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  2. We are studying a way to ship in UK with 20% VAT paid at the origin by @Powercoin. You will be able to continue buying as usual
  3. Hi, we are very happy to read your post, and we thank you so much! Stay tuned, the series will continue with ... Paradise!
  4. no... a second coin of the Great Conspiracy Series. Flat Earth is the first one 💘
  5. Hi guys 👋 the second coin of the series is ready!!! 😏
  6. Hi everyone, I'm Massimo 🙂 We are Power Coin, and we sell coins from Italy and maybe @Nortypeter bought from us!
  7. Hello to everyone, I'm Massimo 🙂 You’re right. The CIT coin is out of stock and the price is rising everywhere!!!
  8. Thanks a lot and if you want, I’ll help you 🤣
  9. lol ... I agree with you and it happens to me even if I work here for years 🤣
  10. Hi all, I'm Massimo. Nice to meet you 👋 I was reading the topic and I found it interesting. There are many differences between official Coloured coins and the "after market" coins. It depends on which we are interested in... Please, apology about my English 😅
  11. Power Coin is a private company located in Rome, Italy that was established in 2009 after a long experience in the coin business. Power Coin is official dealer of the most important worldwide mints and issuing authorities. Thanks to long time experience, partnerships, contacts and worldwide clients, Power Coin has a leading position in the market. View our international partners here Power Coin is the award-winning company of COTY – Coin of the Year 2019 – Most Innovative Coin, with “Birth of Venus”, featuring Micromosaic technology. The same coin was also the 1st place winner as “Best Artistic Solution” in Coin Constellation 2018 competition, awarded in Moscow – Russian Federation during a magnificent ceremony. Power Coin creates also amazing coin projects with cutting-edge technologies. The innovations that Power Coin has introduced in Modern Numismatic Industry are, in example: View more about our products here ACHIEVEMENTS : 4 WON AWARDS 27 DESIGNED COINS 100+ MINTS OFFICIAL DEALERS 25.000+ SATISFIED CUSTOMERS
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