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  1. Oh yeah I was completely off but I also knew a lot less, please disregard my predictions completely Now I know more Gold $2500 sometime in 2021 Silver $65 sometime in 2021 I don't think gold will ever go under $1200 again
  2. I keep predicting pullbacks that don't happen this is true lol but I do it for fun/out of interest, I'm not putting any money into what I think will happen beforehand I do think on a larger time frame things do get very solid, if something breaks a trend that' latest years that's either extremely bullish or bearish The scenario I predicted above is also exactly what happened in 2011 1 trend, 2 trends, 3 trends, down to second trend
  3. Yes in my head I was thinking "start of bear end of bull", but instead I wrote end of bear somehow For me how he has drawn in the lines is predicting the end of the bull market because it's breaking a lower bull trend line This is how low I think it could go, I like to guess even though I'm generally wrong 3 trends, 1) 2019 2) April 3) July Falling from 3 to hit the top of 1, around the middle of 2 and at a support line of $1875, that would be very neat I don't know if it can fall that far though that would be ~ 10% if it gets upto $2100 first
  4. Disagree with that video, he is predicting the end of the bull* market completely with what he has drawn in 2008, this is the same also for silver and gold, when that trend line broke that started in 2008 the bull* market was over, time to sell This is 2020, if that bottom line breaks it's over, he has drawn below that line I think that bottom line will be the very bottom for the next year or two
  5. Just for some reference, look at 2011 moves through $20-30 (in dollars) Very clear and nice pullbacks to buy off of 2020 in comparison, unbelievable, pretty much just up, does that mean in comparison a much bigger pullback will happen when it does happen? I have no idea, I do feel like it's too easy atm, I feel like something has to happen to punish all the RobinHood investors. I want my big buy opportunity
  6. I would be shocked if we don't have a good year left of rising PM prices, maybe 2 or 3 I'm annoyed at myself because I knew a silver etf is a winner, I've been saying it for a while yet despite that I haven't fully committed and I've got a lot of investment currency that should be working for me just sitting on the sidelines I keep expecting a decent pullback and then dillydallying while the price goes up another 15%+, I did top up at lower $23 but not nearly enough, I was thinking about $21-22 whilst it's now shot up to close to $28 It's time to stop thinking if only and actually commit to an investment properly We're due a pullback, maybe gold will hit $2100 first and silver $30 who knows, but on that pullback I will putting in a substantial amount and in a years time I will be thinking "great move" and not "if only"
  7. Shops seem to have given up asking about masks now which is nice Seeing less people wearing them too
  8. If I were the Royal Mint and producing expensive collectable coins I would say that all coins sold should be perfect, that is the standard By selling 70s at a higher premium they're admitting their general standards are low
  9. Tradingview To edit the trend lines in tradingview you right click on the trend line, then settings to get colours/thickness/opacity
  10. I don't know anything but this is how I see it currently The dollar in a downward trend, just like it retested resistance in July and got rejected (circled yellow) and I think it's coming up to test 94 before continuing down. it's already had a go once and got rejected as you can see That little retest will stall or pull back PMs before they begin their new leg up and the dollar continues it's trend down The red line as the bottom is it breaking an upward trend it's been in since 2011 So yeah as long as it stays below 94 very confident If it breaks above that and starts to retest March lows then I'd be a little bit concerned If it gets above Marches low and finds support then maybe this whole franchise is turning around
  11. I like looking back at 2008-2011 and looking what happened Dollar blue | silver red (they're scaled to themselves, not as a % to one another) You can see most of 2010 the dollar was rising, it did stall silver but didn't devastate it They then rose together late 2010, dollar fell off again and silver went to the moon I think as long as the dollar doesn't break back above 94 in the next two weeks we're fairly safe it's going to continue sinking
  12. New prediction. tops out $27-28, probably closer to 28 Falls back to $24.80-25.80 I feel good about this one, which I shouldn't because I'm getting it very wrong so far lol
  13. My predictions so far haven't been the best but I'm feeling very good about this one For some reason I've only just found/drawn in some beautiful trend lines Gold I think it's going to hit around $2060 then come down to probably $1935-$1945 and the trend line it's been following up will become a point of resistance, that would be a 5-6% drop Comparing gold and silver moves in 2011 this seems very plausible It could also just fall back to the bottom of the trend at $1980 and continue on the strong path up, make another leg up to the top before falling out
  14. Reminds me of this last week where it went up 2.3% very quickly but then down 3.6% But maybe we're on the first leg up
  15. Not the price just that it only took 2 hours to go up 1.3%, that's rapid When it goes up quick instead of steady it seems like it can drop off just as quick but who knows
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