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  1. No I mean that my Victoria SOTD sovereign comes with better outer packaging than my more expensive 2021 sov. Ignoring the bags you can see the Vic. SOTD comes in it’s own cardboard box to protect the presentation and sleeve, yet my sovereign was just bubble wrapped. I was just lucky the bubble wrap prevented any damage to my 2021 sovereign because the box it came in had a rough time.
  2. Sorry, I might not have explained myself. It came in a box with bubble wrap, just not the ‘box within a box’ packaging other coins come with. same, my box had a few bumps, very flimsy packaging, luckily there was bubble wrap.
  3. My full sovereign arrived today and as expected the coin is great-might even be worth grading-and presentation is great. But what has caught me off guard is how this coin didn’t come in a custom fit cardboard outer box. Instead it was just bubble wrapped!? when I buy from the mint I like to store my boxes coins in these little cardboard boxes, but now I’ve just had to leave it wrapped in bubble wrap! Anyone know if there’s custom options out there as I’d like to protect the box?
  4. I was tempted by the half, but I do love a full sovereign. A little bit more heart than head 😂
  5. So looking at the website I’ve noticed they aren’t sharing full mintage numbers. Does that mean the full sovereign has a mintage of 9,695 and the half of 3,200 - based on adding up the sets, or am I missing something? Edit: aw b0ll0cks to it, I’ve ordered the full. You only live once 😂
  6. Haha true, I’d be pretty disappointed if it didn’t, but as it’s all for my son in the long run, I’m trying to maximise on investment and where I’d normally spend the money on bullion, I’m tipping towards this. Just trying to balance it out based on people’s thoughts. Shame my crystal ball doesn’t work, or I’d know what to buy 😂
  7. Yeah I have had a quick search of recent years, but to be honest they fluctuate quite a bit and the recent full proof sovs don’t appear to be doing that well on sites like eBay, but with this being another limited edition thought it might do better, but I don’t know which one to potentially pick up. Half seems like a safe bet, but as I’m looking at 10-20 years down the line a full might also be a good option. Any and all advice is welcome 🙏
  8. Question for the buyers; are you going for the full or half? I’m tempted with with half, but my knowledge on proof Sovs is limited and don’t know if the full is worth it as a long, long term investment?
  9. I don’t think the mintage is too bad for an internationally known character. My issue with be the QC. I just hope I get some good ones.
  10. Yeah that’s pretty standard on a release day. Doesn’t mean they’re selling like hot cakes.
  11. I ordered the proof set. I can’t see it doing well on the secondary market, but I’ve always liked Winnie, so why not and I’ll stash away.
  12. Flippers already starting to flood eBay 😂
  13. You can buy the first coin only, but it’s a bit rubbish as a single coin.
  14. Damn, I was hoping there were 1oz or 1/4oz of the front facing DB5. I’m out! Just stupidly expensive for a pretty ‘meh’ design.
  15. I’m queuing to see what the hype is about! Are these legal tender or just medallions or whatever they call them?
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