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  1. What an absolute joke 😒, hopefully further charges to come for individuals, hardly a deterrent.........they are of course a primary dealer for the Fed. Interesting Andrew Maguire video posted today re JP Morgan..........since March has gained full control of the largest physical stockpile of silver in history. A major based US based trading house has been given an unlimited letter of credit to buy every ounce of silver available!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fCGpgND6U_A
  2. BOTH SOLD............cannot complete the listing it seems.
  3. Morning Gimp, wil send you a PM in a minute.
  4. Purchased from a site sponsor earlier this year. Still in sealed wrapper. £720 each, 2 available plus Special Delivery.
  6. To be fair RM with the current promo and free postage for 10 Brits at £265 is pretty good with spot at £21, you will pay 20--30% over spot from most places. Normally use Eldorado coins, but spot has risen since my last order not too long ago and are £25.62 for 10+, they are still better value if ordering in bulk, UK delivery around £11.00 and ordered many times no issues.
  7. Interesting, still cheaper elsewhere, but as you say normally the last place to get good value. Looks like they are doing a promo with 25% off selected coin orders (PROMO CODE DSC333), when I added it to an order of 10+ britannia's it said the coupon had already been applied, so the Brits must be in the promo.
  8. 2 available, one with certificate and one without, both from 2011. £105 each plus your choice of postage and risk, or buy both and I will cover the Special Delivery cost.
  9. Evening all, 1 lot of 10 Silver Brits as new from dealer in tubes. Taken out of tube for photos only using gloves. £275 for 10 1oz coins. Can be provided in new capsules for additional £2.50. Special Delivery only at a cost of £7.50, bank transfer preferred or Paypal Friends and Family Only 10 available, sold the other 20 on here last Friday.
  10. OK will do them for £25 posted, will PM you now with payment details.
  11. For sale as above proof gold 50p, total weight 15.5 grams, pure gold content 14.2083 grams. Limited mintage of 1,500, comes with original box and ceritifcate of authenticity. Possibly exhange for sovereigns. £790.00 plus Special Delivery £7.50. Same on chards for £1,020 currently: https://www.bullionbypost.co.uk/proof-sets/proof-50p-piece/gold-proof-1998-fifty-pence-piece-eec/
  12. Morning, 3 lots of 10 as new from dealer in tubes received yesterday. Taken out of tube for photos only using gloves. £275 for 10 coins. Can be provided in new capsules for additional £2.50. Special Delivery only at a cost of £7.50, bank transfer preferred.
  13. 10 dragon bars bullion condition as received in the tube from dealer. Only handled to place in new lindner direct fit rectangular capsules, which are included. £280 for all 10 with capsules, plus insured Special Delivery £7.50. Bank transfer preferred.
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