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  1. Hey guys! Just wanted to share a pic of this anchor series I made. Cheers!
  2. Here's a pic of a new piece I made. Lots of time into this one. More to come!!
  3. Just finished this 4.8 ozt polished silver bar
  4. rkbullion

    Silver bullion

  5. Hey guys this is one of my favorite pours I cast. Number 7. Asking $105 shipped in the US. RDT_20200216_150355363642646990622064.mp4
  6. My most recent cast. 3.8 ozt Buddha Head. Hand polished to a mirror finish.
  7. rkbullion


    Hello and welcome from New York!!
  8. Check out this 5 oz hand poured silver Yin Yang. Listed soon on the website! Stay tuned! https://www.rk-bullion.com/
  9. What are your thoughts on hand poured silver? I've been a stacker for quite some time now. I got bored with coins so I started pouring my own products. Check out my page and please comment in this thread! Cheers!! https://www.rk-bullion.com/
  10. This is the piece that put me on the map. 5.8 Oz Alexander the great .999 fine silver. Highly-polished face highspots and reverse with antiquing https://www.rk-bullion.com/
  11. What are you guys think of this seated Buddha? https://www.rk-bullion.com/
  12. What are you guys think of this seated Buddha? https://www.rk-bullion.com/
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