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  1. Hi all, looking for a 2016 full sovereign, NGC graded at PF70. Please let me know if anyone has one to sell, many thanks
  2. It was a 2002 full 'proof' sovereign, no box but COA for £400. I believe the photos are clear but I am relying on a judge who may have never even looked at a sovereign before or understand the concept of a proof coin. Yes I agree, worst case scenario is a he said/she said with the outcome being not enough evidence to prove anything. I lose time and the seller loses £35 case fee plus hearing fee plus any 'expert' fee. So any luck he will be down over £100 by the end of it.
  3. Yes, he has mentioned the need of an 'expert' to asses the coin. From his point of view, the issue is how would he prove that the coin was unmarked when he sent it to me? The expert cannot confirm that. The expert can confirm that the coin is no longer a proof coin in proof condition but cannot comment on when the coin was damaged. There is no proof that I damaged the coin at all only evidence that it was marked before it was sent to me. He seems to think I shell out money to damage a coin and send it back for fun? From my point of view I only collect proof coins in true proof condition a
  4. Possibly. A lack of common sense is more the issue I think. Either way be careful with these dodgy eBay sellers!
  5. 1. police doing sweet FA is what we are used to! If I want to counterclaim I think I have to submit it as a new claim and that will cost me money. I'd rather just get rid of this and learn my lesson. 2. His English isn't the best and the claim form was submitted at 1:10 AM. Which is defiantly the right time of day to do these things! From what I can understand, he says the coin is now only worth scrap. His claim is for the full amount of the coin when in reality because he has the coin back, it should be the difference between scrap value and the full amount. So another error on his part.
  6. Yes. case number and everything. He has submitted his side of the story as have I. Just waiting on the court to put a date on it. I am not worried about losing at all, I just hate it sitting in my head even though I know I have done nothing wrong.
  7. 3.1 million people in Wales. I will be sure he is named but wont before the case is settled.
  8. Follow this topic, once the court case is over I absolutely will. For now all I can say is that he is from Wales.
  9. He is a private seller. Yes the law protected me and I got refunded but his claim is that I damaged the coin. He says that it was unmarked when he sent it to me but it clearly was marked because his listing photographs have marks that turned out to not be on the capsule but on the coin. The evidence speaks for itself. My recommendation to anyone is to film yourself opening a package when it arrives and examine the coin all on film to prove you haven't damaged it at all up to the point you decide to return it. The biggest injustice in all this is that I am not allowed to leave negative fee
  10. Think i will counterclaim for my time and the harassment/threatening language. Have already compiled the messages in a document ready.
  11. I think he was trying to get full price for a scratched coin and hoped that the buyer didn't notice or care! Then when I requested the return he used the court case as a threat to try and scare me into not returning it. Jokes on him though really as he had to pay £35 to put the claim in and he will be found in contempt of court if it does make it in front of a judge. He even asked for me to pay the £35 when he realised that he had no case.
  12. Hello all, I wanted to share my experience with an eBay seller to help warn others. I purchased a 2002 proof full sovereign from an seller on eBay with 400+ 100% ratings. I have had some previous issues with coins from eBay (who hasn't!!) so I am sure to check with the sellers the condition and obtain better photos of the coins if the listing ones are naff. I make the point that I only buy proof coins in true proof condition. The seller in this case confirmed it was an unmarked coin and the marks visible were on the plastic capsule. So on that basis, I purchased the coin and as the title
  13. @BackyardBullion & @Oldun Thank you very much to you both. This is pretty much what I understood but you know how the .gov website spins you in circles! Thank you again for taking the time to respond.
  14. Hello all! Have spent some time trying to find an answer online but I am not getting anywhere... I hope fellow members can help! I am looking at purchasing some gold sovereigns while travelling within the EU, I will then be flying back with them. They will be for my personal collection and I am not a 'trader' nor do I plan to sell them. I am unsure if I need to declare the sovereigns or what tax may be applicable or limits on what one can bring in. Any experience/ expertise would be highly appreciated. Thank you in advance, Fozi. Flying with/importing gold sovereigns - from EU to
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