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  1. Appreciate the replies thanks and will read up on revolut
  2. Morning guys, fair price when converting 19.64 euros to GBP on current exchange rate, but when you filter on the site to £ equates to £19.39 so not such a good deal. Do you pay in euro on a decent exchange debit card to make it worthwhile with the 25 euro postage factored in? Not used them before so after any tips, thanks
  4. Hi Lufc1987, thanks for the offer. I did want to sell in batches of 5 to offset the postage costs. I want to build some trader feedback on here as I have on Ebay, so can do 1 for £24 delivered using 1st class signed for delivery (£1.90) as I want it to turn up!
  5. REDUCED to £135 per lot of 5 1oz including Special Delivery..............
  6. Evening all, my first time listing on here, but have been an Ebay seller with this User ID since 2002 and 1,192 feedbacks with 100% rating,......but sick of paying their 10% final value fees so listing here . 2 lots of x5 1oz Angel Isle of Man 2018 proof finish all still new and sealed in original packaging, 15,000 minted only by the Tower Mint. £140 per lot including special delivery, payment via Paypal or Bank Transfer, postage to UK only. Cheers Glen
  7. Thanks, got quite excited until went through to payment and the steep £26 postage 🤔, price up to £18.78 now.
  8. dga00 have you used gold silver.be much before?? Not a bad price, but premiums still high over spot price. Silver to go doing 1 kilo lunar mouse 2020 coin today for £577 so circa £18 per oz.
  9. Rocky, from my recent experience re coins they are better value than most as based in Germany so no VAT and charge a flat UPS delivery fee of £9.95 so good value if buying bulk. If looking at just physical silver per Oz price, bars are better value but you will still pay a dealer premium + VAT 🙁
  10. They do rotate offers on there and have now removed the 25 coin minimum order. Britannia's touched 18.00 on there last week for a few hours. Yep hopefully premiums being reduced a bit now 🤔
  11. Morning all, silver to go this morning showing 2020 1oz Krugerrands for £17.94 plus postage of £9.95 via UPS sent within 7 days, limited stock. Lowest they have been for a while.
  12. Evening all, seems to be a wealth of information and experience on here. I have always had an interest in Finances/shares and a coin collector in my teens with quite a few crowns still in my possession. Read up on the conspiracy theories over a period of time and the current mismatch gold / silver ratio suggests when production starts up again and the money printing options run out, fair value will come for silver, also hold some gold but silver appeals more and love some of the coin/bar designs. Been building a collection via silver-to-go primarily but if anyone can recommend any other sites with no / lower VAT would be grateful. All the best 😄 Glen
  13. Afternoon all, newbie on here 😮, but just noticed on silver-to-go.com doing a sale price for 1oz 2020 Britannia's at £18.38 each minimum 25 coins, deal was not there this morning. German based hence cheaper, £9.95 delivery and used a few times without issue. Cheers Glen
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