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  1. I need to learn about the ECB and their bond purchases, big part of the picture I'm currently missing I can't remember the reasoning but I've seen it reported US stimulus isn't likely now until 2021, I'm not sure if that means an agreement wont be reached or checks wont be sent out until then As posted earlier evictions and loan deferral will lapse by January, if they aren't extended a lot of stimulus checks could just go towards debt so become moot If people in Europe are getting stimulus checks(?) and they spend them instead of saving or paying off debt that could flood the
  2. You could forget the bottom but it depends how far away a shift in trend is, BT could go up 40% and it still wouldn't be out of a multiyear downtrend In an ideal world (assuming you're comfortable with your knowledge about BT as a company and the market they're in) if this does turn out to be the final bottoming pattern you could buy on the breakout, hold it until it tests the trend line ~40% up and then see if it can break out and evaluate from there My guess would be because of current economic conditions and the likelihood of another market crash this wont turn out
  3. My worry is buying now, it continuing to fall and then in a years time the big up move just taking me to break even - I guess you can avoid that by cost averaging in but that doesn't appeal to my personally type; If I put money into something and it didn't do anything for a year I'd be looking at things that had risen and be annoyed at myself As said above, I do think the shift to positive will be seen in the price action and volume as the insiders and savvy large investors start buying up large amounts, until then it's watch and wait for me.
  4. Q2 2019 Shells revenue was 85.6b but their net income was only 2.99b, that was with high demand and $50+ a barrel When margins are tight like that you can't say only 10% because that's the difference between them making money or losing billions; that along with oil prices being in the gutter meant they lost -18 billion in Q2 2020 - Shells net income in all of 2019 was $15,8b and they lost -18b in one quarter They obviously restructured and their Q3 very good with a $955 net income, shows they can not only ride out lower demand and $40 oil but still be profitable That was withou
  5. I think the best thing to do is learn basic technical analysis if you haven't been looking into it already It makes everything much clearer and more simple, where to enter, where to sell - you can draw in trend lines that last months/years and if they stay above that line you're in, if they fall below look into why and maybe you're out Some charts are more simple to look at than others and understand, @KDave likes BT and that's a more difficult one What do you see when you look at it? I originally saw something different but now I have more experienced looking at cha
  6. What do these historic auctions have to do with the 2020 Una
  7. @HighlandTiger Long US bonds are an interesting one Bond prices go up when new bonds are issued with lower yields. more QE will guarantee new bonds will have lower yields Hedge funds have record sell positions against 30 year bonds - when you hit peak sells that should be around the peak bottom yet long bond prices are sitting fairly strong This is TLT, I think there's IDTL on freetrade, not sure what the difference is but overlaying them on the chart they look the same As you can see the trend has been up since 2018 with the bold blue line being
  8. https://news.sky.com/story/coronavirus-germany-to-enter-four-week-lockdown-from-november-chancellor-merkel-confirms-12117056 Germany and France are going into national lockdowns, Frances seems pretty nuts based on that article "Anyone outside their homes will have to carry a document justifying their excursion, which can be checked by police. The newspaper Le Parisien said the office of the French Prime Minister has confirmed that people will be allowed only up to 1km from their home." Incredibly draconian, I imagine lockdown protests and riots are going to become more prevalent
  9. I looked into this a bit last night, I read an article here - https://www.investorschronicle.co.uk/tips-ideas/2020/06/19/what-bp-s-hybrid-bond-sale-means-for-shareholders/ Says things like "it is also a reflection that BP is facing very difficult times, as these securities are expensive compared to senior unsecured debt" I also found this website with a little information about the bonds - https://cbonds.com/bonds/745015/ this one is 2.5 billion USD @ 4.875% which seems quite high BP PLC, 3.625% perp., EUR - 2.25b BP PLC, 4.25% perp., GBP - 1.25b BP PLC, 4.375%
  10. Silver has fallen out of the underlying bullish trend line, maybe it's a blip and can recover if not I think it's only at best sideways from here or down for the next few months, I'm hoping it stabilises at around $19 and that would be a nice entry back into silver etf
  11. Ohhh yes I remember that was discussed on another page, just saw the -65% on tradingview and etoro and assumed correct, thanks
  12. -65% today, very volatile after a steep move back up
  13. Ahh I see, yes as far as I can tell nowhere else is showing the same Yes that's true, they've all been cutting the fat so another result as bad as Q2 shouldn't be possible even with a fall in demand over Q4 with lockdowns and travel restrictions This was quite interesting from BP “Funding the dividend remains our first priority and we are confident in moving toward our $35 billion net-debt target,” Auchincloss said in a statement released earlier. Once net debt reaches that threshold, BP will be able to begin share buybacks, which Auchincloss said could happen between th
  14. Symbol NEE? nothing drastic has happened that I can see, they're up 0.38%
  15. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/self-employment-income-support-scheme-grant-extension/self-employment-income-support-scheme-grant-extension They're doing another 6 months but the November - Jan but you will only get 40% of your usual earnings Probably less the following 3 months
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