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  1. By the way, if you are going to grade those coins, there is "NGC Special Designations and Labels for the 2021 American Silver Eagle Two-Coin Set" https://www.ngccoin.com/news/article/9354/2021-Silver-Eagles-Designer-Set/?utm_source=Marketo&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=NGC eNews September 2021&mkt_tok=NjY2LUtGWi04MjIAAAF_hB93gR4vMHtJU_aGKuVZZYLji1bIMEgCKKIPXzR9HfaeIl4Dsft2C4mcYFIodF7xs_ui96i6bD6k3vCQp4jbJFm0HYpUswxj58G_bsFI&fbclid=IwAR3NcoktFLjLdVJTYOnQ6AC_GqcHbszDeEWuQLaP6gLy0eppHMLouwoRAfo
  2. Hi, after 1 hour and 2 minutes of fight I managed to buy set. it was WAR ....
  3. Hi, about 2016 AUSTRALIAN KANGAROO ''The counterfeit coin is missing the security feature, a tiny letter "A" at the base of the "A" in "AUSTRALIAN," which is visible under magnification on the genuine coin'' , you can use magnification on your phone, I used my S9. I don't know if they can fake micro-engraved? If so, it is the ''end of the world'' 😒
  4. gold is a LONG-term investment ...
  5. Hi vicamy , Thank you very much for this offer I don't live near London area, but I should be there in April and June. If so, I will contact you. Thank you
  6. Unfortunately, I couldn't done better photos today...despite this, I am still convinced that these coins are fine. I will try to confirm that on some device, if I do this I will definitely add a post here. Regards ROrbers
  7. I will try to take better pictures tomorrow, and I will also try somewhere to check them in my area on some device ...
  8. Thank you, gentlemen, for these answers.
  9. The smaller one is on the right, I bought it from bullion dealer some time ago ... 2018
  10. Hi there, please help me understand why there is such a difference between these two coins? I deeply believe that both coins are geniue 1 coin: 2017 1/10 Brit ( pawn shop ) Dimensions: 16.48 / thickness: 1.15 2 coin: 2018 1/10 Brit ( bullion dealer ) Dimensions: 16.37 / thickness: 1.11 My weight is inaccurate but it indicated both coins 3.15 gr Please help and thank you for the answers 😕 Regards ROrbers
  11. Very well done, Thank You Darr3nG !
  12. https://sprzedajemy.pl/jan-pawel-ii-papiez-tysiaclecia-srebro-999-diament-kedzierzyn-kozle-2-7897fb-nr60290697 Added 0 minutes later... price around 70 pounds
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