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Premium on Sovereigns


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Hello forum!

I was browsing the other day several websites who sell sovereigns and I saw that the George V sovereigns have a considerable premium, if you choose to buy specific year ones. So why do they cost so much? Also, if I buy the George V random date bullion ones for a much lower price, won't I get some sovs that are more premium-y?



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Premiums on mass produced sovereigns is nothing more than a seller trying to make a higher return, hoping someone who hasn't really researched the mintage etc is sucked into buying.
Anything that is rarer - check the Marsh books - is unlikely to turn up in a bullion dealer's inventory.
So if you want to make something appear highly collectible or rare just bump up the price and some will fall into the trap.

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There are a couple years that are legit rarely seen - as Pete suggests above the Marsh book is a good source of such information to avoid costly mistakes.

Also check out this interesting thread.



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2 hours ago, thanasis said:

So for example if it rated S or R it's worth some extra premium...

Can you give me some examples of your own collection?

@jultorsk Sorry, can't view the content you posted, cuz I don't have permission to see it ☹️

The branch mint sovereign thread that @jultorsk suggested above, I started that a few months ago and it proved to be quite interesting.

Many dates of the George V Sovereigns you’ll receive if you buy bullion George V from a dealer. Examples are 1911, 1912 or 1914 London Mint as examples where they were minted in their millions.

Where you’ll have to pay premiums are as examples, most 1929 - 1932 branch Mint sovereigns, notable the 1929 M, 1930 M and 1931 M have mintages in the tens of thousands. Also expect to pay a premium for 1924 P and 1926 P and most of the Canada Mint sovereigns. There are some that have huge premiums due to rarity of surviving examples, a few being the 1917 London Mint and the 1920 Sydney Mint.

These are just a few examples off the top of my head but the latest Marsh book (2021) is a great learning resource.

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Look on here you can normally pick up sovs for +4% of spot for general Bullion condition, that's what I normally sell them for and tbh they never hang around for long and as for dealers charging premium you need to remember they have costs involved I.e staff, rent, business license, utilities, just to breakeven so any coins they can charge a premium on they will 

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