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  1. Did you read my earlier post with the charts? you can see what happens when theres ample liquidity pre financial crisis and what happens when theres not post If no financial crisis China wouldnt care about a new reserve currency because they would still be growing exponentially How can March 2020 happen, a liquidity crisis, if theres so much cash? Tell me if this is wrong "Food prices are likely to soar next year after record-high gas prices forced fertiliser manufacturers to halt production, experts have warned." Are current gas prices anything to do with too much currency? Are high shipping container costs anything to do with too much currency? Or is it shutting things down with lockdowns and expecting to reopen like nothing happened Kdave talked about it a lot with oil to his credit but it seems to have caused problems with a lot more
  2. Arent a lot of covid schemes in the UK coming to an end now? furlough, seiss etc; Ive seen a lot of people unhappy on twitter over £20 being cut from universal credit Ive not kept up to date with the US stuff but just checking I see the US supreme court has overruled a ban on evictions and also covid unemployed benefits have been stopped September 6th So yes seems like a lot of help is coming to end, but thats ok because im sure everyone will be employed and wanting to spend spend spend right? and it will be a very hot economy leading to some very inflationary conditions 🥵 Or is it people tend to focus on what governments and central banks are doing too much and not whats missing and why theyre having to do anything in the first place, hint: its not because things are going well and conditions are inflationary This picture just says it all Where would consumer and business debt be no financial crisis? theres missing trillions that would would have been created otherwise You can see the same for business, for imports, to countries GDP Look at Chinas GDP, from growing 14% in 2007 to, by their standards, barely growing at 6% in 2019, why the slow down?? a decade after US QE started, wow the Feds balance sheet goes up lets focus on that.. meanwhile the real world shows something is missing Can you really look at this stuff and deny reality that its deflationary? You guys are obsessed with central banks and Powell, I love Jeff Snider.
  3. Problems with supply is nothing to do with currency though and should be transitory*
  4. Give me some data to back this up? Every chart I look at tells the same tale, running hot up until 2007/8 then not so good since; We seem in a way less inflationary period than pre financial crisis, quite the opposite in fact The more I look and learn the less I understand this fixation with inflation, seems like a made up dream by people who dont understand Fed QE is bank reserves
  5. Debatable but a moot point regardless Hunter gatherer worked Pre-iron age worked Pre-industrial worked Pre-internet worked etc etc But things grow around new innovations and society becomes dependent on them, should they be taken away it would cause great chaos and shrinkage
  6. The US had to lend dollars to Europe to rebuild after WW2 Offshore unregulated currency where a free market could decide how best to do things is always going to come up with a better system than a stuffy government By the 70s the US didnt even know how many dollars there were so how could they still accept them for gold The Eurodollar / repomarket became an amazing tool for economic growth, if you view currency like oil then the more you have of it the more energy to get things done, if you have a limited supply then you cap growth Look at the rise of China with the eurodollar and then how it stalled since 2007/8 I think where you and others get it wrong is you think money = has to be a store of value, but what about its role as a tool? that is more important to the global ecomony, growth and trade; its aspect as a tool that is its value If you have a gold standard then you gain a store of value but lose its value as a tool
  7. So many reasons this is fantasy China are known to manipulate their own currency to be favourable to them Why would any government want to tie their hands with a gold standard? The world runs on the repo market and eurodollar system, liquidity being king; how liquid is a gold standard? wouldnt it be devastatingly deflationary How much global debt is there that needs to be paid in dollars? not gold yuan, dollars If no more eurodollar system no more needs for treasuries as collateral, governments would be totally f**cked no? its impossible to pay off the debt you need to issue more, how would that work on a gold standard, who is going to forgive these debts? Its like saying we could all switch to green energy tomorrow and leave fossil fuels behind, you need to ignore all the realities of the world to think thats possible
  8. https://news.sky.com/story/south-london-councils-burn-recycling-waste-as-hgv-driver-shortage-disrupts-bin-collections-12404763 The farm to fork supply chain - which transports local, high quality, organic and seasonal produce - was missing around half a million of the four million people that usually worked in the sector, according to Mr Wright.
  9. Ohhh thats your game, youre being wilfully ignorant or dont understand context For context, getting positive momentum at 93 looks strong, which I shouldnt need to mention for you to understand But yes if the 200 came under at 73 highlighted yes that wouldnt be so strong
  10. To what extent do you think rising prices could be due to supply/demand issue rather than a currency issue? Inflation you would think is too much currency chasing too few good/services But if theres too few goods/services because of a supply issue (lockdowns) then it should be transitory (assuming supply returns) because it has nothing to do with the currency supply You can look at lumber which really shot up to ridiculous levels but has cooled off a lot now
  11. What Monetary inflation means general price inflation because of an oversupply of currency If your currency is strong that represents demand and so there cant be too much of it.. and you can import for less so general prices arent going to rise are they
  12. It means the momentum is positive Especially when the 50/100/200 are under in correct alignment Do you need any more help?
  13. Rehashing the same old tired conversations, this is a silver monitoring thread But no I dont think the world revolves around the Fed, it revolves around the repomarket and eurodollars It revolves staggering debt needing to be repaid in dollars, global trade in dollars, great demand for: dollars Also great demand for US debt, US treasuries as collateral to unlock liquidity aka dollars The system is set up to need dollars so how can they ever be worthless, just a total lack of understanding about how it works You believe the Fed PR that theyre all powerful, not me.
  14. This is from Friday but I can be bothered to do a new screenshot This line breaking is bad, bearish On the flip side the dollar is looking good with all its moving averages back in line, above its 200dma The best the dollar has looked in the past 14 months or so The dollar being in trouble is pure fantasy
  15. This line being broken is negative Losing the 200dma around the start of August is negative It looks as though sub $20 is far more likely next than $30+, which if you like to buy silver is positive
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