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  1. Good afternoon. Are you open to offers? I would very much like this coin to start off my sovereign collection. Best, William
  2. Added 0 minutes later... Some good points thank you. £400 is never going to happen but I see what you mean with timing the market. I believe that on the other side of C-19 investors will be back into shares and property and gold will cool off. Who knows! Off to find my crystal ball... 🔮
  3. Hi there hope you are all well. Pleasure to e-meet you all! I have started looking at collecting full sovereigns. Not a great time for purchasing sovereigns valued near bullion price I know so holding off on them. My biggest question I have is whether the sovereigns of higher values due to age and scarcity are affected much by the gold spot price or not. Basically trying to decide if I wait for the gold price to drop before making purchases. Any tips, advice or links to existing topics would be most helpful! Thank you, Fozi
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