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  1. Talking of stuff happening.. I've been learning about Tesla recently and their growth, if they sell as many cars as they expect in the next few years they're going to need a lot more nickel for their electric batteries Will the push for electric cars increase nickel demand and prices in future? https://www.proactiveinvestors.com.au/companies/news/910319/nickel-demand-set-to-rise-in-2020-along-with-growth-in-electric-vehicle-sales-910319.html#:~:text=This has increased the price,the highest price since 2014. In 2018 the second largest producer of nickel was Norilsk Nickel (NILSY/mnodl.ru on Etoro) from Russia News today: https://news.sky.com/story/russia-declares-state-of-emergency-after-major-arctic-circle-oil-spill-12000221 "Russian president Vladimir Putin has declared a state of emergency after 20,000 tonnes of diesel fuel spilled into a river within the Arctic Circle from a power plant. The city is built around Norilsk Nickel, the world's leading nickel and palladium producer." I'm not sure if Norilsk were involved in this incident but their share price dropped 10% today Ok it's not a very nice thing to think about taking advantage of an environmental disaster but maybe it's an interesting opportunity in nickel if demand/price in future is on the up and up
  2. Glad you're back I really missed you, I think you're probably the best contributor on the forum Don't forget you're judging the writing competition, I have made an entry 😘
  3. This video really shows what morons the US police are An FBI agent investigation a police officer was questioned whether he was legit by the officer, he has a badge and identification The hillbilly police force still cuff him and put him in the back of a car, he says it's too hot and he can't breath, the officer gets a call on his radio confirming he is legit, they shut the door and leave him in the car whilst they question who exactly says he is legit How the **** can you be shown a badge and ID, leave him in the car calling for help then shut the door again after your radio tells you he is legit? I looked, it was 3 minutes after he said he can't breath and his radio told him he was legit that he finally let him out of the car
  4. I've been watching a lot of technical analysis videos, it seems pretty much like reading tea leaves However, using a simple formula using indicators I have prepared some predictions. These are for the next 4 weeks before the July's Q2 results start coming in (which should be interesting) These predictions are assuming nothing interesting happens in the next 4 weeks Where I've put sideways/up or down it's where I think they will pretty much go sideways but maybe a little more inclined up or down Up will be +5% | sideways 0-5% either way | down -5% Lukoil (LKOD) - Up Enterprise Product Partners LP (EPD) - Up BP - Up Silver - Sideways/Up Exxon Sideways/Up Abbot - Sideways/Up Chevron - Sideways Canadian Solar Inc (CSIQ) - Sideways/Down Shell - Sideways/Down Gold - Down Roche - Down I don't know anything of course, I wouldn't bet on my predictions, we will see how badly wrong I am in July
  5. This was a nice one Protesters protecting a woman I also like that they beat him up but didn't go overboard with it https://reddit.com/r/ActualPublicFreakouts/comments/gvtbzo/rioter_attacks_woman_and_then_faces_the_mob/
  6. I don't like these cookie cutter rule of thumb stuff for the current situation Trading since March you would have done great with almost anything, it would have been harder to do badly It's been pretty much throw a dart at the board and you hit a winner
  7. I've always liked you, I've very much appreciated your thoughts and knowledge on stocks lately I don't want to argue but sometimes you see someone stay something that's too uncomfortable not to challenge I think you've let yourself down with some of your comments But no point going on and on, I've said my thoughts and now will move on
  8. I don't think all white people are racist I'd like to think no one in this thread is racist But I have to say @KDave and @Roy especially are adding fuel to the fire that makes us appear racist Roy with: "Perhaps, if investigated properly, he'll be proven to be an outstanding officer?" KDave with: "his lack of personal responsibility that led to his death" These are truly outrageous and insensitive comments I hope you just have warped moral compasses with human life in general and the fact the person who was murdered was black had nothing to do with it
  9. Maybe he read this thread 😛 All jokes aside, I don't know if the issue here is racism, love of police, hate of petty crimes or what's going on
  10. Minor crimes don't deserve a death penalty It's not the police's job to punish anyone Blaming the victim is outrageous This is all very unsavoury and reflects poorly on you and Roy I'm sorry to say.
  11. There's a video of him kneeling on someones neck and killing them? outstanding? I think when you have a murderer it's probably safer to assume the worst of them I doubt this is the first time he has pinned someones neck to the ground with his knee.
  12. Where did I bring race in to it? Kneeling on someones neck is wrong whomever you're doing it to I'm sure, if ever investigated properly, he shouldn't have been an officer for 19 years.
  13. Can't you think of any? you must lack imagination 😛
  14. I said they need to be better trained I'm a big fan of MMA, someone competent in BJJ could safely restrain someone without hurting them If you're correctly trained and stick to your training then absolutely fine If you use "techniques" like kneeling on someones neck for no reason whilst they're already cuffed on the floor so that they can't breath, you're sick and sadistic and a murderer and deserve to be in prison There's a million reasons someone might disrespect policeman, fear shouldn't be part of the answer to turn that around, respect should.
  15. I've said there's bad eggs in every group You don't need to support racial issues to support police reform so they have more accountability, something that would benefit everyone
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