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  1. Limited product range it seems and better prices on TSF.
  2. Count me in please 👍I will send a 1oz 007 No time to Die silver bar still in plastic.
  3. Yeah going up really slow, just a pathetic 16% rise from week lows of £18.11 👍 Hopefully people have learnt to bank some profits along the way, as long term holders have seen this scenario before and always a re-trace eventually once the pumpers leave the party. Nice to get some big media interest at least to highlight how undervalued it is and being such a small market potential to big swings. Good luck everyone and enjoy the ride.
  4. I saw that bar, the larger the bar the harder to shift from personal experience, it is priced about right currently from a main dealer with website costs and retail premises at a 30% premium over spot. Some of our site sponsors / private sellers generally 20% over spot on silver standard items, more obviously for rarer limited editions.
  5. As mentioned earlier $900 billion 😷 stimulus package in theory agreed in the good old USA, votes later today......this raises the prospect of inflation........people buy precious metals as a hedge against it......on top of $2 trillion in March the numbers are mind boggling. Eventually people will realise the dollar will not be the gloabal currency if you keep printing it will devalue and people lose confidence in it, reset for gold and silver in theory but who knows anymore with the stock market madness....how long can the Fed keep pumping unlimited cash into certain companies before reality comes. Probably be the usual intial rise off the back of it then fall back pending release of the price as and when they want it to go up......the large institutions apparently still trying to buy up as much physical as they can.
  6. Welcome, charts seem to be of little use this year 🤪, too much corruption and manipulation of late, but long term upside to come hopefully in 2021.
  7. Silver dealers buy at wholesale prices and obviously add a standard margin for resale, so will only offer it to a certain price point. The last crash in March where silver was briefly £10.50ish an oz, the cheapest 1oz coin I could find in European dealers was £16 plus post.
  8. Buckle up as many more up's and down's on the silver/gold bumpy road to come 😒 with Covid part 2 on our door step, stock market oversold and the US elections.........then what if Trump contests the vote, which he will if he loses and will cause more uncertainty and a market sell off......................his term ends on the 20th of January, he will not go quietly. Fair value will play out eventually but who knows when that will be.....buy on the dips 🙂
  9. 1KG 2015 Koala's listed on here for £675.........
  10. Seem to recall a 1kg Kookabura for sale on here still for £700 for better value. Agreed re spot, 20-30% fairly standard this year even buying in europe, although purchased some coins 16/03 when spot crashed to around £10.40 and could find nothing cheaper than £16 an oz from a dealer plus post at the time.
  11. What an absolute joke 😒, hopefully further charges to come for individuals, hardly a deterrent.........they are of course a primary dealer for the Fed. Interesting Andrew Maguire video posted today re JP Morgan..........since March has gained full control of the largest physical stockpile of silver in history. A major based US based trading house has been given an unlimited letter of credit to buy every ounce of silver available!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fCGpgND6U_A
  12. To be fair RM with the current promo and free postage for 10 Brits at £265 is pretty good with spot at £21, you will pay 20--30% over spot from most places. Normally use Eldorado coins, but spot has risen since my last order not too long ago and are £25.62 for 10+, they are still better value if ordering in bulk, UK delivery around £11.00 and ordered many times no issues.
  13. Interesting, still cheaper elsewhere, but as you say normally the last place to get good value. Looks like they are doing a promo with 25% off selected coin orders (PROMO CODE DSC333), when I added it to an order of 10+ britannia's it said the coupon had already been applied, so the Brits must be in the promo.
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