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  1. Is that April to April? seems a bit misleading since things were coming off March lows If you look at the past decade crude oil is relatively low and that's with suppressed production, that graphic showing 182% makes it look bullish
  2. They would need to have something impressively unique for me to have had any interest A real one off: special portrait or alternative G&D A little cypher, no. plain edge, no. matte finish, no.
  3. Its like the gold isn't it with it more zoomed out lions paw and staff within the border and the symbol on the left side, but the gold has the "una and the lion" going down the right, not sure how they've managed this Hopefully they didn't have to make many replacements and its a rare error coin + hopefully people still care about St Helena coins in future
  4. The Royal Mint attempted to trademark the word "sovereign" for gold coins but it got rejected So companies are free to call things sovereigns but they're just tacky knock offs
  5. For the past 6 months this has been a good area to buy, will it remain so? if the 200 dma holds maybe, if not its looking more negative On the opposite side of things DXY is just getting over the 200 DMA on the daily for the first time since June 2020
  6. If Britain is truly moving forward ethnically diverse figures will be created and welcomed to represent us I don't think modifying Britannia is a step forward, just feels lazy and forced
  7. I'm confused You mean how do they choose between SoTD for her real or state birthday? and why different years does it change
  8. Queen has two birthdays I always thought one was her actual birthday and the other was the day of her coronation but after googling this is not the case, apparently there's just two because they pick a day in summer that will be nice for a parade
  9. It's well established white washing isn't appropriate and I think generally that's correct Why is nothing in Western European culture given the same respect
  10. With prices up shouldn't production be getting going to match? Why in the US is production still low, just a lag in getting things started up again? - https://www.eia.gov/dnav/pet/hist/LeafHandler.ashx?n=PET&s=WCRFPUS2&f=W How have they managed to build up a inventory of 21mb when it was suppose to be -1mb - https://www.investing.com/economic-calendar/eia-crude-oil-inventories-75 It seems like low production, low demand, high oil price? gasoline looks a lot better - https://uk.investing.com/economic-calendar/gasoline-inventories-485 I dont know how much the col
  11. It's all about money Lets say for every hour you work you get one pebble That pebble represents an hour of your life you gave up, you can swap it for food or if you save up enough pebbles you can swap them for larger items Whats good about the pebble is you don't have to spend it right away, you can work your whole life until you're not as physically capable, retire and still have thousands of hours of work saved up in pebbles To have a civilised society you need money to facilitate trade and to be able to store and log your hard work You can't use pebbles of course
  12. It might be a bit of debris, mine came with a loose capsule and very similar stuff on it that I was sure were scratches but blew off with a desk fan The bit of frosting missing on the dress is pretty much standard for the RM
  13. This is my long term picture Your first line should almost always be under everything (2020 March be an example of a time not) if it's truly a line of support Then you want price to bounce off it multiple times to confirm it Then if you can paste it in above and it fits it's usually right
  14. I still think we're in the period highlighted, something will happen to kick gold on to the next leg up, probably come down more in the meantime It's that or the world just opens up out of covid like nothing happened, all the jobs come back, all the new heavy debt doesn't matter, all the businesses lost and struggling just spring back to flourishing
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