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  1. Hi there, postage for a small parcel upto 1kg is £3.20, so same price for multiple tubes.
  2. Sorry sold the last lot last weekend and not viable now we are out of the EU as buy them from Germany.
  3. With respect if you are raising money for treatment I really hope all goes well and you are selling this too cheaply, any 10 Oz coin or bar will make £270 plus here especially in great condition. Best of luck to you.
  4. £28.65 an oz delivered Special Delivery and great condition................😃
  5. Afternoon, all are in good condition, no milking and in capsules. £28.50 each - 3 x 2016 and 3 x 2018 available only. Postage £6.50 insured Special Delivery or £3.00 1st class signed for at your own risk
  6. Afternoon, selling a lovely 2019 10 oz silver Kookaburra in capsule, never opened and both coin and capsule in very good condition. £279.00 plus £7.50 Special Delivery.
  7. Hi, interested in 2 tubes at £675 a tube, please let me know.
  8. Hi, will take the other tube please.
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