Yours must be due imminently then.
  6. Haha yeah I read some of that yesterday. Very sneaky with the invested relationship, but the mint won’t pass up on making more money. They literally make the money, that’s what they’re all about 😂
  7. I have zero idea. I was going to wait until a couple had sold either via eBay or auction. Currently there’s only one up on eBay for a crazy price.
  8. Ow yeah, I’m still happy with it! It’s just made my decision to sell to put towards a 1937 Proof Sovereign - my dream coin!
  9. I got my grade and sadly I’m one of the few that got a PF69 Ultra Cameo. Still at least that makes my decision of whether or not to sell it!
  10. I didn’t ask further than that, but I’d guess none are yet.
  11. Just in case any of the guys who chose to have their coins graded through Chris and Coins of the Realm are wondering about their status, I enquired and they’re at the ‘Scheduled of Grading’ stage. Likely a while until we know those sweet, sweet grades.
  12. When did you send it in?
  13. Ow I hope I get a 70 as mines with them now. I did ask for conservation just in case, but I read NGC will share if it’s needed or not.
  14. Do what you need to do, it’s your coin at the end of the day. No pressure from us 😂 Mine has just been delivered to @CoinsOfTheRealmAuctions ready to go to the grading gods (NGC). I’m very confident it will be well looked after on its international journey. If you don’t sell for the price you want, then maybe have a rethink 😉.
  15. Haha shush I didn’t know how to spell their actual names and was too lazy to Google. So Grace, Grace and Grace will do 😂
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