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  1. Hi everyone, As is polite, I wanted to formally say hello as a new member on the forum. 😀 I am currently living in Scotland and new to stacking/collecting. I have started my collection with silver bars, and now planning to add a gold sovereign to my collection each month. As well with the occasional 1oz purchase. I want to say thank you for the wealth of information that is already available on the forum for us new to the community!
  2. More for fun and as a hobby. I love the thought of having a collection to work towards. I appreciate people are into silver for different reasons. For me, slowly adding to it, and being able to enjoy a completed collection is appealing.
  3. I think i would really like to start with trying to establish a UK silver coin collection. I want to add to it each month. I wonder if starting with the most recent coins, and working chronologically backwards is a reasonable starting approach.
  4. Hi all, I hope @McDougall doesn’t mind me asking a specific newbie question on this thread. I would like to get into silver coin collecting but the variation out there seems somewhat overwhelming. Is there anywhere with a checklist or collection list to guide purchases? Like a list of UK coins/Canadian etc?
  5. Hi @SilverBrit, I have also just joined. Made my first purchase and got the bug :) I’m also up in Scotland 😁.
  6. Hmmm 🤔.. Interesting topic and entertaining answers! 😄 I’m going to say £14.49... after a second look at the initial post. 😆
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